Saturday, January 25, 2014

A writer's life ain't easy...

A few weeks ago I started major revisions on two manuscripts—one a political romantic suspense, the other a futuristic erotic romance. I then handed off my new first chapters to my critique partners and focused on rewriting the second book. I stopped because a major plot change left me uncertain as to where to go next.

Okay. I could live with that, but I still wanted to write or revise or… So I printed out the entire first book, intending to work on it.

I had input from one critique partner, but not the other. I stopped again, telling myself I wanted to compare their input before going on.

The muse is silent on any new projects, although I have many handwritten manuscripts I could transcribe. Have I mentioned how much I hate to type? Plus, my dictation system refuses to let me train it, resulting in major frustration and swearing on my part.

And another bout of “do-nothing” with anything.

I do a round of self-inflicted butt kicking and register for two conferences. As usual, I have difficulty with one registration and have to call for help. (Thank you, Tiffany, for getting me through it!)

All right! My decks are cleared. Primed to get to work, I realize it’s almost tax prep time. All I have is a box of receipts, comingled with (handwritten) notes for works-in-progress and printed research information. I sort it all into file folders and give myself numerous back pats for being such a goddess of organization.

DH is working on an erotic novella with a Feb 1, 2014 submission date. Of course, as the experience writer in the house, I feel obligated to help him with the process. I’m also extremely proud of him and am keeping all crossable body parts crossed for both of us. (I sent my manuscript in last month, so now both of us are in “hurry-up and wait” modes.)

And now I’m working on this blog so I can get back to work on my stories tomorrow.

But tomorrow is critique day and dinner with my RWA chapter’s board on our guest speaker. Saturday is the chapter meeting and Sunday…

Oh well. February 1 isn’t that far away. The first of anything is always a good day to begin anew. Isn’t it?

Happy writing!

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Tina Donahue said...

Know how you fee, Dee. Hope things get easier. :)

jean hart stewart said...

We've all been there...Keep writing, girl.