Monday, June 3, 2013

Moving Madness! ! !

I need a calmer-downer, so decided to pause and
enjoy looking at the flowers around my cottage room. I'm now at the local hotel in a room with a small kitchenette, while I wait to get in the house I just bought. Sold my old, much loved but way-too- big for me house and the new one will close escrow in about twenty days. Besides being too big, the old house was too expensive to keep up. so this is a much needed move. I'm looking forward to getting settled again in  new  neighborhood, new neighbors, closer to my daughter, and less upkeep.

Here's an excerpt from my WIP.  Nobody has seen this yet, as I'm only about a third through the book. This is the seventh book in my Passionate Pursuit series from Ellora's Cave. It's tentatively named Redemptive Pursuit. Jakob is the elf who is running from the grief of losing the two children he'd grown to love. Although he helped them find their rightful parents, his heart still mourns them. He doesn't think he's ready for romance, but maybe he is.....

" Jake had already decided that a display of elfin power might be advantageous. Not that he couldn’t handle the bully with one hand, but he wanted Danielle to know she had a protector with unusual powers. He froze the man, watching him fall to the floor, dropping the knife as he crashed. He quickly drew Danielle to him, rubbing her bruised arms, automatically calling on his healing powers to soothe the harm done to this precious girl. She snuggled against him, sniffling a little, and then she raised her face to his with a glorious smile.

“I knew it,” she breathed. “I knew you’d help me the first time I saw you.”

“Why were you not surprised when I showed you my pointed ears?”

Jake hadn’t meant to ask that question, although he’d puzzled over it and found no answer.

Danielle looked at her hands, blushed multiple shades of rose, and then finally looked at him.

Jake watched her with fascination. She was lovely no matter how much she blushed, but he wished he’d counted the shades.

“I’ve dreamed of elves for years. I know about your ears and your powers. It’s simply ordinary knowledge to me. Elves were my friends, at least in my mind. I never thought I’d actually meet one, but when I bumped into you it seemed so right. So much the way things should be.”

This time Jake couldn’t resist. Putting one arm around her bind her to him, he used his other hand to tip her face up to his.

“Danielle,” he breathed, kissing first her eyes and then her lips. He pressed her body to his, not at all surprised that his erection had swollen to full size at the mere touch of his lips on her perfect skin. This girl had much more power over him than he liked. He now knew he had to stay around to figure out the puzzle of why she let a man she hated maul her and dictate to her.

He sighed. Freezing an enemy was an easy solution, but it didn’t really solve problems. The bully had to be revived. Hopefully he’d learn not to tangle with an elf or someone an elf protected, but somehow Jake doubted it. The man sprawled at his feet looked mean and stupid even when unconscious.

He didn’t dare touch Danielle again or he’d have her on the floor and under him, and he’d have no thoughts of anything but claiming her."
Hope you like this excerpt and tell me so. Nothing like encouragement to keep a writer writing.....





Tina Donahue said...

Good luck with your move, Jean. Enjoyed the excerpt. :)

jean hart stewart said...

Thanks, Tina. This was a fun book to write. Repair work on the new place is taking longer than expected. Won't get in for three weeks. Blah.

Fiona McGier said...

But think of how great it will be when you get there, Jean! Do more writing--at least there you have more control than in real life, huh?

And good luck with the move...hope all goes well and next month you'll be telling us all about your new place!

Kelli Scott said...

Very nice excerpt!

jean hart stewart said...

Thanks Fiona and Kelli. I do so appreciate comments....