Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Working, Working...

It's been just over a month since I quit my part-time "day job" to write full-time. I'm truly blessed to have the support and encouragement of my husband, who told me that it's well past time for me to treat writing like a career and make it my top priority (after my daughters and him, of course!) The wonderful man even said he would take a part-time retail job on top of his full-time job to help me pay the few bills my income needs to cover, if it came to that.

I am, of course, determined not to let it come to that. After only a month, it's too soon to tell whether my more intensive promotion efforts are paying off or whether the additional time available for writing will result in better books. But I feel so much more confident and positive about it all that it has to show a return somehow!

Meanwhile, I've been working on a new male/male romance novel about two young guys in a club band. Friends since childhood, Shane and Thaniel have never been willing to admit their feelings for each other. Until now. But will Thaniel's coming out and their new relationship jeopardize Love Like Vampires, the band they've taken from Thaniel's basement to opening for one of the biggest names in rock?

Just for fun, here's a short unedited excerpt from Love Like Vampires, my current work in progress:

“Thaniel.” Shane pressed his lips together. His expression gave away absolutely nothing.
“We—” Thaniel cleared his throat. “I need to talk to you.”
“Yeah? You going to shove me into a wall again?” Shane’s eyes narrowed. “I think that pretty much said it all.”
“That said you shocked the fuck out of me.” Thaniel’s voice rose. “You can’t just say something like that and think I’m going to know how to react right that second!”
“I didn’t think you’d shove me.” Shane’s voice was dead calm. He folded his arms. “I freaked you out. I get it. So if you’re going to go off on me—”
“Will you please shut the hell up and let me talk?” Thaniel clenched his fists. “You get to just say what you said and not let me answer?”
“You had your chance to answer. You shoved me.”
Stubborn asshole. Kicked puppy or not, Shane had stone inside him. Thaniel had always known that. And just like a stone, Shane was difficult as hell to move when he set his mind on something.
A steel vise closed on Thaniel’s chest. The conversation was not going anywhere near the way he wanted. Not that he had a fucking clue what he wanted.
“I’m going back inside,” Shane said in the same dead voice. “You coming in or what?”
Without giving himself time to think, Thaniel grabbed the front of Shane’s shirt and yanked him forward. Shane grunted out something that might have been a protest, but before he could form a complete word, Thaniel crushed his mouth against Shane’s.
The kiss was heat and fire and everything Thaniel had dreamed it would be. Hunger raged through him, and he pushed Shane against the door frame, pinning him with his own body. Shane’s tongue found his, and the kiss deepened.
Thaniel’s cock hardened, throbbing against the too-tight jeans he’d worn to show off for all the little pretties in the audience. He shoved forward, making damn good and sure Shane wouldn’t miss that bulge.

Shane moaned against Thaniel’s mouth and thrust his hips forward. His hard cock rubbed against Thaniel’s, and even through the denim the heat and need sent Thaniel’s arousal skyrocketing. He had to have this man. It was too fucking late to deny it. He didn’t only want Shane. He fucking needed him.


Tina Donahue said...

What an awesome husband you have, Karenna! He's definitely a keeper. :)

Willa Edwards said...

That's awesome Karenna. What a great guy you've got there. You're truly lucky. I'm sure you'll make it work. You definitely have the determination to do so.

KarennaC said...

Thanks, Tina and Willa :) I am definitely blessed to have the husband I have. And I'm doing my best to work hard, work smart, and reach my goals.