Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Fantasy Fulfilled

Flash Back to my first book.

I write contemporary erotic romance and published with Ellora’s Cave, Sybarite Seductions and Lyrical Press. I had a hard time finding a home for No Fantasy Required and I wondered if it was because of the f/f element. As a hetero woman it was a challenge to write the sex/love scenes but I had a lot of fun making it happen. I wanted to get into the head of Kelly and deal with her genuine concerns about fulfilling her fantasy. Yes, it was her and not his fantasy, which is a switch, isn’t it? :)
Speaking of fantasies, we all have them. Have you ever acted on yours? I wrote this story quite a few years ago for someone that had this particular fantasy – you know, one man with two or more women. It started out as a quick little book. A friend at one of the larger publishing houses read it and suggested I make it longer. So it grew. But it was rejected until a different publishing house showed some interest in it, ultimately they rejected it because it was too hetero in their opinion. Caught between a rock and hard place! That was fine though, because I had the best experience with their editor and the book wouldn’t be what it is without her input. I continued to submit it and was ready to put it under the bed when I received the call.

Do you like lady-love? Will you read a book with female/female sex scenes? I was told by someone a couple of years ago that women are afraid to read or watch f/f sex scenes because they’re worried they will be typecast as lesbians or bi-sexual. Such a shame because there are some great authors out there that have wonderful stories.  Then on the heels of that, someone else told me women really do want to read f/f and just say they don’t to avoid the hassle and that most if not all women would like to experience lady-love. Of course these statements are purely the opinion of the person telling me their thoughts. Look around at the younger generation. They seem quite comfortable in their own skins and lots of girls are a’huggin’ and a’kissin’.

I’d love to hear your opinions on female/female sex scenes. Would you pass a book by if it had this content?

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Tina Donahue said...

I have a lot of fantasies, as evidenced by my plots. However, I've never acted on any of them. Wish I was brave enough, but I'm not. :)

Fiona McGier said...

Ah, fantasies...those were the days! I was a wild thing when I was young. I didn't meet my husband until I was 25, and I've told him I'm glad I didn't meet him earlier, because I wasn't "ready" for a relationship earlier than that, as evidenced by how fleeting was my loyalty to anyone back then. I often laugh that while "Youth is wasted on the young", I didn't waste mine: I enjoyed every second of it! The stories I can tell will keep me amused as long as I can remember them!

As for the F/F thing, researchers have done studies that proved that while men are more sex-specific in their arousal levels, ie, hetero men only get excited when shown pictures of naked M/F coupling, or naked F/F coupling, and gay men get most excited when viewing M/M coupling...oddly enough, though they SAY they're not aroused, the sensors and probes indicate that women get aroused from viewing any kind of sexual activities, no matter who is doing what to whom!

I wouldn't discard or not finish a book with F/F activities, but I wouldn't seek it out either. I'm not a huge fan of M/M romances either. I have so little time to read that I try to stick to things that I really enjoy, like M/F paranormal romance...or cultural anthropology.

Cristal Ryder said...

Tina - you might surprise youself :)

Fiona - good for you to not waste your youth! I was married at 20 which in hindsight was the wrong thing - but I do have two great sons :) Divorced at 43 and sowing my oats now :D Totally understand on the limited time to read. I have the same problem :( Thanks so much for the research info - very interesting!!