Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Love Lost in TIme

I'm so excited to be joining the Sweet N Sexy Divas! Some of you might know me from my sexy books written as Ari Thatcher, but my attention these days is on the sweeter side of love writing under my real name, Aileen Fish.

I find myself juggling two timelines these days, one in the present, the other in the Regency era of Jane Austen, Lord Byron and Prinny, himself. Amid the various stand-alone Regency romances I've published I have a series, The Bridgethorpe Brides, which has a background in horse racing and breeding. So it's not surprising my new contemporary series, Small Town Sweethearts, is set in a fictional ranching town filled with cowboys in the southern Sierra Nevada Mountains.

I hadn't realized the connection until my hero in Cowboy Cupid "grabbed his hat and gloves and stormed to the stables." There's a huge different in their boots, accents and neckwear, but I apparently love a man on a horse. How about you?

Here's an excerpt from Cowboy Cupid:

{Josh} shrugged and fidgeted with the collar on his button-down shirt.
“You look fine. You act like this is a blind date.” Rachel’s stomach knotted knowing he was so nervous about seeing Marissa again. How could the woman not fall head over stilettos for him? He’d only gotten ten times better looking since they’d graduated. His sandy brown hair now shimmered with blond highlights year-round, thanks to his working outdoors all the time. His skin was bronzed in the summer, and merely golden during warm spells in winter like they were experiencing now. When he laughed, his eyes glistened with joy. He was too handsome by half.
Josh took a corkscrew out of a drawer and went to work on a bottle of red wine. “You don’t think I’m overdressed? Maybe I should go put on a t-shirt instead.”
She glanced down at her own shirt. The lacy V of the neckline made it one of the girliest things she wore, aside from the sundresses she preferred in the summer after work. Did he think she was underdressed in comparison? She frowned at him. “Now you’re making me self-conscious. Quit fussing. You’re worse than your sister.”
A knock at the door saved Rachel from any more of Josh’s nerves. She continued to chop veggies while Josh went to greet his guest.
A squeal from the front of the cabin told her Marissa had arrived.
“Oh, my gosh, Josh, look at you.”
Whatever he responded was spoken too low for Rachel to hear. Their voices continued for a few minutes, then footsteps approached the kitchen.
Josh stopped near the dining table. “Rachel, Marissa’s here.”
“Hi, Rach. Wow, you look great! You finally got some curves. Josh tells me you work on the ranch now.”
Rachel looked up from the veggies and smiled through the seething emotions the girl stirred up. “Yes. I hear you’re going to be teaching here soon?”
Marissa held up crossed fingers on both hands, her manicured nails a bright pink. “I hope so. Mrs. Donahue is retiring at the end of the semester. I doubt I’m the only person they’re considering.”
Josh paused on his way out the sliding glass door to the deck. “But you graduated at the top of your class, and you’re from White Oak. They know you. I’m sure you’ll get it.” He stepped outside.
           Marissa set down her purse. “So, do you and Josh have a thing going now?”
~Cowboy Cupid is available at Amazon and Barnes & Noble for $.99

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Tina Donahue said...

Welcome, Aileen!! I love Regency era books and cowboys!! Yours are awesome. :)

jean hart stewart said...

I love all things Regency. Funny how so many love reading about that period of history. I've tried to analyze it but can't. Will definitely look yours up...