Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Why write erotic romance?

I work multiple part-time jobs, and many of the women I work with know I write romance novels.  If they don't change the subject right away, or look aghast and make some comment about how they don't know anyone who reads "that sort of thing", I'll answer any questions they may have.

 Some want to know how I think up all of the characters and plots.  Honestly, I have no idea.  I used to think that everyone walked around with voices in their head, telling them stories, playing out scenes for their private amusement.  But then I was a voracious reader as a child, so I started out with other author's images in my head.  Growing my own was a natural progression.

Others ask me why romance novels...why not mysteries or historical novels.  Once again, because I don't choose the stories my brain creates for me.  I get the germ of an idea then run with it.  I get ideas from dreams quite often.  I also get them from daydreams, or time spent looking off into space while I'm "resting" in-between my jobs.

But the question I get the most is "why erotic?"  One woman I work with pestered me until I gave her a book to read(she kept ignoring my hints that she could buy one from me), then she read it quickly and brought it to work and left it on a counter for others to read.  I finally asked her what she thought of it.  She looked extremely uncomfortable and told me that she didn't like all of the graphic sex in it.  Now this is a woman who often buts into conversations with anecdotes that involve how hot and exciting her sex life is.  But she found the sex scenes between a man and woman falling in love to be "too much".  She said that she prefers male authors who tell a great story, but the sex is only hinted at, because after all, "I know what they're doing...there's no need to read about the details." 

But see, to me, the interest is IN the details!  I want to know how sex was for them when they first met.  I want to know at what point in their relationship the man decided that she was "the one", and began to plan how to convince her that the only man she would ever need was him. I want to know how they please each other.  Why?  I read years ago that the average man is supposed to think about sex every few minutes.  Uh...so do I.  I see attractive men and I wonder, "What's he like?"  I see a couple together and wonder, "What do they do to pleasure each other?"  I see an elderly couple and wonder, "Do they still?  If not, why not?"  I'm not going to apologize for thinking about sex so often, since it's an intrinsic part of me and always has been.  I don't judge people who don't think about sex quite so often, so don't judge me.  Viva la difference

I have written some books with plots that involve more than the couple falling in love.  My two
Mayan Vampire books involve a new "take" on vampires, as well as an alien invasion.  My two female secret agent books that just got released as a 2-in-1 eBook edition involve suspenseful plots with dangerous elements that the alpha-females have to overcome, while they're falling in love.  But what it boils down to is that I write the kinds of books I like to read.  I like strong, self-confident heroines and equally strong, self-confident heroes.  I want them to clash while they are falling in love.  I want it to be a surprise to them when it happens.  I want lots of hot sex while they're falling in love.  And yes, I want a happily-ever-after ending.  I want to enjoy "being" them while I read, and I want to feel satisfied when I'm done reading.  Or writing.

How about you?  Do you write what you want to read? Do you read in the genre that you write?

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Tina Donahue said...

Loved your post, Fiona. I have always had scenes in my head, heard my characters speak, lived their lives. I'm simply writing down the fantasies in my mind when I write a book.

How alike we are. Long lost sisters perhaps? :)

Harlie Reader said...

Hi Fiona! I love the cover of Only One Man Will Do. :)

Great post and it really depends on my mood at the time about how much sex I want to read about. Some books are so good that the sex isn't needed. That said, I've read books were the only good thing about it was the sex.


Fiona McGier said...

Yes, Tina. I figured there are
others who "hear voices", but who can still function in normal life. No need for straight-jackets, folks...move along, nothing to see here. I don't hear any more voices than the NEXT author...heh, heh.

Harlie, I love the cover! This is one of the hottest books I've written! I let the characters "tell" me how much sex is involved with them falling in love, and the red-headed biker queen who terrorized Raul is gonna take a whole lotta persuasion before she agrees that "Only One Man Will Do".
He'll expect her to give up screwing the bikers in her gang, and she's not ready for that...yet.

Fran Lee said...

I write what I love to read...I couldn't do it half as well if it was a subject I didn't love, myself.