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Scottish Romance Novels

Many historical romance readers count stories set in Scotland among their favorites, usually with handsome , muscular heroes and feisty heroines.  Most of these books are well researched with a good deal of historical accuracy.  People unfamiliar with historical romance would probably be surprised how much history romance readers learn from reading their favorite novels.

I did a great deal of historical research for my dark age romance, The Scottish Selkie, and my Iron Age Romance, Druid Bride. I love men in kilts. However, in the books above the settings are 1st century and  9th century AD , time periods prior to kilts. The research in my contemporary Scottish romances, my Dancing Vampire series, involved research more in Celtic mythology and Scottish folklore. I did put one of my heroes in a kilt, in Vampire Highland Fling. Cameron is a piper and when he plays bag pipes, at weddings and such, he wears a kilt.

My Dancing Vampire series is based on the baobhan sith, creatures of Scottish folklore, Celtic Vampiric fey. They roam the Scottish highlands in packs and all of them are women, no men. Voluptuous and enticing, these beauties are always wear green gowns. Also, they have talons. No fangs. Like other vampires, they drink human blood and fry in the sunlight. In some tales, they have hooves for feet. Often referred to as dancing vampires, they target young men coming from pubs at night. The baobhan sith dance with them until the men grow exhausted. Then the vampiric temptresses transform their long nails into talons and rake them across the men’s backs. Clawing at their victim’s skin, draining their blood, then drinking it. So the baobhan sith are always female and their victims are always men. 

Druid Bride is set in first century Scotland when the Romans fought the Picts. Two recent movies, The Eagle and Centurion, are set in the same time period as Druid Bride. My hero, Brude, is the son of a Pict chieftain and my heroine, Sulwen, is a British druidess, the granddaughter of Boudica. To put it a simply as possible, the Picts were the inhabitants of Caledonia (Scotland) when the Scots came from Ireland in the fifth century AD.  

The Scottish Selkie is set against Kenneth Mac Alpin’s rise to power. He is known as the first king of the Scotts for uniting the Picts and the Scots. He's my favorite king. My heroine, Bethoc, is a Pict princess, and my hero, Malcolm, is Kenneth Mac Alpin’s cousin and a selkie. 

Here are short blurbs for my Scottish romances: 

Druid Bride: 
The ghost of her ancestor sent Druidess Tanwen from Britannia to the strange foreign tribe of the Caledonii to wed Brude, son of the chief. But Brude is not about to marry a druidess, even though she has the most beautiful body he’s ever seen. Never mind if his blood boils and he can’t stop thinking of her. He will not wed her. Yet the fate of Caledonia rests in the hands of the Warrior and the Druidess. Will they put their differences aside to fulfill their destiny?

The Sottish Selkie: From ancient druid lore, springs the tale of a mysterious, dark warrior, a fiery Pict Princess, and the shadowy secret standing between them. 

Dance Of The Vampires: (1st in the Dancing Vampire series):  One of Ian’s six brothers kicks over the stones of an ancient cairn, unknowingly freeing Sorcha and her six sisters from underhill. The seven handsome Scots are enchanted by the voluptuous temptresses until they turn on the men. Ian captures Sorcha, giving his brothers a chance to escape. With the dark fey woman still in his grasp, Ian is saved by the rising sun.

Her sisters vanish with the light of dawn and Sorcha is trapped in the mortal realm. The seductress can’t resist Ian’s attentions as he stirs throbbing urges she’s never felt before. Ian is bewitched by the wild delights offered by this vampire siren. He can’t get enough of her. Still, her wicked sisters and his highland brothers want nothing more than to attack and kill each other. Will Sorcha and Ian’s sizzling passion prove strong enough to overcome the differences between the dark fey and humans?

Vampire Highland Fling: (2nd in the Dancing Vampire series): Murdina, a dark vampiric fey, hunts the Scottish Highlands for a man, but not for blood—Murdina wants love. She spots Cameron playing the bagpipes, and when a strong wind lifts his kilt, she takes a good look and decides he’s the one.

When Cameron meets a beautiful, mysterious woman who dances the Highland fling for him, his blood boils for her. Soon Murdina and Cameron are doing more than dancing. Wrapped in each other’s arms, they discover true love, but their time together is limited before Murdina’s fey sisters cross the portal to steal her back and probably kill him. Is their love strong enough to overcome the threat her sisters pose to Murdina’s heart and to Cameron’s life?

Ever So Bonnie A Vampire:  (3rd in the Dancing Vampire series): Calin has fantasized about Ever’s warm, curvaceous body since dancing with the vampiric fey woman a year ago. When they meet again, he wastes no time in claiming and capturing her. Once the sun rises, Ever can’t leave the earthly realm and is bound by fey lore to Calin. His lovemaking excites her like no fey man’s ever has, but she’s consumed by the vow she made to her sisters—that she would never leave them for a mortal. Fighting her feelings for Calin, Ever seeks help from goddess Morrigan.

The goddess might like to claim the handsome mortal for herself, so she frees Ever to return underhill. It isn’t until Ever is back with her sisters that she realizes her heart is still held captive by Calin. But Calin has spurned a goddess’s attentions…and now Morrigan’s lust has turned to vengeance.

One Dance With A Vampire: (4th in the Dancing Vampire series): Angus, a sexy Scottish
highlander, is consumed with dreams of a fiery vampiric fey, Charlak..Their dancing steps came to a stop a year ago when they each almost died. Angus comes upon the alluring woman again and despite the danger, he has to have one dance with the vampire. Charlak dances across a field of heather as Angus’ muscular arms clasp her body tightly to his. An insatiable hunger rises in her and it isn’t for his blood. From different worlds, fey and human, with her sisters and his brothers threatening at every turn  to keep them apart, is there any hope of happiness for Charlak and Angus or any future for their forbidden love?  

And here is the cover reveal for Valkyrie Vampire Ball (the 5th book  in the Dancing Vampire series):
I'm working on the 6th and last book in the series now. 

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Cornelia Amiri, who also writes as Maeve Alpin, writes stories with kilts and corsets, fantasy and happy endings.  She lives in Houston Texas with her son, granddaughter, and her cat, Severus. Please visit her website and FB page. 



Tina Donahue said...

I admire writers of historical romance. I've only done four myself and they were murder to research. I thought it would be easy to find info on Spain in the 1400s. Not so. England, yes. Spain, no way. I had to hunt down portraits painted during that time period so I could see what everyone was wearing (noble and peasant). Murder.

Love your vids, Corenlia - your covers and books are amazing! :)

Cornelia said...

Thank you so much, Tina, for your comment and your kind words. I appreciate it so much.