Thursday, November 14, 2013

Christmas! Spread the Joy!

It's that time of year again, when all those mushy, warm and fuzzy movies about finding true love and being happy forever are on TV. It's the time when people actually seem to remember that Christ was born. So what are you doing for the holidays?

For writers, it's usually the one time of the year that they back away from their computers and visit with the world again.

Buying presents, putting up the tree, stringing lights, planning meals, and welcoming friends and family.

Let your senses take you to Christmas. Smell the pies, hear the sleigh bells, see the smiles on people's faces. It's a time of love, of giving and doing for others.

I love the sights and smells of Christmas. I love the giving that people do, putting aside the fact that they might not have much for themselves, but want to give all they can to others.

I think if we ever did away with Christmas most of the good would go with it. Because Christmas is more than just a day. It's more than a holiday. It's a spirit we all get into for a while. We stop all the busy things in our life and pay attention to what matters most. Our loved ones.

When you think of Christmas you think of the birth of Christ, Santa Claus, giving to others, getting together with your family. And cooking too.

Christmas wouldn't be right if there were no cookies for Santa, or pies for Grandpa, or Turkey's to carve.  And oh yeah, the green silk ties you always didn't want, and yet you laugh when you get them. Hanging lights in freezing weather so the kids could get those big eyes aimed at you. It's a time when you think of someone besides yourself and your troubles and want to help each other. It's simply a time when people put forth effort toward other people, without wondering what they get out of it. Because the true gift of giving is the gift of love and happiness in your own heart.

But Christmas is so much more than that. It's a feeling, a spirit, that overtakes nearly all of us, to be good, to do good, and to see the good in the world. It's a pause in our busy daily lives. And without it we might not be as human.

One person I talked to said he hated it. That it  was when all the angels came out of the woodwork. I asked him what he was talking about, and he said, only at Christmas did people get soft hearted, and care about each other. I felt sorry for that person, and for all the scrooges of the world.

I think most people love Christmas, and even though it is highly commercialized now, there is still that warm fuzzy feeling in most of us. I truly think Christmas is the most human time in the world. Mankind thinks a little better, does a little more, and puts forth such an effort to be a part of this life.

So this Christmas, thank your Mom for making such a fine meal. Thank your Dad for putting the lights up. Thank your kids for being a little nicer. Thank your friends and neighbors for thinking of you.

You might say Christmas is another day of Thanksgiving!

I hope you all have a wonderful holiday this year. Take time to appreciate what you have. Take time to say hello to someone who might not have anyone to celebrate it with. Let's spread the joy of Christmas.



Tina Donahue said...

What adorable photos, Rita - thanks so much for sharing. They gave me my first smile of the day! :)

Redameter said...

Aren't they sweet. I think we can allsee Christmas through the wonder in the eyes of a baby. As they notice the bright lights, the music, and see all the wrapped presents. The innocense of Christmas is reborn thrugh them. I wish everyone a very lovely holiday. What a wonderful time of year to tell people we love them. God Bless

Redameter said...

I think I mispelled innocence. Oh well, back for more coffee. Is it freezing where you are. It is cold here.

jean hart stewart said...

A heartwarming post...lovely to read and enjoy....Jean

Fiona McGier said...

I think what that guy might have meant is that the way people are during the Christmas season is how we should be towards each other all year!The whole point of Dickens' story is that we need to be kinder and more tolerant all of the time, not just during the month of December.

And for those who aren't Christians, it can still be a fun time. I like to remind everyone that the Yule log came from Pagan days, along with the Holly and the Ivy, the pine trees and swag hung around the house, and the mistletoe. All of these were "co-opted" in order to change the worship of the SUN to the worship of the SON.

But no matter. During the cold and dreary days of late December, it's wonderful to be surrounded by family and conversation and memories. Enjoy some actual face-to-face contact that don't involve a computer screen. I'm looking forward to the double-dose of having my kids who don't live here anymore home for Thanksgiving and at least a few days in December.

Redameter said...

You are very right about all year long, but the man's problem was that he was bitter because of it, and you can't be bitter, it only makes things worse. We have to take what we can and try to enjoy it. But for writers I think we really look forward to this time of year because we allow ourselves some time to enjoy the family and all our friends. Christmas is a fun time for anyone who wants to enjoy it. I want to wish all of you the merriest of Christmases and Happy New Year. And I truly think that looking into a child's eyes at Christmas says it all!

Redameter said...

I was looking through my earlier comment and realize I must have been asleep when I typed it. Wow. get the editors out. LOL