Monday, May 13, 2013

What curls YOUR toes?

What makes you want to sit down and write?

I have been reading through the dozens of unfinished wips in my files, and I can plainly see what made me start them...but I can't seem to see why I stopped writing them. Sigh. It's a shame I can't regain the momentum on those that I stopped writing...some of them would be great books.

I always say to folks who ask how I write, that I don't actually "write"...I "channel".  It's as if my muse grabs me by the scruff of the neck and drags me screaming and whining to the computer and plunks my fanny down and says "do this or else". Then I start writing, and nothing stops me until I have a book. Unfortunately, my muse must have gotten pretty tired of that, because now she just glances up at me and goes back to eating her box of Godiva and sipping her mint julep as she reads somebody else's book.

Unfortunately, I can no longer sit back on my laurels and not write...my last royalty check was a big reminder of why I must actually write. Ah, the pain of not being able to sit back and collect money while doing nothing. So I have fished out one of the wips that grabbed me last time through and I have begun to add to the plot...flesh out the hero...and change why the heroine is in her predicament

I think it's time for me to move my computer back into my own bedroom, because I am used to writing at night, and now I can't do that, because the spare room contains my grandson's bed. And guitar. And clothes. And it's no fun at all to pick my way over the landslide of junk to get to my computer to write while he is at work.

Sadly, families these days are finding it harder to survive in separate households. I raised the kid, and he went out on his own for a few years, but had some very bad luck. So I let him move back in...which is no hardship, except for the space issues. Groan. Looks like tonight I will be moving furniture again.

Maybe with the computer in my own room again I will find the will to sit down and write.

Fran Lee


Kelli Scott said...

Yup. Writers must write. Last year I was on a hot streak, having a book come out nearly every month. Not having one out since January seems to have affected my sales adversely. I too have been poking around at some unfinished works to see what can be resurected.

And we have an adult son at home, but I love having him here too. But solitude helps the muse and I don't get much of that these days.

Tina Donahue said...

Hope your muse comes back with plots a'blazin', Fran, and you soon bring us one of your wonderful books. :)

Kelli - one nearly every month - wow, woman, you are prolific! :)

Fiona McGier said...

I also have 3-4 WIPs that I'm trying to find the time to work on. But it's the end of the school year, so for the last few weeks and for the next few, there will be lots of subbing along with my night retail job. 15-hour days leave me precious little time to write!

And I really agree that you "channel" the voices of the characters! They live in our heads, and only when we write their stories can they live in other readers' heads as well. Sometimes they are insistent, and at least in my case, when I have to ignore them for any length of time, they "sulk" and make faces at me when I finally sit at the laptop and invite them to talk to me.

jean hart stewart said...

Am in the process of moving, so it's an effort to find time to write at all,. but writers MUST write. I also found some WIPS I'd forgotten about. When I get settled am excited about looking at them again...