Saturday, July 20, 2013


I heard rumblings on Facebook and Twitter about some romance writing conference going on somewhere or another. Atlanta, I think. I’ve been there…Atlanta, that is. Long time ago. Hot, if I remember correctly. I visited the Coca Cola museum. It really happened. I have photos. 

What are writers Tweeting and Facebooking about this conference? Workshops, networking and pitching story ideas to editors. Plenty of whispers of lunch meetings with agents. Book signings and parties, dresses and shoes. Mostly dresses and shoes for some award ceremony.  

Speaking of award ceremonies, I’m writing this blog (last) Thursday night as the Passionate Ink RWA party, Mild to Wild: Flavors of Kink, is in full swing in Atlanta. Sounds like a wicked and wild soirée, to say the least. Sorry I'm missing it. I have two novellas in the Passionate Plume contest being announced (or not) during the festivities. Would I like to be there? Sure. I’d love to hear my name heralded—win or lose—along with the titles of my books, Passion Pill and Blind Passion. *Sigh* I saw a tweet proclaiming the winner and it wasn’t me, but I still would have loved to be there. 

Anyone else hear of this little Romance Writers of America conference? Are you attending? Wish you were there?  Here are my lovelies to help console us.

Passion Pill blurb: 

Millie has a big problem. She’s never experienced the big O before, even with a doting boyfriend who loves her like crazy. If she can’t be Tom’s partner in every way—emotionally, spiritually and physically—Millie resigns herself to setting him free to find the total package. But then a last chance comes in the form of a little pink pill.

Tom’s wary about Millie taking drugs to enhance her libido, but he wants her to experience every sensation mind-blowing sex can deliver. Soon the passion pills take them on a wild ride, but they both know that sooner or later the drug trial will end and the pills will stop coming. Perhaps Millie will, too.

Blind Passion blurb: 

Nicole Adkins’ silly crush on her neighbor is slowly starting to resemble a sick obsession that’s escalating out of control. After months of watching him from afar, she’s resorted to orchestrating accidental elevator encounters and bumbling through rehearsed conversations that go terribly wrong.

Salvatore Lopez keeps his distance. Not just with Nicki, with everyone. To him she is nothing but a pleasant smelling, sexy sounding blur in a rotating rainbow of different colored clothes. He’s attracted and intrigued by his neighbor, but fears he’s nothing more than a charity case to her because he’s legally blind.

Sal being blind is one of the things Nicki likes most about him. She can watch him risk-free from her apartment, fantasize about sensual encounters. Most of all she can pretend he watches her from his apartment. He’s the perfect man to indulge all her dark fantasies. If he regains his sight, will that be the beginning or the end of a beautiful romance?


jean hart stewart said...

Intriguing concept...I love highly original themes....

Tina Donahue said...

Have fun, Kelli!! :)

Fiona McGier said...

One of my books has a blind hero also. It was hard to figure out how the heroine could attract the hero, since she was used to her sexy body getting her attention. She had to work on another level with that man. And since he had been hurt badly in the past, he was gun-shy also. But ultimately true love prevailed!

I'd love to be able to afford to attend conferences. Alas, my royalties don't being to cover things like that...yet. Maybe someday.