Saturday, March 8, 2014

Hashtag I’m technology deficient

Recently someone at work made a bet with his friend that he could beat how many twitter followers his friend had in a month (yes, I work with a bunch of guys that love to bet and compete about everything). For one solid month, this guy tweeted and gathered followers like crazy. Now I am a little ashamed to admit it, but he not only beat the number of followers his friend had, but he quadrupled the number I have too—and I’ve been on twitter for over a year.

Now I freely admit that promotion is not my biggest strength. In fact, if I had my choice I’d do very little, but this bet made me wonder if maybe I’m not using the technology we have to its greatest advantage. I've been on twitter for a while, but don't seem to be picking up much traction. I try to tweet often, but find I have very little of interest to say.  I live a very normal simple life. Besides my writing, my cats and my diet/exercise, I don't have much to talk about.
I know how to use hashtags and reply and quote other people’s tweets, but I often feel there is so much about technology I just don’t know, including how to find followers and what people most like to read. I know some people do Follow me Fridays, but I don’t know exactly what to do with those. The same is true for trending topics. Not sure where to get them, how to follow them, and if there’s any reason too.

I use other social media as well, including facebook and pinterest. I love using pinterest boards to place images that inspire my stories, what my characters might wear and look like. It’s great for my process, and allows readers to see what’s inspiring me. That’s when my stomach isn’t growling for all the great looking food posted all over the site.

But as the technological world keeps changing, I don’t feel on top of the curve anymore. Yahoo groups used to be a major way that I would learn about new books and new authors, but lately they seem quieter, and I’m afraid because of all the changes yahoo has made lately they might be going by the wayside.

So I thought I’d throw it to you guys and see what you like. What technology do you like to use to connect with people or authors? How do you like to get communications from them? Is there anything I could be doing that I’m not?

Leave a comment below and help me get a little more technologically advanced. Thanks!


Tina Donahue said...

Lord, there is SO much technology, I feel as if I'm spinning in circles on a daily basis.

i have to admit - I like email the best. The rest (FB/twitter/etc.) has so much stuff in it, I can't read it all.

jean hart stewart said...

It's gone beyond what I can deal with and feel on top of it. I'm concentrating on e-mail and Facebook, but need to do much more. Not that I will!