Sunday, January 19, 2014

Shiny And New... Lots of Writing

Welcome to 2014. So far so good. I'm writing lots to make up for the month I took off to knit my hubby's Christmas present. For those who are curious because I mentioned this last month, I made him the 4th Doctor's scarf. All 12ft of it. Seven different colors. 100% wool. Fringe. From beginning to end was all me and my knitting needles. He loved it.

I finished the night of 24 December and was so happy to see the end of it. I was sure I wouldn't make it. And it turns out, I really like knitting...the garter stitch. I haven't bothered to learn anything else. Though when I do get the urge, there are a ton of youtube tutorials. It's a great way to de-stress at the end of the day and give my hands something to do while watching TV. As the lady in one tutorial said, it's very meditative.

After spending almost all of December knitting, my mind and muse are ready to write, write, and write some more. I think knitting is going to be my way of writing more in 2014. We'll see. But for now, there's nothing new coming down the wire so I'll focus on a backlist title this month.

Fantasy vs Reality by Zenobia Renquist
Fantasy vs Reality
Zenobia Renquist

[Contemporary Erotica, MF, FF]

When the line between fantasy and reality is erased, the real fun begins.

Stacy hates benefit dinners -- fake smiles and empty conversation with people she can barely tolerate. Good thing she has her imagination to keep her occupied with sexual fantasies involving the other guests. As the night wears on her imaginings become more vivid and it gets harder to tell where fantasy ends and reality begins.

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Cupping Stacy’s ass, Amy fitted Stacy against her mouth and slipped her tongue into Stacy’s hole. Stacy gripped the counter with one hand and balled her other hand into her mouth to keep from screaming her pleasure. She didn’t want someone interrupting, not when she was so close to climaxing.
“You might want to hide these in your purse.” Amy straightened with Stacy’s panties dangling from one finger and a grin on her face. “You wouldn’t want people seeing that wet spot.”
Stacy took the panties and stuffed them into her pocketbook.
“Or you could put them in Nick’s coat pocket. Give him something to think about while he’s eating.”
“I might do just that. Thanks -- for letting me know, I mean.”
“Not at all. Us girls have to help each other out.”
If Amy knew how she had helped out in Stacy’s fantasy, the woman wouldn’t be saying that. Stacy waved as Amy left the restroom. Once the door closed, Stacy hung her head and bemoaned her deviant mind. A woman. Stacy had never imagined being with a woman. She didn’t even know she had those types of tendencies.
Then again… if being with a woman felt as good in real life as it had in her fantasy, she might have to suggest a threesome to Nick. He would probably love the idea of another woman. On the other hand, the man was so possessive he might not.
Even after so many years together, she had a hard time predicting how he would react to certain bedroom ideas. It was the reason she had never suggested anal play -- hers or his. Nick sometimes acted like he might want to play with her ass, but he never followed through. She’d given him plenty of chances and hints, but that territory remained unexplored.
Maybe she would try the subject once they got home, while they were in the middle of glad-to-be-home sex. He’d be more open to the idea then. Or he would be too far gone to care where he stuck his dick so long as it ended up in a hole. She made a mental note to stop at the drugstore on the way home for some lube, just in case.
After a quick glance in the mirror to make sure everything was in place and she wouldn’t flash anyone, Stacy returned to Nick. He and the others sat at the table already. Her heart sank at the sight of an empty chair to Nick’s left. She debated asking him to switch but he was engaged in a conversation with the woman sitting next to him.
Taylor said as she sat down, “Welcome back. Make any new friends?”
“As a matter of fact, I did.”

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Zenobia Renquist
Discover Different and Unique Romance


Tina Donahue said...

Wow, now you have me curious about the scarf - can you share a photo with us? Would love to see it. :)

Fiona McGier said...

I made my husband the same scarf years ago, but I crocheted it because I like that better than knitting. He's worn it a few times, and was glad to wrap it around his neck for the 50th anniversary showing of the Day of the Doctors that we went to see in 3D live, along with all of our kids! What a great nerdly-bonding experience! There were people there wearing a fez, to celebrate the Matt Smith doctor, as well as women wearing clothing to imitate either River Song or Amy Pond. It was a lot of fun and very exciting to realize we were a part of the show winning the Guinness World Record for most viewers on any one TV program ever!

I crochet scarves an afghans endlessly while I watch TV with my husband, and I bring it with me when we go to visit family. It gives me something to do with my hands that makes me feel "useful" even when I'm just sitting around. Plus I eat a lot less when my hands are occupied.

Zenobia Renquist said...

Fiona - I know exactly what you mean. I need to be doing something with my hands even when I'm just sitting around or else I get this "gotta do something" feeling. I blame my mother. And the 50th Anniversary theater version was so much fun. Tons of Doctor Who fans. It was like a mini-convention.

Tina - I need to get a better picture of it and then I'll post it. The pic I took with my phone made the whole thing look like shades of brown. The second version I'm making out of cheap acrylic yarn is much more vibrant.