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Tying your partner down should be an erotic art form! Shibari is the Real Deal!

Getting tied down to someone has a slightly different meaning to it than getting tied FOR someone. Or to someone. Or by someone.

But when being tied and enjoying the hours' long process is an art form, just what are we talking about here? And why it is erotic?

With a masters in Chinese and Japanese history and having lived in Japan for two years, I can tell you that kinbaku, the erotic art of binding with rope, is the Real Deal for yummy bondage with rope.

TIE ME DOWN, my second in my KNIGHTS IN BLACK LEATHER series, stars Case Turner who is a shibari master.

And just what is shibari?

Shibari, an ancient Japanese art form developed from samurai warriors, is the act of tying someone up. But it is not simply using a rope, tying a few knots and calling it a day. It is an expressive art form, used by 16th and 17th century samurai who lived in a feudal society where constant warfare among clans was the norm.

The use of tying up captured samurai from other clans was practical. These Japanese warriors had no prisons and did not wish to build any. Warfare in this period was fast, bloody and decisive. This meant that a samurai, who was bound by a code called bushido (Way of the Warrior) must honor his prisoners according to their rank.

But how could a samurai do that with only rope as his medium?

The warriors developed a system of tying up their opponents in various positions that would incapacitate them. The positions would also show their subjugation to their conquerors. And to distinguish among the prisoners their rank, the warrior created a system of knots and positions that showed to anyone within their armies how valuable this particular prisoner was.

This system of showing honor and respect as well as social rank transformed in the late 18th and 19th centuries into the erotic bondage displays that today we call Kinbaku.

ROPE ME IN, #1 in my bondage,
western, a quatre!
Just as shibari has codes of conduct, so too does Kinbaku, erotic bondage:
1. Bind the prisoner so that he/she may not slip his bonds.

2. Bind the prisoner is such a way that you not cause any physical or mental injury.

3. Create a result that is beautiful to behold.
The fourth rule is optional and is at the decision of the rope master, the Nawashi: Do not allow others to see the process of making the knots.

A Nawashi (rope artist) ties his subject into various poses, all of which show respect and honor to the subject and the master. The subject must practice total submission to the Nawashi and this requires not only practice but patience and concentration.  The art of working the ropes in a demonstration can take hours.

The result is a beautiful tableau or picture of a naked body bound in (usually) fine jute. Binding a female, a Nawashi uses the rope and knots to accentuate the curves and hollows of his subject’s hair, arms, legs, toes, fingers, breasts and genitalia. The more skilled the Nawashi, the more finely he can separate each part of his subject’s body and display it in erotic forms. Displaying a male subject can also be done, this time displaying the male body and even arranging the penis and testicles in artful manners. The reward of the Nawashi to his subject for an excellent submission and performance can be sexual intimacy and gratification. This can be done in public or in private as part of after care to the submissive or subject.

Prequel to ROPE ME IN and TIE ME DOWN
is my story of a Comanche who ties down
his Anglo captive bride!
Among the most beautiful expressions of Kinbaku are the separation of the female labia. This is done, as you might expect, very carefully by expert Nawashi. The rope usually goes in some fashion around the waist, then loops over the labia, either opening the lips to full view or suppressing them to display their plumpness. Those Nawashi who are superbly qualified may also spread the labia to display the clitoris. Either the clitoris is exposed and in that exhibition gratifies the Nawashi and his subject by protruding or it is covered and thereby stimulated in that fashion.

A female’s subject’s breasts are often bound to display their erotic beauty. Here, they can be bound in ever so many ways with the use of a multitude of stylized knots. All are lovely and expose the suppleness of the breasts in marvelous artistic ways.

Comment here and tell us if you would ever consider being bound by a shibari master!
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