Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Hot New Release & a Tale of Inspiration

When Noble Publishing it left me orphaned w/my paranormal romance, Marek's New World. It was reacquired by Tirgearr Publishing, and on Monday 10/28/13 it was released as a single title - a werewolf tale just in time for Halloween/Samhain (which is also my 16th wedding anniversary).

Marek was originally created from a dare. In 2006 Duality won the WisRWA Fab 5 Silver Quill Award, and I met one of the first-round judges, author Donna Marie Rogers. When TWRP had their Got Wolf? contest, Donna told me I should write something to enter. I told her I didn't do short. (Duality is 108K.) She dared me to try, so I did. I wanted to do something different than the usual urban fantasy/paranormal romance.

I've always been drawn to nature. It's just easier to breathe in the woods. My Morab Sassy and me still go riding on the weekends (wearing very glamorous Day-Glo yellow vests & saddle pads to ward off hunters). When I was in high school, we had to take a test that categories interests & skills into career choices, and one of mine was "park/forest ranger." Although that didn't happen to ME, my heroine Cheyenne IS with the US Forestry Service. A white wolf shifter and guardian of the natural world.

My grandma & I went to Yellowstone Park when I was 13. It was an amazing trip. We also went to Washington (state) every few years to see her youngest brother Ken, and drove through Montana and Idaho. When I wrote Marek, I set it in Kootenai National Forest (NW MT/NE ID)--an absolutely gorgeous place. I loved the name and I loved doing the research into a new place. Someday I'm going to go and see for myself. Turns out my Tirgearr editor, Maudeen, used to live in the area--how small a world do we live in?

So now, about Marek's New World, the story. It's a 27K novella, what I call a "contemporary rural paranormal" romance and has a strong environmental theme. I wanted a "girl next door" pretty heroine, and a Native American hero. Enter Amanda Tapping and Rick Mora as Cheyenne & Marek. You can check out my Pinterest board at http://www.pinterest.com/reneewildes/marek/

When park ranger Cheyenne Rafferty’s truck is destroyed by an earthquake, she doesn't think her day can get any worse. Until she runs afoul of a demon from the ancient past - and the compelling warrior who followed it forward in time.

Hero Marek awakens 2000 years in the future, to a world all but incomprehensible. Sent to teach modern warriors to combat the Reynak, he now finds the demon the only thing familiar. His people and their epic struggle have been lost to the passage of time. The only one willing to help him is a daughter of the earth, a beautiful shifter woman with the heart of a wolf.

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I have high hopes for my new baby Phoenix!


Tina Donahue said...

Congrats on your newest release, Renee!! I love the story line. Very intriguing. :)

Tirgearr Publishing said...

Thank you for hosting Renee Wildes today. We're all very excited about this story.

Renee Wildes said...

thanks Tina!
Chey and Marek were a fun couple to work with! Looking forward to doing 2 more titles for a trilogy - w/Cheyenne's brother Brady and her boss Kane!

jean hart stewart said...

Sounds like the start of a great new series.....congratulations...

Fiona McGier said...

I keep trying to get the husband to agree to retire up in the northwoods somewhere. That is, IF we ever get to retire! I love the forests, the fresh air, and the clean lake water!