Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Taking the Hint-Finally

Several years ago I was sitting in the jury box at the county courthouse, wondering when the defense attorney would dismiss me. While I’d been called for jury duty several times, I’d not been selected to serve—most likely because I spent twenty-eight of my thirty-eight years of State employment working for public safety (read law enforcement) agencies. I’ve never been sworn or carried a weapon, but defense attorneys figure if you worked for them, you must be on their side.

Anyway, since the case was being tried in criminal court, the prospective jurors had to fill out a voire dire—a questionnaire about our backgrounds and how much we knew about presumed guilty versus innocence.

After the attorneys finished questioning me, the judge said, “I see, Ms. Brice, that you’re an author. Would you like to share what you write?”

You need to know that I was probably the oldest person in the courtroom and I could feel my whole face heat. Still, I proudly responded, “Yes, your honor, I write erotic romances.”

Everyone, including the judge, laughed.

A sister erotic romance author—also a seasoned citizen—was recently featured on a national TV program about our publisher. She writes even hotter than I do and will tell you her age without hesitation. Me? Until recently, I’ve been stuck in denial. (Me? That’s not for me. That’s for some old person!)

I don’t have any idea what my friend’s sales are, but with some +/- 130 books published, she’s doing something right! So maybe it’s time for me to take advantage of my years of living. Maybe I should bill myself as a “Senior Citizen Who Scribbles Steamy Stories.”

What do you think?

BTW, my twentieth release—Temptress of Time—releases in print on December 25, 2013. Buy yourself a belated holiday present and stay warm with my steamy ménage/time travel.


Tina Donahue said...

I LOVE the cover of your book, Dee. It's gorgeous. Hope this one burns up the net with sales!! :)

Fran Lee said...

Your books never fail to warm up the nights, girl...whoot!