Thursday, November 7, 2013

I am writing...really! Woot!

You are not going to believe this but I am writing.  Yes, writing.  The query I sent out to The Wild Rose Press was accepted by the senior editor of the line I queried.  She liked it but was confused a bit about the timeline and ages.  A couple of emails later, it was withdrawn waiting on the changes that I can make to the MS and synopsis.  Nothing major to change and she was so right about the changes that needed to be made.

I guess what shocked me the most was that it was the Senior Editor of the line that connected me.  I was told that this is not that unusual. Keep in mind that one book that I have published, I pitched to the publisher directly and 5 days later, I signed my contract.  ;)  The suggestions are totally warranted and I'm one of those writers that is completely open to suggestions/edits.  It only makes me better.

A bit about the book that I'm re-working for them.  Its a Romantic Suspense with paranormal elements featuring an angel figurine, Tony and Kim, the daughter of Tony's good friend, Rita.  The twist is that Tony is 28 years older than Kim but since he has been stuck as a figurine, he's never aged.  When he becomes human, its like looking at Andrew Dice Clay, except with the Southside accent from Chicago.

All of this brings me to the EPIC fail of doing NANO this year.  I've signed up, joined a FB group for support and its now day 7 and I haven't written a darn word.  My personal life has gotten so busy with Cub Scouts, play dates, hanging out with the mom's on play dates and let's not forget that I had the in laws in town for 6 days.  Plus, a music program for Brian...do I need to say anymore?  LOL!

The point of this post is that I am writing now.  This story wasn't ever supposed to see the light of day but I figured why not?

Oh and my YA/NA alter ego Pink...yes, she has started a book, too.  This one I'm totally STOKED about.  More later on that.

So my fellow writers, authors, bloggers this is all the news that I have for now.

Next month...HUGE news from Harlie's Books.  Stay tuned...


Tina Donahue said...

Congrats, Harlie! :)

jean hart stewart said...

Write away girl...don't let anything stop you in the long term.

Fiona McGier said...

I'm so glad that you seem to have renewed energy for writing! Sometimes we just have to step back from the screen and spend some time in real-life, to recharge our batteries. And yes, real-life can be overwhelming too, especially when family commitments are so time-consuming!

But anything that makes you want to get the stories swirling in your head out for the public to share, is a good thing.

You go, girl! Can't wait for your new stuff!

Harlie Reader said...

Hey ladies! It does feel good and I now have a sense of calm and peace. Weird, huh?