Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Dear May, I Want a Do Over

As stated in my last post, I was on the mainland for the majority of May and the beginning of June. The reason for the month long (plus a few days) get away was for a friend's wedding at the beginning of May and a Romance convention at the beginning of June. Rather than fly back and forth from Hawaii twice, I decided to visit family and hang out.

There was family drama and broken internet and my personal favorite (sarcasm) a trip to the ER for an infected kidney stone that landed me in the hospital for a solid week. Suffice to say, I didn't make it to the Romance convention -- the one event I had been looking forward to ALL year. Since I'm in Hawaii, there's only so many conventions I can attend. One is pretty much my limit because of the cost of travel.

I'm back home now and medicated to the gills for the next few days. The good news is that the stone is gone and I'm right as rain for the most part. The medication is just to make sure nothing gets infected. The only problem is that it makes me kind of loopy and tired so I can't do much besides sit at home.

But that's the annoying news. The good news is that I've been getting some great reviews for my new release CREAM and I have a coming soon title at the beginning of July.

(On the Hunt)
by Zenobia Renquist

*Erotic Vampire Romance*

5 Stars!
"Zenobia Renquist made sure that the reader was invested in these two characters and that the reader would want more. Cream is definitely a book that this reader would recommend."
~Fuchsia, LASR

5 Cups!
"I loved this story. Ms. Renquist has drawn some wonderfully talented, lovable characters."
~ Hollie, Coffee Time Romance

Buy Now
Ellora’s Cave :: ARe :: Kindle :: Kobo :: Nook

And coming 03 July to Bookstrand Publishing is a high fantasy, non-shifter dragon romance. Yes, I said non-shifter. :)

Favored Dragon's Release 
(Hidden by Dragons, Book 1)
by D. Renee Bagby

*High Fantasy Romance*

He wants her for his bride to end the dragons’ curse but his love for her is ruining his plans.

In the aftermath of a senseless war that claimed many lives, the gods have punished the dragons for causing the conflict. The next generation will not hatch until Prince Shurik finds a human female willing to put aside generations of animosity to become his bride.

Yolette went to sleep on the side of a mountain, the odd woman out on a couples' camping trip, and awoke in a field outside the home of a dragon. Transported to an unknown world very different from her own, she must depend on Shurik for shelter and guidance.

Shurik didn't anticipate his growing feelings for Yolette making the task of prosing that much harder. Danger looms from those who want the punishment ended and from those who want it to continue until the last dragon is gone. Shurik must decide whether he will save his people or his love and pray to the gods his choice is the right one.

Zenobia Renquist
Discover Different and Unique Romance

D. ReneƩ Bagby
Building New Realms of Passion...


Tina Donahue said...

Sorry to hear about your hospital stay - what a bummer.

Great reviews!! :)

jean hart stewart said...

Feel better, girl. Such great reviews should cheer you up!!!

Unknown said...

Tina & Jean - Thanks. I'm headed back towards normal slowly but surely. All in all, this does create great heroine-torture fodder for the next book. :D

~ Zenobia