Thursday, August 1, 2013

From My Sickbed

Hello Folks,
I had a lovely handwritten post for you which I will simply have to use next month. I tried to type it and I simply couldn't. You see, for the last several weeks I've had some weird allergic skin reaction. I was proud I went to the doctor because that isn't what I do. Then my children went to stay with their father for an extended stay. This will be the longest they've ever been away from me. I have no focus right now and my allergies seemed to worsen. I've been taking Benadryl and it has had me sleeping for most of each day.

Then I made the mistake of eating bad Chinese food. I know I have food poisoning. I've had it before. I didn't go to the hospital then either. Don't say it. I know I have a problem with hospitals. So as you can imagine, I'm tired, cranky and determined to try to get some sleep.

So, instead of the post I wanted to write, I will spotlight my new release coming out on August 14, 2013 from Ellora's Cave Publishing, Inc. The cover is another beautiful one from Syneca. I think I've been pretty lucky with covers. Without further ado;

Unofficial Blurb:
Earth freedom fighter, Shunyuan, vows to rid Earth of its alien oppressors even as he is abducted into space to be a slave. Rescued by a band of female pirates, he agrees to sexually pleasure their lovely captain in return for help returning to Earth. He never expected to end up the beautiful alien’s mate—or to find bliss in her arms.

Captain Acia must use a man’s body for sex during the seven days of her fervor or suffer debilitating pain.  She makes a deal with Shunyuan, never imagining he is the one man in the cosmos she will be united with forever. She finds herself bound to a mate who wants to return to his world—without her.

The mate bond and sizzling passion tie them together even as Shunyuan’s duty to Earth’s rebellion threatens to tear them apart?

I hope I'm better by the time this goes live. How do you deal with being ill? Do you go to the doctor at the first sign of trouble, try to self treat or not go at all?



Tina Donahue said...

Sorry you're feeling so poorly, Stormie - hope things get better soon.

Love your newest cover! :)

jean hart stewart said...

Hope you feel better VERY soon. Great cover...No, I don't go to a doctor until it's so imperative even I know it. Have friends who do just the opposite and I like my way better.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Tina and Jean,
I'm on the mend. I will definitely be more careful with my food choices.

Fiona McGier said...

I go when I think the Dr. can do some good. I get all of my yearly check-ups, like the "smash and flash", and I've even had one "dope and scope". I've had multiple bouts of physical therapy, so I say if something hurts to distraction, get it checked out! But I'm not a pill-popper, so keep those meds to yourself!

Hope you feel better soon. Sounds like a lot to deal with at once!