Monday, September 9, 2013

More Werewolves!

Because of much randomness in July and August, I had scheduled my August post here well in advance, and so wasn't aware that my latest M/M paranormal romance novel Try the Tofu would be released August 1. And even though I obviously became aware of the fact in time to have changed my August post... well, did I mention there was much randomness?

Sometimes life really interferes with this whole writing thing!

But anyway, Try the Tofu is the fifth book (fourth full-length novel) in my M/M paranormal series Real Werewolves Don't Eat Meat, from MLR Press. All of the previous books were narrated by Kyle Slidell, the world's only vegan werewolf as far as anyone in the stories knows, but for Try the Tofu I felt like maybe it was time for Kyle's mate Tobias Rogan, Alpha of the smallest pack in the United States, to tell his side. And readers agreed, so in this novel we find out what Tobias thinks of Kyle and of everything going on around them.

Try the Tofu is available from MLR Press. Here's the blurb and a short excerpt:

As he and his mate Kyle Slidell prepare to travel to Pennsylvania for the twice-yearly regional Alpha gathering, Tobias Rogan knows something will go wrong. His fears are proven correct when a visiting werewolf from another region challenges Arkhon Zane Wolfskin for leadership of the Northeast--and wins.
Tobias and his allies learn the challenge was part of a larger plan to destroy their region, and Tobias will not allow it to happen. But can he defeat the new Arkhon and take charge of the region himself?
Javier looked around the circle at the stony faces of all the alphas. None of them met his gaze, and none gave any indication they would be pleased about filling the role. He swallowed hard and faced me again. “I give my challenger the right to choose.”
A ripple of sound ran through the alphas, but they quieted almost immediately. Javier should have chosen his proxy, but he didn’t know whom among the alphas he could trust. Still, his passing the choice to me would be seen as another show of weakness on his part.
I had to win this fight. No matter what it took, and no matter how hard the Anax tried to prevent it, I had to win.
“I choose Christian Brown, Alpha of Easternmost Pack, to give the signal and ensure the fight runs to protocol,” I said, loudly and clearly so there would be no mistake.
Christian was behind me, so I missed the expression on his face. His tone gave away his astonishment. “I accept the role you have given me, Tobias.”
I managed not to sigh with relief. Whatever Christian decided as proxy, the other alphas would be unlikely to argue. Christian was vocal and abrasive about those he disliked, so it was no secret he didn’t approve of me or of Javier. He was probably the least biased person present.
“I accept Christian Brown as moderator and proxy,” Javier said slowly.
Christian came up beside us. He looked at me with a question in his gaze, and I looked back with what I hoped was complete neutrality. I couldn’t risk giving anything away.
He hesitated. “Shift and wait for my signal to begin.”
Javier and I removed our clothing and began the process of going wolf. I hated shifting, but I had trained myself well. Taking wolf form hurt like hell, but I’d learned not to let the pain get to me too much. As alpha, I couldn’t afford much recovery time after a shift. As challenger in this fight, I could afford even less.
In my white-furred form, I stood and faced my enemy. He had not yet completed his shift, and his pain was evident and appealing. I smelled blood and fear and forced myself to be still. I could not attack until word was given.
But I would taste my enemy’s blood. He was weaker and more frightened, and he could not defeat me.
Finally he stood before me, fully wolf except the too-human panic racing through his mind. That I felt that emotion from him didn’t surprise me. He was Arkhon, in name if not power, and a bond existed though he had not solidified it as he should have.
I looked at the human-shaped alpha beside me. On his word, I would kill the enemy or die in the attempt. My legs twitched as I held myself back from the fight. I didn’t want to wait. I wanted to kill.
“Begin,” the human said.
Despite my desire to fight, I held back, waiting for my enemy to make the first move. He did the same, and I smelled confusion. I had challenged, and he didn’t understand why I wasn’t acting on it.
Finally he came for me.
I let him knock me to the ground but rolled us so I had him pinned. Reaching along my bonds to mate and pack, I drew as much strength as I was able. The enemy struggled and managed to shake free, but his next move, a bite aimed at my bad leg, merely gave me another opportunity to take him down.
From somewhere, he, too, pulled strength and continued fighting. Blood flew and I was dimly aware of pain in my chest and bad leg. I tasted blood without being fully aware of where my teeth had landed on his body.
A sudden desire hit me to lie down. To end the fight now before I was hurt. I was no ruler. I should give up and let Javier take the win.
I obeyed for only a moment or two. Urgency surged along my mate bond and I remembered what Kyle had told me. I didn’t have to obey anyone. I was strong and powerful, and the only one I had to obey was myself.


Tina Donahue said...

Congrats on your newest release, Karenna - sounds like another winner! :)

KarennaC said...

Thanks, Tina!

Emily said...

I love this series, can't wait to read the newest addition!