Thursday, May 2, 2013

Writing Fluff!

Today I wanted to speak about writing fluff. What’s fluff? Well, coming from the word fluffy it means soft and comfortable right? So when writing something considered fluff in my opinion it means the same. What’s wrong with this? In my world nothing at all.

I’ve read plenty of authors who’ve written some fluffy stories that have little tension and they’ve been some of the most enjoyable books I’ve ever read. To me, it matters what the characters say. What do they want and when do they want to get together? At times when I sit down to write out the character outlines and a list of details in chronological order, I already know how quickly my two people will get together for their happy ever after. Sometimes it happens within 30k, other times a lot longer.

In Michael's book, I Like Em Pretty, the characters don’t have sex until around 50k. Its’ filled with tension, a murder, and some suspense along the way. This is one of the few books I’ve written where this occurs but in my mind this isn’t an issue. Whatever an author feels comfortable writing they should do it. To me, being multifaceted is the key. Do I want to write only fluff? No but I won’t be opposed to it. I allow my characters to guide me when I sit down to write. Whatever Nathan and Bryant or even Kajika and Frankie say should be done is usually the way I go. This works for me and I hope the readers appreciate it too. If not, I totally understand. The great thing about fiction is there’s plenty to choose from.

As a reader I look at a wide variety of stories. Sure more tension and angst makes the getting together part if there is one a lot hotter but at times, I want to sit down with “Roger” (my kindle) and read a romance that takes me away from the world. Perhaps it’s a fantasy paranormal or even just a contemporary romance where the characters are together within 20k. Am I mad when this happens? No. I’ve read plenty of romances, some of them het, where I felt the characters story was complete in 100 pages or less. It’s all in the mindset and in my opinion, the same applies to writing.

So in conclusion, do I love the fluff? Yes. Do I love the angsty and tension filled? Still yes. In my opinion, everyone should be able to write and read what they like. If fluff isn’t your thing, then you have the right to move on. If you don’t like a lot of tension, you can skip it. Me, I like it both ways! *smiles*

Reluctant Groupie Book One One Shot will be available soon.



Blurb: Evie Langston has taken some great shots of rock stars in her life and none has intrigued her like the picture she took of star guitarist Del Vanz of the heavy metal band, Blood Reign. Evie is more than interested in finding out more about the mystery man behind the makeup but can’t get over being intimidated and afraid of rejection.

Del Vanz, Blood Reign’s head axeman, never saw such a beautiful lady in the pit taking pictures of him and he wants to know more. However, he’s not sure how she’d accept his career choice. If so, would she be interested in the man behind the white paint?

Excerpt PG
“Evie…Evie…snap out of it, will ya?” Macy snapped her fingers in front of Evie’s face while they lunched at their favorite restaurant in Wicker Park. “Look girl, you’re gonna have to do something about that obsession you got with guitar boy or let go. Geez, you been like a fucking zombie the last couple of weeks.”
Evie shook her head and adjusted her black rimmed glasses. “I know…I−” She bit her lip and hesitated. “I dunno what to do, Mace. What if he’s got a girlfriend, or he may be gay…”
“I seriously doubt that last one.” Macy stabbed her steak and cut a piece off the side. “You’ll never find out unless you try, Evie. Sitting here thinking about the picture or staring him down won’t do you a bit of good.” Macy placed the meat between her lips.
“Yeah, I know…damnit!” Evie clenched her fist tightly and pushed her plate away.
“Girl you got it bad. Real bad when you’re not touching food from Alberta’s.” Macy finished her meal and wiped her mouth with the cloth napkin on her lap. She leaned into her friend and gripped her shoulder. “Look babe, I’ve never known you to be so scared to go after what you want. Why now, toots? Why you clamming up for this guy.”
“Because,” Evie began and crossed her arms over her chest. Her shoulders tensed. “This isn’t just any man. This is Del Vanz from Blood Reign.”
“He’s a man, not a god,” Macy countered.
“I know but…geez, Mace, I don’t know. I just don’t feel like being rejected again. You remember the last time I tried to date someone in the music scene and how he turned out to be such a dick.”
“Yeah, yeah. Tommy from Distillery. I know.” Macy rolled her eyes and clicked her teeth. “What a fucking asshole.”
“Total ass,” she agreed. “I’m tired of giving my heart out to guys and getting little or nothing in return. I’m too old for this crap, Mace. I wanna get settled, have babies−”
“Now?” Macy’s eyes widened in shock. “I mean, don’t ya think we’re a little too old for kids now, honey?”
“I want at least one by somebody. You found Prince Charming, why can’t I?”
“Yeah well…” Macy grinned to herself and patted Evie’s shoulder. “We were lucky, Evie. I wasn’t even looking and well, he just kind of popped up. And besides that, we’re okay with the fact we didn’t have kids. More time for us.”
“Why hasn’t mine just kind of popped up?” Evie drew up her lips.
“Dunno, sweets. You’re attractive, funny, and creative. I mean, I been praying to the deities for ya, Evie but they aren’t listening.”
“Obviously.” Evie laid back in her chair. “There’s gotta be someone out there for me…”
Macy interrupted. “And perhaps it’s Del but the only way you’ll find out is by trying. I swear girl, you’re gonna run yourself crazy, thinking about him and not doing anything about it.”
“But but…”
“No buts, girl. You took the shot for the concert in Indianapolis and now his band is coming back for three shows in Chicago after playing this fucked up tour schedule.”
“Yeah…” Evie glanced away from her friend a moment and thought back to that glorious night in Indianapolis at the Metal55 venue. Blood Reign, Sacred Heart, and Dying Wish were playing there for a tribute show and Evie had full access to shoot for the night. 


Tina Donahue said...

Excellent blog, hon.

Like you, I think the most important thing is whether the story moved me. Was I swept up in the romance. Did I sigh, laugh, weep? That's all that matters.

There is no cookie cutter approach (eg: you have to have 50% tension, 75% sex, etc. etc.) for a great tale.

Great stories are about the characters and what happens to them. Like real life, there is no blueprint.

Fiona McGier said...

Hey Rawiya, I agree with Tina. I also agree with you that the characters are what dictate how the story unfolds. When they present themselves to you, at first you just listen, until you get to know them so well you know what they will and won't do. Then the story can unfold.

Great excerpt. Another one for my TBR pile...sigh.

S.Lira said...


Thx for the comment. I totally agree. It doesn't matter how long or what the content. As long as it was moving and or entertaining that's all that matters

S.Lira said...


Thx for the comment and yes, I really listen to my characters to see if they want the fluff and more sex, etc. Its not always up to me, more up to them and the muses.

Thx for wanting to check it out. I'm loading it up now,

Tali Spencer said...

I've been wondering lately about this very topic. Fluff and sex and if there's really a line of some sort writers need to keep in view. But it's ultimately the writer, just that. Fluff is in the mind of the reader. And as a reader I sometimes want that fluff. I look for it and I know it when I find it. :D

S.Lira said...


Thats true. There is a fine line. I believe all people look for is tension and thats okay. Sometimes though, I'd like to read something easy going and that also happens when I write!


Thx for the comment