Friday, November 1, 2013

(Wishing I Was) Lost In Cyberspace

By Stormie Kent
As I’m writing this I’ve been without internet and cable in my home for three days. I didn’t realize what a horror it would be.
We do so many things with the internet. My children’s homework and school projects are all completed with the internet. The library in our Maryland town even has links from the library website to online articles and the encyclopedia. I don’t actually have to go there unless I really want to or I need to pick up a book I ordered online.
I never realized I used the internet for so much. I watch tv through it. I look up information for my novels and the things I do daily. I find myself reaching for my laptop and then realizing the internet is off. The mobile internet on my phone can only do so much. For one thing, every site isn’t mobile ready.
I don’t have as much of an issue with the cable being off. I use tv as background noise and I know that when my lovely new internet tower comes I can watch any of the handful of shows I missed during this unfortunate technology blackout. I only have a few shows I love to watch. (Sleepy Hollow, anyone?) The rest is just mindless noise.
I should have realized I was an internet junky. People text me to look up facts for them. I often wonder why they can’t just do it for themselves. Maybe they don’t have my patience with sifting through information? Maybe they just know I’m already connected? Sigh.
I almost missed this post. Why? I had to come to the library to send it. Did I mention I’m a tad paranoid? A public internet connection on my precious, saved every penny to buy it laptop? Not likely.
Please send me kind thoughts as I struggle through this time. My writing persona can never touch my day job persona so I don’t get to do my writing related work there. I’m hoping my struggle will end soon and I can once again surf the web. I think I’m dating myself with that bit of slang or lingo. Slingo?
            Anyway, how long have you successfully gone without the internet? I know someone out there doesn’t have a connection in their home at all and will put me to shame. Tell me anyway; maybe I need to open my eyes further to my addiction.


Tina Donahue said...

I know exactly what you're going through, Stormie. My computer burned out a couple of years ago and I had nothing - NOTHING - to get me on the internet except my Blackberry which I only use in emergencies (totally useless and slow).

This happened around Christmas. The part for my computer had to be sent from China (yeah, China) and wasn't going to be available until after the New Year.

I totally freaked out. Went to Best Buy that day and bought a new computer.

I don't have an addictive personality, except for chocolate and internet access. :)

Fiona McGier said...

I've gone for as long as 2 weeks in the summer, when we head out to go camping in the wilderness. I think it recharges my soul, though I must admit to stressing about missing out on chances to tell potential readers about my books! But I get great ideas in my dreams while disconnected.

"My writing persona can never touch my day job persona so I don’t get to do my writing related work there." Boy, I can really relate to that! I sub in high schools during the day, so I can't ever go on-line using my author persona! I can't take the chance of a teen being the next user and having the smarts to call up my name! The horror! The shock!