Monday, July 1, 2013


I love action movies. If the choice in movies is mine, I will choose a superhero, sci-fi, or paranormal jam packed film almost every time. When the movies hit cable I will watch them over and over. My firstborn asked me the other day how many times I was going to watch I, Robot.
I love almost everything about an action packed movie. I love the high octane nature of the actors and actresses, the fight sequences and the quests which usually are inherent in this type of film. I desperately love that flawed good guys and gals can redeem themselves. I’m happy to be alive in a time when movie makers have the technology to realistically bring these fantastic situations to life.
I watched The Expendables (a good movie even though Jet Li doesn’t have a bigger part) the other day and realized what I don’t love about them.
While the hero/antihero or heroine/antiheroine is engaged in a high speed chase or
escaping a pursuer by knocking over fruit carts in a market, he or she is also harming or killing innocent bystanders. I know it is just a movie, but the point of watching is to suspend belief in the real world and enter the world of the movie. Just like you do when reading a book.
            So when a car gets rammed out of the way, I think, was there a family in it? When a building of militants gets blown up, I think, what about the kitchen staff?
            I know I won’t stop watching these films despite what my conscience says. I saw Babylon AD yesterday and I’m watching AVP: Alien vs. Predator while I write this post. However, I do think about these questions as I watch.
            What about you? Do you like action/sci-fi/paranormal movies? What do you think about innocent bystander violence? Do you feel the same way when you read an action packed book?


Tina Donahue said...

I loved the first Matrix - watch it again and again and never get bored. Just the right amount of action/romance/mainstream elements.

Fiona McGier said...

I LOVE action movies! First movie date husband ever took me on was to see Conan the Barbarian with Ah-nold (dating myself, aren't I?) and we sat on the roof of his car drinking beer, watching as heads rolled across the huge Drive-In screen and I said, "This is a great flick!" Husband says that's when he knew I was "a keeper"!

I don't allow concern for the bystanders to intrude on my enjoyment of the special effects. The only time it bothered me was watching the last Batman flick, because a woman hired as an extra really was disabled when a piece of equipment slammed into the glass of the car she was driving in a scene, and the lawsuits are still working their way through the courts, I think. That bothered me because it was real.

I really enjoy movies where the action is "cartoon-like", as in anything by Robert Rodriguez (we own the first Machete and can't wait for the sequel in the fall!) or anything with spies, especially with humor (I own the first RED and can't wait for that sequel coming out this summer!).

We have multiple sons and 1 daughter...my poor girl has to watch "chick flicks" either alone or with a friend, because Mom won't watch them! But she doesn't like to read my books, so I guess we're even. (Mom! You think about stuff like THAT all the time? EW!)

Stormie Kent said...

Tina, I love the Matrix movies also.

Fiona, I have a short movie/tv attention span. If something isn't happening on screen, my attention wanders. What your daughter said is funny. My daughter is a teen and I remind her that my work isn't something she can read until she is 18. Or maybe later than that.