Sunday, June 16, 2013

What's your favorite vacation destination?

Are you looking forward to vacation?  I certainly am!  While it's true I'm "only" working one job now, instead of two, I'm still spending time each day blogging, promoting, and of course, writing.  Vacation represents a chance to get away from wi-fi, from cell phone signals, and to enjoy the splendor of nature.

This year we didn't get a site along the Gunflint Trail north of Grand Marais, Minnesota.  But my husband says he booked us a site very close to there, and the pictures he saw on-line of the park we'll be in looked most inviting.  He picked both of the last two year's of sites from the internet pictures, and both years we had sites with water access, so he was able to unload the canoe from my truck, and tie it to a rock for the week we were staying there.  Whenever he got up earlier than the rest of us, he could go out and do some fishing.  Whenever anyone wanted to enjoy the lake, the canoe was already there waiting, just down a short trail from the campsite.  That's what we're looking forward to again.

In case you are wondering if you'd like my latest book that I set in the town of Grand Marais, For The Love Of His Life, it's been getting excellent reviews, starting of course, with Harlie's, "Holy crap I just read the best book of the year!" http://www.harliesbooks.com/posts/for-the-love-of-his-life-by-fiona-mcgier-reviewexcerptgiveaway/The most recent review mentioned how glad the reviewer was that I had the hero acknowledge his addiction to cocaine, and even though he tried, he fell off the wagon.  I try to add realism to every novel, and everyone I know who has ever fought any kind of addiction including myself with cigarettes years ago, knows that you will backslide...the point is not to let that make you give up. http://crystalsmanyreviews.blogspot.com/2013/05/for-love-of-his-life-by-fiona-mcgier.html?zx=ec16f6980bd9be60
But to me, this novel is a paean of love to the area up in the northern Minnesota Boundary Waters area as much as it is a love story.  Writing it helped me deal with my unhappiness at having to leave such glorious natural surroundings to have to return to my cramped suburban life where my ears don't hurt from the sound of absolute silence as I'm falling asleep, as much as they try to shut out the noise of the traffic at the stop sign on our block, and the freight trains that rumble by 24/7. 

I suppose everyone has their idea of the perfect vacation.  For some it's Vegas, or a cruise--for others it's the shopping sprees in huge cities like New York, or closer to me, Chicago.  But for me and my family, we can't wait to be up where the loons call all day and night, and we can learn to recognize their different calls.  Where we can actually see the stars at night, instead of straining our eyes past the grey omni-present glow from the city.  And where we can feel so close to God that we can reach our hands up and give thanks for the beauty of life.  I'll be posting my next month's blog early, since we'll already be up where the air is clean, the sky is brilliant blue, and the lakes are right there to be enjoyed.  Until then, please share with me: where do you look forward to going?  What kind of vacation is your favorite? Here's hoping wherever it is, that you get there soon!

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Tina Donahue said...

I'd like to go to Spain. Did a lot of research on Granada for an early historical I wrote. Fell in love with the country.

Hope you have a wonderful vacation, Fiona, you've certainly worked for it. :)

Fiona McGier said...

Do you speak español? I have a friend who years ago during her college days, spent a year living in Barcelona. She says she used to see Salvidor Dali wandering aimlessly around, talking to himself. She, like anyone else, learned to cross the street when they saw him coming.
And she had to deal with the Catalan dialect, so even though she was fluent in Spanish, she had some trouble adapting.

I've seen pictures and watched videos in classes I've subbed for, that show what a beautiful country Spain is, and what glorious food and drink they have to offer! It looks like a tourist's dream. I hope you get your wish and get to Spain soon, Tina.

jean hart stewart said...

I was lucky to have a traveled a lot when my husband was alive and being sent all over the world. Now I just love to get away to the desert and do nothing! Well, maybe a little writing and shopping!

Kelli Scott said...

I want to go to Italy and buy a Tuscan villa like in Under the Tuscan Sun and fix it up. But this year is a staycation.