Sunday, June 2, 2013

My Reality is Different!

My Reality Is Different…
Author Sharita Lira

Greetings readers. Thanks again for tuning into me today. For this post I wanted to talk about reality and fiction. How my reality is so different from the masses.

First off what do I mean? Well let’s think about this. You as a reader, you like characters and or situations you can relate to right? You want things to be as close to real as possible in your books so you can connect. I’m in agreement. I also want my book to be something I can understand and relate to. However, my reality is a lot different than others and to me that’s perfectly fine.

So when I hear something like, oh women don’t act that way at age 40 or that’s just not real. I have to ask, why is it not real just because it’s not something you yourself have seen or do?

Let’s face it, people are different. Whether it’s the way they act, they talk, look, or dress. No two people have the exact same personality, not even identical twins. And why would we all want to be the same? I mean, that would be boring right? So when it comes to reality, why is it that people feel something isn’t real just because they themselves haven’t seen or done it?

To me, it’s sort of like a generalization, almost a stereotype when people make assumptions about others and this includes characters. The characters I create in my books, most of the time are based off someone I know or myself. In my world, there are women who are in their forties afraid to talk to a man or who squee over a celeb. Believe me, there is, because that’s me! *smiles* It’s also some women I know too so when I create a character like Evie in One Shot who is just that, afraid to talk to a man and is overly excitable when it comes to her favorite musician, that is real to me. May not be to you, but it is in my world.

No I don’t think unicorns are real nor pots of gold at the end of the rainbow but my reality is at times drastically different from others. And actually that’s okay. Makes it more fun!

So what about you? Have you reacted that way when you read a book? Oh that’s not real because I haven’t seen it? Everyone’s reality is different as it should be. Nothing wrong with that. Different is good!

Author Sharita Lira: In one word, crazy. Just crazy enough to have 3 different muses running around in her head, driving her to sheer exhaustion with new plot bunnies and complex characters.

This happily married mother of two beautiful children loves music, computers, reading, and still enjoys reading and writing fanfiction. She’s a proud member of the Erotica Readers & Writers Association, as well as an advocate for rights of LGBT citizens.  She’s also a contributor to the heavy metal ezine Fourteeng.net.

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Tina Donahue said...

What a great post, Sharita. I've often read reviews that criticize the plot, characters, whatever for acting a certain way. Most of the time, I don't see the problem. The story rings true to me. No need to stereotype how women should feel. We're human. We feel the way we do, just like guys. And you're correct - just because the reader hasn't experienced the same thing doesn't mean it doesn't happen.

S.Lira said...

Thx Tina for the comment!

<3 I feel the same. :D

jean hart stewart said...

Good lord, who expects anyone to have experienced all the things writers write about. If it's real to the author and she's good then it's real to me.

Fiona McGier said...

Isn't it odd that no one acts this way about Stephen King, wondering who he's killing in his basement? Or the writers of serial killer stories? No one expects them to be dining on brains with fava beans and an excellent chianti, right?

Why is it just romance stories that are judges so harshly? If the writing is good, and you can feel you are "in the moment" with the characters, then that's all that matters!

S.Lira said...

Thx Jean

Exactly how I feel.

No one has experienced everything. :D

S.Lira said...


I feel the same.

I wonder if they hold romance authors to a higher standard just because we are romance writers.

*shakes head* IDK.

Sometimes I wonder.,

Thx for the comment