Wednesday, September 18, 2013



I'll be signing both of these books at Ellora's Cave annual conference. Are you going to RomantiCon? if you are, make sure you stop by and say hi.

This is an anthology of EC for Men stories. My story is Switch Me Up.
“You use all that stuff?” His eyes bugged out when she slapped a paddle against her palm before laying it with the rest of the toys.
“Yep. I do.” She swung her gaze to him. “It’s lots of fun.”
“And painful.”
“Like I said, fun.”
“Sure.” And goddamn if the thrill of the unknown that lay before him didn’t turn him on more.
“Don’t worry. We don’t have to use all this stuff. I simply brought it along just in case. You never can tell what someone will like until you get right down to it.”
He started to get up and she faced him. “Stay there.”
Steve halted. She was telling him what to do. Strangely though, he didn’t seem to mind and decided he’d go with the flow. If things got out of hand, then he’d put a stop to it. There were safe words for these sorts of thing, he knew that much.
“Now, I’m going to get ready for you.” She slowly undid the tiny buttons down the front of her top until she could pull the edges aside, revealing her magnificent boobs cradled in a very sexy bra.
Steve swallowed and licked his lips.
“Do you want me to take off my top?” She turned sideways and glanced over her shoulder at him, raising it before pushing her finger under the collar. “Tell me. You need to answer when I ask you a question.”
Steve nodded. “Y-yes.” He hated how his voice sounded, faltering and unsure, because he was sure. Take it off, baby!

My story in this anthology is Keep 'em Coming.
Ravyn panted with anticipation. Deep, pumping music pounded in her belly and she eyed the strippers with glee. No way was she going to miss her chance for a lap dance. Na-uh. She’d spent far too many years in therapy trying to get over this fucked-up phobia. Even trolling quadruple-X-rated websites to get used to seeing a naked peen had been nerve-racking. But now she was ready. Ravyn had prepped herself for tonight for over a month now. It had to work. She sat in her chair like a kindergarten kid with her hand straight in the air. Waving it like a freak. They had to see her. They simply had to!
The penis is my friend.
“Okay, ladies, if the spotlight finds you, then get up onstage or you might miss the chance of a lifetime.” Mack, the manager of Keep ’em Coming strip club was onstage trying to whip the women into a frenzy.
Rayvn’s eyes looked around the room and panic filled her. She simply had to have this lap dance! She sat taller and couldn’t keep quiet.
“Oh, oh, oh, oh,” she shouted. “Me! Me.” She stared at Mack, willing him to look at her. Sending mind messages for him to pick her. She needed this dance.

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And a little treat for your viewing pleasure. Cavemen!


Tina Donahue said...

Love this series! Great looking guys too. :)

Fiona McGier said...

Ooh-la-la! Eye candy to start my day! Yummy! Have fun at the conference. I've never been able to afford to attend one, but someday...