Sunday, March 16, 2014

Celebrating Beta Males!

To each her own, eh?  I know lots of readers swoon for alpha males: he takes over the heroine's life, forces her into submission, tells her that only he knows what she wants and needs, then, this being fantasy fiction after all, he rocks her sexual world down to the atomic level, and she falls head-over-heels in love with the big dom. Or if it's a ménage, with him and his brother(s).

Meh.  Not my thing.  I just participated in the February Round Robin, a group of authors who agree to put up a blog on a certain topic, and readers can hop around to each one.  The topic was Heroes.  Here's part of what I wrote: 

Some books irritate me so much I drop-kick them across the room and never read past discovering the alpha-hole-ness of the hero.  If he's the kind of man who bosses the heroine around, forget it.  If he stalks her, gradually taking over her life until he runs it, no way.  If he makes her change to suit his tastes, uh-uh.  If he ever even raises a hand to spank her, I want her to jump up and kick him in the churlies (a Scottish term from my Dad) to let him know that's not an acceptable way to treat a woman.

So what kind of heroes do I like? I wrote:

 I want him to be smart and well-spoken.  I want him to respect the heroine's intelligence by engaging her in conversations and actually listening to and responding to her opinions. I want him to love his mother and his sisters, and to value the honest relationships in his life. I want a man who is lusty, but not bossy.  A man who's not particularly looking to fall in love because he's busy living his life, but who falls in lust with the heroine, then is pleasantly surprised to find he hasn't had his fill after one night. Erotic scenes ensue. When he falls in love, he falls hard.  Then he spends time and energy thinking up ways to give the heroine so much pleasure (in all facets of her life, including, but not only the bedroom), that she falls in love with him also. Cue the happily-ever-after ending.  

So there you are.  I can't often find the kinds of heroes I like, so I write books that star them.  Here's a taste:

For The Love Of His Life--my most romantic book--Raul has never had a home or friends. Raised by a single mom, moving around a lot, he's always been "the outsider"--so he learned to "act" like whatever he thought his audience wanted. He's now a famous action movie star, groupies and sycophants follow him everywhere, but along with fame came a booze and drug problem. What happens when he meets a confident woman who begins to teach him to get in touch with himself, and there's no "self" in him?  
Only One Man Will Do--my most recent and most erotic book (sequel to the above)--Ex-KGB agent Dmitri is sent to tell a biker queen to leave his cousin's newly-married friend alone.  The biker queen's a businesswoman also and tells him she'll agree...if he will pleasure her instead! Lusty scenes ensue, leading Dmitri to decide she's "the one".  But she doesn't "do" monogamy.  When a couple of her bikers are killed, she wonders how far will he go to have her to himself?

Her Last Resort--the 3rd book in this series--out soon, has both heroine and hero who are in their 50s, proving love knows no age.
 Secret Love--Sheena has been a secret agent for many years; when she gets time off, she indulges her every whim with any man she chooses.  When she chose Hickory Woods, a famous movie star whose main talent is his Native American good looks, she had no idea he'd be able to pierce her iron self-control and make her fall in love with him...but he does. Unfortunately, in her business, having emotions can be dangerous...falling in love can be deadly!

Undercover Lovers--Ameena was the only agent to live through what "The Executioner" doled out to female agents.  She put him behind bars, but now he's escaped.  She's an ex-agent trying to reclaim her life, burdened with both physical and mental scars.  But her ex-handler won't let the agency "write her off", so he gets two agents to agree to be her "shadows" day and night.  The dark-haired agent is used to being ignored by women when he's with his blond, uber-confident, alpha partner. Guess which one Ameena choses?
I've also written a 2-book series about Mayan and alien vampires, a couple of stand-alone contemporary erotic romances, and a series of 6 books (one is a free download) about the members of a Hispanic family who love fiercely, and the people they fall in love with.

So if you'd like to sample a beta-male hero for a change, head to my website for blurbs and excerpts.  My heroines are feisty and independent, and their men love them for it! 
Happily-ever-afters for everyone!



Tina Donahue said...

Oh hey, I like Beta males too. I find them endearing. :)

Stormie Kent said...

Romance needs all types of heroes. That way we can all get a taste of what we like. The same goes for heroines. I can remember reading romance and thinking, "No one I know acts like that." I think the character diversity on all levels is a good thing. Have fun with those Betas, Fiona!

Fiona McGier said...

Re: Tina--I don't just find them endearing. They are the ones who make my panties melt! To each their own, eh?

Re: Stormy--Sometimes I feel like I'm the only one who wants to read about betas. All of the alphas I've ever met were BAD news! Just thinking about getting involved with that kind of man makes me want to run away fast! Problem is I'm not sure if there are any readers who like betas...besides me!

Fiona McGier said...

Any other beta male lovers our there?

Anonymous said...

Dead on--I agree with everything on your wish list :-D

jean hart stewart said...

A hero's a hero, alpha or beta.

Adele Downs said...

Good post, Fiona. I agree with you.


Adele Downs said...

Good post, Fiona. I agree with you.