Tuesday, August 13, 2013

My internal clock is on the fritz...

I thought today was the 12th...

So I didn't get this blog post up until I got a cattle prod in my butt from Tina...LOL! I'll try to look at my calendar more often in future.

Sigh...Have you ever gotten a terribly poor review on a book after getting only great ones from other reviewers on the very same book? It had me totally depressed last night. Of course, the book got some excellent reviews after its release...reviews from most of the big review sites. Most of the reviewers raved about the great characters and the great plot, etc. But this lady couldn't find anything at all redeeming in it. Even trashed the characters for being stupid and insipid. Sigh.  I suppose everyone has their own ideas about what a good book should be.

When I reviewed books back in 2008 through 2010, I never totally trashed a book. In fact, if I couldn't say even one small thing good about it, I didn't give my opinion. After all, someone worked damn hard on that book, and put a great deal of thought into it. 

Now, I know that readers all have their own ideas about what they enjoy in a read...and I can easily accept that someone didn't enjoy this one. It just feels like a knife in the gut when someone hates the book. Sob.

I used to wait in frozen terror until those first reviews came in...hoping I didn't get a minus 3 and a sour apple patch to put on my website. And a couple of my books didn't do terribly well in reviews, but they still got a good solid middle of the road rating. 

I certainly don't want to display this particular review on my web page...but I will take it to heart when I write in the future. I won't let it be a stumbling block. I am only sad that I couldn't do anything right in this reviewer's eyes.

Thank heavens I still have a sense of humor... :P


Fran Lee



Fiona McGier said...

One of my favorite sayings that I made up and that my kids hated because I said it so much when they were young: One person's yuck is another person's yum.

All we can hope for is that those for whom we are "yuck", don't write reviews much. And those who think we are "yum" have much-visited review blogs! Right?

Fran Lee said...

Yup. Thanks, sweetie!

Tina Donahue said...

I don't read reviews of books until I've actually read the book. It's always interesting to me to see what others thought of the same work.

When I finished "The Lovely Bones" which I thought was excellent (cried like a baby through many parts of it), I was astonished at the one-star ratings on Amazon. So many of the readers honed in on the 'sex' scene between the dead girl and the guy she'd liked from school. They claimed the scene was salacious, unnecessary. I saw it as heartbreaking. All the things this young girl missed because a creep took her life. So sad.

I've written books that were praised, then soundly trashed as soon as the praise hit the net. Can't please everyone. I don't even try.