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I've been thinking a lot about book reviews lately, since I've been on both sides. As an author, we always WANT book reviews to help spread the word. As a reviewer, we're deluged with requests. With the holidays coming up, books are a great gift to give, but with all the books out there, you want to give something you know they'll like. Do you stick with the tried and true or do you take a chance on a new author? Cover, blurb, chapter sample, and reviews are all helpful to me in helping me make up my mind.

I have to muzzle my inner editor when I try to watch a movie or read a book just for fun. As a beta reader or a reviewer though, it comes into full play. You want to give an honest assessment for other people to use to make their own call. I know a lot of reviewers use aliases so angry authors don't hunt them down in the streets--it IS hunting season after all--but I use my real name and I stand by my opinions, with the disclaimer that it's JUST my opinion. Other people might have an entirely different take on a certain book. I hate those "reviewers" (esp. on Goodreads & Amazon) that seem to be professional "trashers"--you know the ones I'm talking about.

We're told to never respond to reviews, good or bad. Especially to the trash talkers, since they're looking for a fight and some of the tales of author-burning are EPIC and sad. (Some people really need to get a life--again, just my opinion.) I've had 1-star reviews and 5-star reviews of the same award-winning, bestselling title. We all have. Because it's just someone's opinion. Not every book is for every person--the variety is infinite for good reason. Something for everyone. And the best books are entertaining and make you feel and learn something new about the world in general and yourself in particular.

Even bad reviews can be helpful--IF the reviewer takes the time to say what they DID like ans why, and what they DIDN'T like and why. Those one-liners that just say "waste of money--sucks" don't tell anyone anything. Try to read the genres you LIKE to give the book a fair shake. Comments like "world-building and research well done, but the characters were predictable and not all the loose ends were tied up by the end so it left reader hanging" at least gives the next potential reader a chance to maybe know what they're in for. What you DON'T want is to give away the whole plot so the reader knows everything that happens AND HOW IT ENDS. That's so mean! NO SPOILERS, please.

BOOKS FOR THE HOLIDAYS - as gifts for others, and yourself. In this age of electronics, almost everyone has some kind of reading device--and lots of us still like to curl up with PAPER books. (Yeah, remember those?) If you read a book, review it. If you read a LOT of books, it might not be possible to do them all, but try to do the ones that really moved you one way or the other. They don't have to be long. Short, sweet and to-the-point. Help spread the word about what's out there--everyone's always looking for a good read--and a new author when their favorite one just can't write as fast as you read...

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Making Over Maris: Because Nerds Need Love Too!

If your Kindle melted while you were reading the scorching first books in this series—Adam’s Obsession and Tristan’s Temptation—you’re going to want to read Making Over Maris, the third book in the award winning Wired Series by Sabrina York from Ellora’s Cave.

Featuring über-nerd Jack Maris and his co-worker (and secret crush) Sara Grant, this steamy novel continues the erotic story lines of the Trillo-Maris Gang…and steps it up a notch. Jack asks, cajoles, bribes Sara to help him become attractive to women. What she doesn’t realize is that Jack doesn’t want to be attractive to woman—he wants to be attractive to her. Sara also has no clue that Jack has secrets and is battling a dark past. But when she learns he craves a taste of FemDom, she is delighted to play along.

Their exploration takes them on a journey of lust and love and redemption—and a happy ending they both never dreamed could be theirs.

WARNING: Making over Maris is a Nerd-to-Hot-Hunk sizzling erotic romance. You will never look the same way at a geek in glasses again.

I loved writing this book. Because, as I was penning Jack’s transformation, I was going through a transformation myself. Due to a medical issue, I had to change the way I ate, cutting out all carbs, sugars and dairy.

Imagine my shock when I started losing weight!

I experienced a lot of the surprise Jack experienced after his makeover—when all of a sudden people noticed him. We live in a world where what you look like and the kinds of clothes you wear can define who you are. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

I’ve always believed there is a hero in each man and a heroine in each woman. No matter who we are, what we look like or how socially awkward we can be.

Jack starts out in this story as the worst of the worst and becomes the best of the best.


Because his hero was in there all the time. He just needed the courage to show it. And one heart willing to see it.

Making Over Maris

Sabrina York
Wired, Book Three
When über-nerd Jack asks Sara to make him more attractive to women, she can’t say no—even though it’s an impossible task. He’s shaggy and doughy and hopelessly inappropriate. He has no style or emotional intelligence but he’s a good person. And a great friend. What Sara never expects? Beneath all that fur and geekiness is a steamy hunk just waiting to emerge.

Jack takes Sara’s regimen very seriously, working out and losing weight until he feels like a new man. He even complies with her command to shave his beard—because Jack didn’t ask Sara to make him over so he would be attractive to other women. He only wants to be attractive to her. They go on a series of fake dates, each hotter and more sinful than the last. It’s not long before Sara discovers Jack’s secret desire to be dominated and what began as an arrangement becomes something amazing—something that could be real.
Inside Scoop: Our hero appreciates Femdom—with the right woman. Our hero doesn’t appreciate perfect strangers grabbing his junk. Ask nicely first, ladies!

A Romantica® BDSM erotic romance from Ellora’s Cave

Copyright © SABRINA YORK, 2013
All Rights Reserved, Ellora's Cave Publishing, Inc.
By reading any further, you are stating that you are at least 18 years of age. If you are under the age of 18, please exit this site.

“So… Have you thought about it?” Jack could have kicked himself. He hadn’t intended to burst into her office and blurt it out like that. He’d meant to be suave and slick.
He should have known better.
He’d never been suave and slick.
No. He’d hovered in the vicinity of Sara’s office—after sending Kenny on a meaningless errand—and barged through the door and pounced upon her as soon as Kat left.
“Sit, Jack.”
He plopped into the chair and, because he didn’t know what to do with his hands, laced his fingers.
Sara studied him, dissecting him in that way she had, with her head tipped to the side, wrinkling her button nose. She was so cute when she wrinkled her nose. He forced himself not to wriggle. His cock didn’t listen. Something about her eyes, her lips, her scent, always stirred him.
He shouldn’t have this kind of reaction to her. In the office. Everywhere. But he couldn’t help it. He just did. Always.
When she looked at him like that, when she spoke to him in that clear, commanding voice, it was even worse.
Or better, depending on one’s perspective.
She cleared her throat. “Okay. I’ve thought about it.”
His pulse jerked. “And…?”
She dropped her attention to her blotter and meticulously rearranged several deformed paper clips. His heart pounded a painful tattoo as he waited for her response. “And…” She met his eyes—God, she was gorgeous. “If I do this, we need to have an understanding.”
Relief, or something like it, trickled through him. An understanding was awfully close to an agreement. A promise. “Okay.”
Sara sucked in a breath. “First of all, we need to agree this is an impossible task.”
“Not impossible,” he grumbled. Surely not impossible.
“Okay. Improbable then. My chances of success are…dismal.”
Dismal? Jack’s belly dropped. He fiddled with the wiry hairs on the back of his neck. He didn’t like the way this was going. It was depressing that she thought so poorly of him. “Am I that hideous?”
Her eyes widened. A flush rose on her cheeks. “Oh my God, Jack. No. I didn’t mean it that way.”
“It sounded that way.”
“Jack…” She rubbed her hands over her face. “Okay. How about this? We have a long way to go. Can we agree on that?”
“Sure.” He knew he was pouting. But he had a damn good excuse. She’d pretty much come out and said making him attractive to women—to her in particular—was a hopeless cause.
“My worry is this. I can teach you all the right things to say and coach you on how to act around women, prescribe a diet and exercise plan and even give you a makeover. But if you don’t listen to me—if you don’t follow the plan—I fail.”
“I’ll listen. I’ll follow the plan.” Hell. He’d follow her anywhere she wanted to lead. If she only knew…
Something fierce stirred in her eyes. “It’s not going to be easy, Jack. I’m gonna work you.” Why he shivered at the tone in her voice, he had no clue. Or maybe he did. “I want you to agree to honor our contract—even if you drop the ball.”
“Of course.” He always kept his promises.
“You swear?”
He put a hand over his heart. “I swear.”
She sat back. The fire in her eyes flickered and sputtered out. “Okay. So next week I’m going back East to spend some time with my mother—”
“How long will you be gone?” Damn. He hated it when she was gone.
Pain flashed across her features; her voice dropped. “She’s…not doing well.”
His heart squeezed and he wanted to say something comforting but couldn’t find any words. Sara’s mother had been in and out of the hospital for a year. They were very close. Each time her mother had a relapse, Sara suffered.
Jack had never had a mother so he couldn’t relate but he imagined having one and losing her would be even harder than never having one at all.
“In the meantime, I’ll put together a plan for you.”
“A…plan?” His mind spun. How on earth was this going to work if she wasn’t even here?
“Yes. And you have to follow it.”
“I will.”
She put her hands flat on the desk and skewered him with a glower. “Religiously, Jack.”
“Okay.” He tried to not wriggle in his seat. He loved it when she got all…adamant. “So you’ll do it?”
“Yes,” she sighed. “I’ll do it.”
Relief cascaded through him. Relief and hope. It was a tiny sprig of hope, but hope was hope. “So when do we begin?”
She gazed at him. Some strange emotion he couldn’t interpret flashed over her features. “Now.”
Oh. God. Excitement and satisfaction and panic surged through him. “Now?”
“Yes. I need to do an assessment. You know. To figure out exactly where we are.”
He swallowed. “An assessment?”
“Of your game.”
“Okay.” He liked games. He scooted to the edge of his seat.
“Let’s pretend I’m a woman—”
“You are a woman.”
She wrinkled her nose. “Be serious, Jack.”
“I am being serious.” He was.
“Let’s pretend I’m a woman you see at a bar. And you’re interested.”
Oh. He was.
“What’s the first thing you do?”
Okay. He could wrap his brain around this. He shifted to the side and pulled out his wallet. Found his trusty cheat sheet and unfolded it and spread it flat on the desk.
“What the hell is that?” She gaped at the rumpled, well-worn paper.
“It’s my flowchart.” Duh.
Sara blinked. “You have a flowchart for picking up women.” Not a question.
“Naturally.” Didn’t everyone?
“Let me see that.” Before he could stop her she snatched the paper away. Scanned it. “Oh God.”
He knew what she was seeing. He’d studied this flowchart a hundred times. Still, when she read it aloud, he winced.
“Picking Up Chicks.” She grimaced. “Seriously, Jack? That’s what you named it?”
“Yes.” What else would he name it?
“‘Step One. Assess the situation’. Okay. That works. ‘Does she seem cranky?’ Cranky? Seriously, Jack? Cranky?”
He shrugged. “It’s a critical variable.” It was. It was exceedingly difficult to pick up a cranky woman. “Statistically speaking—”
But Sara ignored him. “‘If Yes: Charm her from her bad mood. If No: Proceed with caution.’” Sara sighed and glanced up at him. “Proceed with caution? We’re not wild animals, Jack.”
“You kind of are.” This he muttered. She didn’t hear. Or maybe she did. Maybe she was ignoring him again. She did that.
With a derisive snort, she crumpled up his precious template for seduction and tossed it in the trash.
With a strangled “eep” he dove in after it, dug it out, refolded it and tucked it back into his wallet. It had never worked but it was all he had. He needed it.
She glared at him. And then for some reason she softened. “Women are not an empirical science, Jack.” She gestured to his wallet. “We’re not all alike. There is no ‘one size fits all’ approach to winning someone’s heart.”
Yeah. He got that. “But you need to have a standard operating procedure—”
“No, ya don’t.” She blew out a breath. He loved the way it made her bangs flutter up. “Don’t you see? This kind of thing comes off as cheesy. Planned. Practiced.”
“And that’s…bad?” How could planning and practice be bad?
“Women don’t want to feel like they’re an insect being dissected or analyzed. They don’t want to be one option in a sea of possibilities. They want to be special. They want a guy who responds to them on an instinctual level. A guy who is so interested, he can’t help but be charming. Not a guy who has to be reminded to be seductive—by an SOP.”
He shook his head. This was all so…alien. “I don’t get it.”
She buried her face in her hands. “No. You don’t. That’s the point. Oh Jack, I’m going to need a couple days to think about this.”
His pulse stuttered. “But you already promised…”
“No. I’ll do it. I did promise to do it. I just need to think about how to do it.”
He relaxed. Okay. Okay. Okay. It would be okay. “Thank you, Sara.”
“Yeah.” Her cell phone buzzed and she picked it up to check the screen. Her lips tightened and she set it back down. “No prob.”
Damn. Why did she seem so dispirited? He’d seen the tears on her cheeks when he interrupted her meeting with Kat. He’d hated her tears. Hated even more that he didn’t have any right to wipe them away.
“Sara.” He waited until she met his gaze. “Thank you.”
This meant everything to him. More than she could ever know.
“Sure, Jack. Give me a couple days to think about this.”
She stared at him for a minute and then said in a very small voice, “You can go now.”
Right. He could go. But he didn’t want to. He didn’t want to go. He wanted to fold her in his arms and hold her and make whatever was making her sad disappear.
He didn’t have that right either.
And he never would.
But for the next few months, he’d have her attention.
And that would be worth a thousand trips to Paris.

About Sabrina York
Her Royal Hotness, Sabrina York, writes naked erotic fiction for fans who like it hot, hard and balls-to-the-wall, and erotic romance and fantasy for readers who prefer a slow burn to passion.
An award winning author of hot, humorous stories for smart and sexy readers, her titles range from sweet & sexy erotic romance to BDSM to erotic horror. Connect with her on twitter @sabrina_york, on Facebook or on Pintrest. Check out Sabrina’s books and read an excerpt on Amazon or wherever e-books are sold. Visit her webpage at www.sabrinayork.com to check out her books, excerpts and contests. Don’t forget to enter to win the royal tiara!

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SENSE AND SENSIBILITY needed all those Dangly Bits, don’t you think?

Jane Austen I know well. She and I travel the same time periods together. True, only in my mind…but then a lot of us really dig Regency.  When I saw that TotallyBound Publishing was re-doing the Classics, I jumped at the chance to do Jane…and SENSE AND SENSIBILITY. And I sought do it with the erotic twists she might have forgotten to include.

Regardless of whether you think any of the Classics should be re-done, aren't you intrigued by what can be done by keeping the original absolutely intact while inserting erotic romance parts? Let me tell you, Dear Reader, IT. AIN'T. EASY.  To keep the story true to its original and the characters talking and walking in the same paths but expanding on the sensuality is NO EASY TRICK. So, for those who have tried it, BRAVO, I say. I leave it up to you to decide if I have done a proper job of embellishing the original!

Have you read the original S AND S? (You may have seen the movies.) S AND S is about two sisters who fall in love and in lust with men who are so well matched for them that heartbreak ensues.

The older sister Elinor gets feverish thinking of Edward, a young man whom she knows well…and perhaps not well enough to count on him claiming her hand as well as he has her heart. She pines, she yearns. He demurs. Finally, the two of them engage in a few close encounters which leave both of them wanting what they cannot have. Each other.

Meanwhile, the younger sister has the hots for a dude named WILLOUGHBY. Handsome and witty, he dances attendance upon her and then one day, he puts her in his carriage, leaves the country party in the dust and takes Marianne to his aunt’s home. A Big No-No to do in 1811.

And here is what happens between them:
Copyright, 2012-2013, Jane Austen and Cerise DeLand.
The carriages were then ordered; Willoughby's was first, and Marianne never looked happier than when she got into it. He drove through the park very fast, and they were soon out of sight; the entire party, save Elinor, laughing at their departure.

Marianne exulted in Willoughby’s dashing act. Curling her arm through his as he drove, she settled against him.
“I daresay, my dear girl, I feel your body purring like a cat’s.”
Gazing up at his striking face, she admired his roguish beauty and the fact that he was hers. “When I am with you, I am a cat.”
He reigned the horses to a halt and caught her against him. “I like you wild and clawing at me. Shall I encourage you to do that?”
She tossed him a saucy glance, her shoulder up, her chin to one side. “Do as you will, Willoughby. I am yours.”
Capturing her hand, he pressed it to his chest. But she was not satisfied with so staid a sample of his charms, she trailed her hand downward to his flies where her fingers cupped his swollen flesh and kneaded his manly attributes.
“I say,” he gasped, his hand covering hers, “You are a minx. I lose my breath, my mind.”
She arched a brow. “But not your erection.”
“Never. Not with you in my reach.”
“I pray you, show me this proud declaration of your regard for me.”
“No. You are but a girl.”
“Your girl, you rogue.” She massaged his cock and balls. “This package must be unwrapped.” She worked at his buttons and soon his red warrior stood straight up, the helmet bold and proud, droplets of delights oozing from his slit. “Oh, this is quite perfect, Willoughby. I have never seen anything so tall and thick. Oh. And he moves! He jerks for me. Shall I reward him?”
“Do, do,” Willoughby encouraged her, sighing and biting his lower lip. “He awaits your fine touch.”
She rubbed her thumb over the pearls dribbling from his seam. “He gives more and more. I am enchanted, Willoughby. What more can I do to show him my enthusiasm?”
“Kiss him.”
“Oh,” she enthused and bent to the act. “He is luscious. Hot and hard, the skin soft and yet so malleable. How do you do this, Willoughby?”
Laughing, he collapsed backward to the seat and let her have her way. “It is natural, my pet. I give all to you. That is my fondest pleasure.”
“Do you, dear sir?” Teasing him, she kissed his cock once more, licking her lips between her blessings to his member.  “Show me your aunt’s house then.” She took all of his fine manhood down her throat, hearing him groan his approval of her act.
“Shall I?” he seemed to ask himself more than her.
“Of course. We need more…room for our pleasures, would you not say?” She let her eyes dance at him. The merry idea of a couch, a bed, a carpeted floor to lay him down and suck on his marvellous member filled her heart with rapture.
“I do, I do.” He pushed her up from him, fumbling to button his flies. “I need to have your mouth on me until completion.”
“Completion?” She sat back, allowing him his haste and preening that she had led him to it, even though her breasts ached and her lower body pulsed with need of him. “What is that?”
He caught her chin. “Heaven.”
“Take me there,” she entreatied him. “Now.”
Cerise writes a lot of Regency period novels. All erotic romances. Her latest was HIS DELECTABLE COOK, TEB  AllRomanceEBooks   Nook  Kindle
But she does others, too.

See them all here: http://www.cerisedeland.com

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2013 has been a roller-coaster year for me. The first eight months were unbelievably good—so much so that sometimes I had to pinch myself to believe the whole thing was really true and not a serial dream. A few examples:
  • Treasuring Theresa, my sweet Regency short story, was released in January by Ellora's Cave's Blush Cotillion line, and I became a published author!
  • My parents gave me a house in Florida and I became a snowbird!
  • My mother made me a beautiful Regency gown and pelisse to wear at conferences and book signings, and I wore it at RT in Kansas City and the Beau Monde in Atlanta.
  • I traveled to Scotland (my second Rick Steves tour).
  • I created and built up a social presence, including two blogs, Susana's Parlour and Susana's Morning Room, which was instrumental in building friendships with many other romance authors.
September and October brought me back to reality, when I contracted a serious illness and spent many weeks on intravenous antibiotics. The flip side of that, however, is a renewed appreciation for doctors and medicine and health insurance, which, along with the assistance of family and close friends, are responsible for the clean bill of health I was given earlier this month.

Health is a magnificent gift. I hope I never take it for granted again!

November is turning out to be a milestone month too. Restored to health, I've been able to concentrate on the November 21st release of my second story, a Christmas novella. A Twelfth Night Tale is one of eight stories in the Cotillion Christmas Traditions series. All eight will appear in print anthologies as well as individual digital versions, Cotillion Christmas Traditions and CotillionChristmas Celebrations.

I've featured all eight stories on Susana's Parlour. If you happen to enjoy sweet Regency stories sparkling with romance and Christmas cheer, these might be right up your alley!

Also, I've been informed that Treasuring Theresa went on sale on November 18th. Not a Christmas story, but a sweet Regency that was chosen as a finalist in the EPIC eBook Awards in the Romance Short Works category.

More exciting events:
  • Attended Ellora's Cave's Romanticon Conference in Canton and received a “SuperStar Award” that I shared with Samantha Kane.
  • Traveled to Phoenix to have lunch with Diana Gabaldon. (!!!)
All in all, I have a lot to be thankful for this year, and December hasn't even happened yet. While I have no idea what the future holds for me, my goal is to live in the present and cherish each day's blessings as they come.

Celebrate the Release Day of A Twelfth Night Tale!

Susana is giving away a fabulous sterling silver necklace and 
A Twelfth Night Tale Christmas charm bracelet (silver-plated). 
Click here for the Rafflecopter!

About A Twelfth Night Tale

A wounded soldier and the girl next door find peace and love amidst a backdrop of rural Christmas traditions.

Without dowries and the opportunity to meet eligible gentlemen, the five Barlow sisters stand little chance of making advantageous marriages. But when the eldest attracts the attention of a wealthy viscount, suddenly it seems as though Fate is smiling upon them.

Lucy knows that she owes it to her younger sisters to encourage Lord Bexley's attentions, since marriage to a peer will secure their futures as well as hers. The man of her dreams has always looked like Andrew Livingston, her best friend's brother. But he's always treated her like a child, and, in any case, is betrothed to another. Perhaps the time has come to put away childhood dreams and accept reality…and Lord Bexley.

Andrew has returned from the Peninsula with more emotional scars to deal with than just the lame arm. Surprisingly, it's his sister's friend “Little Lucy” who shows him the way out of his melancholy. He can't help noticing that Lucy's grown up into a lovely young woman, but with an eligible viscount courting her, he'll need a little Christmas magic to win her for himself.


About the Author

A former teacher, Susana is finally living her dream of being a full-time writer. She loves all genres of romance, but historical—Regency in particular—is her favorite. There’s just something about dashing heroes and spunky heroines waltzing in ballrooms and driving through Hyde Park that appeals to her imagination.

In real life, Susana is a lifelong resident of northwest Ohio, although she has lived in Ecuador and studied in Spain, France and Mexico. More recently, she was able to travel around the UK and visit many of the places she’s read about for years, and it was awesome! She is a member of the Maumee Valley and Beau Monde chapters of Romance Writers of America.


Web site • Email • Facebook • Twitter • Linked In • Pinterest • Google+Goodreads

Susana’s Parlour (Regency Blog) • Susana’s Morning Room (Romance Blog)

Monday, November 25, 2013

Frantic in California

Yesterday was my husband's birthday. Thanksgiving is this week and before I know it, it'll be Christmas and New Year's and…time to start all over again. So many things to be grateful for: mostly good health, family too far away but healthy as well. Guess the health concerns grow as we age. Anyway, shameless promo for Temptress of Time, my 20th book. It releases in print on Christmas Eve.

Temptress of Time Blurb

Swept away into past lives she does not remember, erotic romance author Diane de Bourgh is thrown together with two men—her masters, her jailers…her lovers.
Compassion. Compromise. Control…and letting go. These are the lessons Diane must learn before she can find contentment. Two noblemen, Walker Mornay and Adrian de Vesay, are swept into Diane’s journeys through the Medieval, Tudor and Regency eras and their own passionate past lives. Masters of Time, they see themselves as Diane’s tutors and resent the fact that she has an agenda of her own—to control them and, perhaps, to control time itself.
They, too, must learn lessons of the heart, especially those of relinquishing control to win a woman—body, mind and soul.

Available December 24, 2013
Ellora’s Cave
Amazon, Barnes and Noble, All Romance e-books

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

Dee Brice
Erotic Fantasies Where Nothing is Forbidden

Saturday, November 23, 2013

Fangsgiving with the Dancing Vampires

My Dancing Vampire series, is about the bahobhan sith (baa'-van shee ) - Scottish vampiric fey, who roam the highlands searching for victims. Even though my dancing vampires don’t celebrate Thanksgiving, since they are Scottish and fey, as an American I thought it would be fun to blog about a vampire Thanksgiving. 

I found two vampire videos to put us in the Fangsgiving mood.

Thanksgiving is a family holiday and though my Dancing Vampire series is set in Scotland, in the first book, Dance Of The Vampires, there is a scene with the hero, Ian’s, mother and father discussing, Sorcha, the  baobhan sith their son brought home, which fits in with the family theme.

Excerpt: Dance of the Vampires

His father arched his brow as he nodded at Tavish. “Did you set the cairn aright?”

“I put the stone back, good and tight.”Tavish slipped his hand in his front jeans pocket.

“Yes, but now we have a baobhan sith sleeping in our house, don’t we?” His mother huffed.

“Well, she has to sleep somewhere, dear.” His father’s head went from bobbing to shaking as he added, “I do not want her draining my cows of their blood, though.”

“What about your sons’ blood?” His mother spread her arms.

“Well, I do not want her drinking theirs either.” His dad cocked his head.

“I’m glad to hear that.” Ian’s mother flashed a sideways look at his father. She swung her head back, spotting Ian and Sorcha. Then she plastered a big smile across her face. “So, there you two are. You’ve been in the bedroom a while.”

“Mum, Sorcha and I are going out. I’m going to show her around the town.”

“You aren’t going out in the night alone with her, are you?”

“Yes.” As Ian walked away, he overheard his father say, “You have to be careful of what you say around the baobhan sith. They’ll sneak up on you.”

While you are waiting for the turkey to cook, the three books available in the Dancing Vampire series make for a good Fangsgivng day read: Dance of The Vampires and Vampire Highland Fling, and Ever So Bonnie A Vampire. Also the fourth and fifth in the series, One Dance With A Vampire and Valkyre Vampire Ball will be coming out in 2014.

One of Ian’s six brothers kicks over the stones of an ancient cairn, unknowingly freeing Sorcha and her six sisters from underhill. The seven handsome Scots are enchanted by the voluptuous temptresses until they turn on the men. Ian captures Sorcha, giving his brothers a chance to escape. With the dark fey woman still in his grasp, Ian is saved by the rising sun.

Her sisters vanish with the light of dawn and Sorcha is trapped in the mortal realm. The seductress can’t resist Ian’s attentions as he stirs throbbing urges she’s never felt before. Ian is bewitched by the wild delights offered by this vampire siren. He can’t get enough of her. Still, her wicked sisters and his highland brothers want nothing more than to attack and kill each other. Will Sorcha and Ian’s sizzling passion prove strong enough to overcome the differences between the dark fey and humans?

Murdina, a dark vampiric fey, hunts the Scottish Highlands for a man, but not for blood—Murdina wants love. She spots Cameron playing the bagpipes, and when a strong wind lifts his kilt, she takes a good look and decides he’s the one.

When Cameron meets a beautiful, mysterious woman who dances the Highland fling for him, his blood boils for her. Soon Murdina and Cameron are doing more than dancing. Wrapped in each other’s arms, they discover true love, but their time together is limited before Murdina’s fey sisters cross the portal to steal her back and probably kill him. Is their love strong enough to overcome the threat her sisters pose to Murdina’s heart and to Cameron’s life?

Calin has had fantasies about the vampiric fey, Ever’s, warm, curvaceous body ever since they danced a year ago. When they meet again he waste no time in claiming and capturing her.  Once the sun rises, Ever can’t leave the earthly realm and is bound by fey lore to the human, Calin. Though he has saved her from the sun, things get pretty hot in his arms. His love making excites her like no fey man’s  ever has but she’s consumed with the vow she made to her sisters to not leave them for a mortal man. She fights her feelings for Calin and seeks help from goddess Morrigan.

The goddess has feelings of her own for the tall, muscular mortal so she frees Ever to return underhill. It isn’t until Ever’s back with her sisters that she realizes her heart is still held captive by Calin. When Calin spurns Morrigan’s attentions, the goddess’s lust turns to vengeance. With Ever out of his reach, underhill, and a goddess shape shifting into different beasts to hunt and kill him, Calin McDuff must risk his life and fight all odds to be with the woman he loves.  

Here is a cover reveal for Once Dance With A Vampire, book four in the Dancing Vampire series. Coming in 2014.

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