Thursday, February 6, 2014

Sequels – why do people always want them?

Sequels – why do people always want them?

I’ve often wondered if I am the only person in the reading and writing word who has no real interest in sequels? Over and over I see reviews in which I am being asked “is there a sequel?” or “I hope the author writes a sequel.” While that is very flattering, for me it’s also puzzling. I’ve tried many, many times to revisit characters months after their story has been released, and I have to confess it feels like trying to reinvent strangers at that point. I’ve disconnected and moved on, and I know longer know those people, so they don’t speak to me any longer. If I try to recapture them, I find myself resenting them for interfering with the new creations that want to be heard.

Even when I read, and I have been known to collect entire book series’ before I will begin to read the first book, I find after about two books, tedium sets in for me. No matter how much I love the world, the author, or the characters, I get bored and read slower and slower. There is only one notable exception to this for me, and that’s Lara Adrian’s Midnight Breed series. They continue to amaze me every time.

I’ve written whole novels, and been asked to continue them. I see myself the potential with several of my novels, but I have yet to stir myself to go back and write more in a world I have mentally and emotionally left behind when I wrote “the end” on the manuscript. What is it about sequels? I find that I hunt more and more for single title books, and it’s getting harder to find them, especially in the fantasy genre I love to read.

My latest release was a deliberate short, sexy story. I know I tend to pack a lot of potential into some of my shorts, but if they come in under 10K, then that’s fine with me and clearly that’s the whole story for that set of people. TEXAS HEAT has the makings of a novel – I agree with that. So far, at least two reviewers have said the same thing. I’ve been asked by several readers to write more, and I’ve asked myself if it’s possible, or likely? The answer is, I really don’t know. I’ve already begun the next projects and Chase and Chey are little more than faint memories.

So, is it just me, or are there other people out there who like to read or write a book and move on? Sequels, prequels, all that jazz… I just don’t find it creatively challenging once I’ve said goodbye.

And, since I’ve made mention of it, here’s a peek at the latest release:

Released in January was the smokin' hot short, TEXAS HEAT. So far all the reviews have been pretty awesome, with the only complaint a very flattering note that more story would be welcome. If you'd like to read an excerpt, and check out where this special (to me) story can be purchased, drop by HERE.


Chase Jordan is a man with half his life missing since his return from the war in Iraq. He arrives back in Texas, a drifter looking for home. When he arrives at the Double D ranch, the owners know him, even if he can’t remember them. Cheyenne’s been infatuated with Chase since her high school days, but Deke MacKenzie’s already made it clear to Chase that his kid sister is off limits.

A loner by nature, and even more so now as PTSD plagues him, Chase rejects Cheyenne’s efforts to seduce him. He senses complications he wants no part of if he gets too close to her, and part of his soul is very much at home on the Double D. When an old boyfriend of Cheyenne’s goads him into a fight, his anger put him on all kinds of edge–and Cheyenne’s determination to turn up the Texas Heat get her in over her head...

Chase has warned her, he doesn’t play nice. When she ignores his invitation to leave, she puts herself at the mercy of his anger, his lust, and the most explosive passion she’s ever experienced... But what happens when the “job” is over, and Chase turns his back on her again? Memories are waking, the kind that will change both their lives in dramatic ways.


Tina Donahue said...

Congrats on your newest release, Denyse.

I don't do sequels either. I have series, but there are new main characters in each one (the characters in the previous stories make a guest appearance, and that's about it).

The best argument against sequels is The Matrix. God, that was a great movie. The second one was just okay. The third one nsg.

Sometimes you just can't make lightning strike more than once. :)

Denysé Bridger said...

Thanks, Tina! I was beginning to think I was the only one who wasn't wild about the whole sequel/prequel thing. To me, an on-going series is a little different than a series of stories with the same characters, and as I mentioned, I love Lara Adrian's series, because every story is new with new people - as yours is. But, yeah.... I use Pirates of the Caribbean - superb first movie - all downhill after that one!!

Hugs, D

jean hart stewart said...

Gotta disagree a little, as I write books in series. Guess that's a little different though, as mine trace one family down through the grandchildren, so while they're sequels they are all in a series. To each his own..I admire good writing wherever it is...

Denysé Bridger said...

Hi, Jean. I love a good series with an ever-changing or expanding cast, hence my love of Lara Adrian's Midnight Breed series. I just get weary of the sequel after sequel with the same characters. I find it boring as hell to be reading about the same people repeatedly. Family sagas are always growing stories, and I admire the heck out of anyone who can write them!! Hugs, D

Zenobia Renquist said...

I agree and disagree. Or I should say I know how you feel. When I do one-off stories, that's it. I'm not thinking about revisiting these people or any of the minor characters I invented to move the story along. That world is finished. Bye now. It sucks to tell readers there won't be a sequel but then it sucks even more to write a crappy sequel. I'll take the compliment that they loved the story enough to want more but the end is the end.

On the other hand, I sometimes come up with something (some world or idea) that just works as an on-going thing. It's like a favorite TV show. I've gotten to know the characters and their quirks and I can't wait to see what happens next.

~ Zenobia