Saturday, June 1, 2013

Paperback Rebirth

I was happily surprised to discover that my very first published ebook, Enslaved In Desire, was being released in paperback. In honor of this wonderful event I decided to share a little something about the story with you today.
When I wrote, Enslaved In Desire, I actually sat down to write another novel for a theme submission about pirates. (Space pirates to be exact and that story will be coming out soon.) Fortunately or unfortunately, I couldn’t complete that project in time for the submission deadline. Venn and Camryn kept interrupting. They wanted their story told.
            The manuscript was something entirely different than the romances I had written and submitted before. Enslaved In Desire begins with the alien invasion of Earth and incorporates space travel, fight scenes, sex slaves, hot sex and true love.
            Yes, I said true love. What is more “true” than settling differences of species, race, space and ideology just so you can be with the person who is your ONE?
            Here is Enslaved In Desire’s blurb followed by an excerpt to give you an idea of the types of *cough* tension filled moments that prompted Camryn and Venn to settle their differences and take the leap into love.


Camryn is taken captive after Earth is invaded by hostile aliens. She is sold as an exotic, an expensive sex slave. Camryn is willing to do anything to survive and escape captivity. That includes convincing her master that she enjoys his touch. Then she is purchased by the sexy warrior Venn. Now she must convince herself that she can resist a male whose every caress ignites a passion she has never known.
Venn is an empathic and hyper-sensitive tribal lord from planet Ordan. He has never owned a slave, yet he cannot resist the beautiful Earth woman. She teases his heightened senses and pushes past the control he has over his emotions. Venn struggles to own Camryn’s body with scorching sex and a firm hand. And when his possession of her body is complete, he’ll try to claim her soul.


The following excerpt is for those readers who are 18 and over only.
Copyright © Stormie Kent, 2011
All Rights Reserved, Ellora’s Cave Publishing, Inc.

He crowded her back and she watched in the mirror. He was dressed for meetings in a black dress coat, crisp white shirt and fitted black pants. The contrast of her nude body pressed against his fully clothed form made her press back against him to feel the pleasure of the smooth material against her hot skin.
“I didn’t tell you to move, sweet.” He stepped back.
She groaned. Her eyes clashed with his in the mirror.
“What’s with the restraint?” she asked.
“I know you like it when I hold you down, but I wanted to use my hands today. And you did say it would take chains to keep you in one place,” he replied.
She remained as still as possible and he watched her for a while before moving behind her once more. She wanted to think she would resist him, but she couldn’t. When he got like this, he wasn’t going to be put off and she liked how he handled her too much. She liked that he took all the passion and barbarian in himself and locked it down, only for it to emerge again once he’d made her mindless. She knew it was there, just sitting under the surface of his skin. She could see it in the way his smile didn’t match the fire in his eyes.
He gathered her hair in one hand and wrapped it once around his hand. He pulled her head gently to the side. She curled her toes into the carpet so she wouldn’t move.
His other hand came up, but only one finger trailed her throat from her hairline to her shoulder. His mouth followed and his cool hair swung forward and trailed over her arm and breast. He did the same thing over and over again to the back of her neck and then transferred her hair to his other hand and worked the same magic on the other side of her neck. He tugged harder on her hair and the pleasure shot straight to her cunt.
He stepped beside her and leaned forward, raining kisses on her chin and neck. Then he turned her loose completely. She whimpered.
“Keep your eyes on your face and body in the mirror,” he said, lacing his voice with command.
She stared into his eyes in the mirror. Then she lowered her gaze to her own face. Her eyes were slumberous. Her bottom lip was swollen where she’d bitten it in concentration and she was flushed.
“Beautiful,” he said.
*****                                                   *****                                                   *****
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Oh, boy. When I wrote about these two they became my obsession. What about you? What is your obsession? Do you write, sew, cook, run or some other activity that often makes you forget your purpose and good intentions? Leave a comment. I would love to hear from you.



Tina Donahue said...

congrats on your book going to print, Stormie - the story sounds fascinating and HOT. Can't wait to read! :)

jean hart stewart said...

I'm always obsessed with my current book. Sometimes the hero, sometimes the heroine, sometimes both. Love your excerpt and much success with the sales!

Mannouchka said...

Dear Stormie,

I was so happy for the great news for you and I want to congrats on your book going to print I have read this e-book enjoy very much.
Do you have another book coming out this year

I wish you all a wonderful Saturday.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the encouragement Tina and Jean!
Hi Mannouchka, I should have a new ebook called, Cosmic Bliss, out this year. My edits are going VERY slowly. Thanks for commenting!