Monday, March 24, 2014

Out of This World and Into Another - Kayelle Allen @kayelleallen #scifi #worldbuilding

Tarthian Tour Company 
Have you ever wanted to live on another world? I have. When I was a kid, I would look up at the stars and imagine what it would be like. Would there be less gravity so I could jump higher? Would I be able to run faster there? Children don't realize life is relative -- and that life would seem "normal" there no matter how different it was from life here. But that didn't stop me from creating fantasy worlds that I could visit in my books.
When I started writing Science Fiction Romance, I needed planets for my characters. Where were my heroes born? What was it like there? This was my strong suit. After all, I'd been thinking about it all my life! I decided to create a "tour" of the Tarthian Empire on my website, and have art and information about each of the planets. 
Coffee Time Romance designated the tour on my site as one of its elite spots -- one of the top twelve for the year in 2012. You can visit by clicking here: http://kayelleallen.com/TTC-Home.html
The Tarthian Tour Company slogan is "Where do you want to wake up tomorrow?" They can take you to any of over twenty planets or drop you off on side trips to visit the Conqueror's palace or see the Droid Discovery Force in action. There's an interactive star map where you can click the name of a world to visit its page. From each world's page, you may click the tour logo to return the company's home page or click the list on each page to visit any other planet in the empire.
Clicking the pictures on the tour will open them full-sized, and some are amazing to see. When my son was in art college, I forced coerced begged him he volunteered to help me create them.
Worlds mentioned in my books are noted, along with the book's title, links to its excerpt page. Here's a tiny sampling of three planets so you can see what kind of things you'll find.
Inhabitants are called Chiasmii. They are, without exception, blond and fair-skinned. Truly androgynous, they are mother to one child and father to the next, favoring first one gender and then the other, occurring in two phases named like their moons, San and Pter.
Tyran technology has long harnessed anti-gravity. However, recent studies have hinted that its use may be affecting their sun. In the last fifteen years, it has changed from a benevolent provider of heat and light to an unpredictable tyrant.
The FIST (Facility for Imperial Ships and Transports) is a group of stations orbiting Trien, the nearest planet to the capitol of the empire, Tarth. Ships are modular in construction to save time when being built and during repairs. In wartime, a damaged section of a ship can be jettisoned. WARNING: do not click on the image of the FIST on my website. Doing so alerts the Praetorian Guard and they might mistake you for a rebel spy.
While you're hanging out on the tour, or perusing the excerpt pages, be on the lookout for little icons that seem out of place. Choosing to click them might transport you to a hidden rebel base, or land you in the custody of the Praetorian. Whatever you decide, I hope you'll visit my site, where Romance Lives Forever.

The Tarthian Empire was created by Kayelle Allen, an award-winning, multi-published author. Her heroes and heroines include immortal role-playing gamers, warriors who purr, and agents who find the unfindable--or hide it forever. She is known for unstoppable heroes, uncompromising love, and unforgettable passion. You can enter the empire from these places:
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Tina Donahue said...

Fascinating blog, Kayelle. I love world building too. So much fun! :)

Kayelle Allen said...

It's my favorite part of writing. I will have to do a post about Imperinet some day. It's my mockup of the Tarthian Empire's internet.