Saturday, September 7, 2013

Harlie's going back to work...

Yes, its true.  Harlie is having to find a job outside the home.  I haven't worked outside the home since June 2012, so this should be interesting.  I'm almost looking forward to it and in some ways, I'm not.

Being a stay at home is the BEST job that I have ever had but blogging doesn't pay the bills and since I'm being rejected left and right with my writing, its time to go back to work.  Oh, don't worry about me.  I'll still blog/review/write but I'm getting a bit restless at home.  You can only clean so much and volunteer at the school.  Our son is a 3rd grader now and he's schedule is filling up fast.

Here are some things that I miss about working outside the home:

1.  Talking to adults and having adult conversations.  Yes, I talk online but I miss that time around the coffee pot in the morning.

2.  The routine.  Most days, I take our son in whatever shorts/pants/shirt I can find and then come home.  Once I'm at home, its off to promo, blog, write a review and answer emails.  Most days, I don't get into the shower until almost 10 am.  After that, its house cleaning and then BAM...I'm done for the day.

3.  Fixing my hair and wearing makeup.  I'm a girlie girlie (believe it or not) and I miss looking "pretty".  My cousin told me when I was 13, never waste mascara and I don't.

4.  The money.  Yes, I said it...the money.  Every little bit helps in this economy.  Again, I don't make money with the blogs and I spend an awful lot of time blogging.  Too bad, I can't make any money.

Here are some things that I will miss being at stay at home mom:

1.  Being online.  Yep, I check FB/Twitter all day but I do have other things to do.

2.  Watching bad television.  Yep, I watch my guilty pleasures when no one is around.

3.  Having lunch with my son at school.  He loves it when I come up there.

4.  I'm not stressed out anymore and I found out that work is a stress trigger for me.  I know, Catch-22 for me.

So there you have it.  I would love to still stay at home and work but until I get paid for blogging or someone has a great job that I can do at home, its off to the workplace again.


Tina Donahue said...

Hope you find what you're looking for at work.

My dream is to quit my EDJ.

Harlie Reader said...

Thanks Tina. I will still being online and do my thing but the restless feeling will not go away. Everyday when I get caught up, I stare at the walls.

Don't get me wrong, I love staying home but I need to be doing something else. Its a Catch-22.

I prayed to be able to NOT work outside the home again but I think its time again.


Liberty Ann Ireland said...

If it is good for you, then I am good with it. I will miss my friend
/counselor/confidant. <3

jean hart stewart said...

Hope this is an instance of fate taking and hand and opening new doors for you.

Fiona McGier said...

At least it's only been a year or so for you since you worked, I presume full-time? I quit my full-time sales job to have my first son, ans he's 25 now. I had 3 more in the next 4 years. When the youngest was 2, husband told me we needed $ so I got a p/t job in retail, which morphed into running the store's liquor dept. for the next 9 years (lots of heavy lifting which I actually enjoyed more than the customer contact-anyone who likes people hasn't worked retail!), but I blew out both shoulders and will have trouble with them forever. I tried home daycare, but as the kids got older, switched to school lunch-mom during the day, running the dept at night. When they got old enough, I started subbing, thinking to segue back into teacher after making some contacts. That was 11 years ago and I'm still subbing, though in different districts. And I work retail at night.

I like being with high school kids, though I really wish I got to teach them something, rather than just keeping them in their chairs as a sub. I dislike the sporadic work and the low pay.

I HATE my night retail job. The people I work with are okay, but I lose a bit of my soul every time I have to walk in there to wait on rude customers who expect me to clean up after them. My dream is to be able to quit ASAP, but I've been there for almost 3 years already and still have 2 kids in college, so chances are it will be another couple of years before I can.

If anyone lied to you about making big money with your writing, you should slap them silly. None of us are making enough to NOT work another job(s). It's sad but true that there are a very few who make it really big, just like in any other entertainment field, and the rest of us toil away in obscurity. But labor away we do, because our muses tell us to.

Good luck with finding something that you'll at least be able to tolerate...maybe even look forward to. And hoping you'll get a salary that is more than minimum wage so you won't feel insulted by every paycheck. And keep in touch!