Friday, May 17, 2013

The power of Sunshine

Being a writer takes many skills. One is having the right frame of mind in which to create the ‘Great American’ novel.  That elusive phenomenal read that propels each us to the top of the best seller list.  I find the changes in the seasons tend to direct my scenes and in many instances the moods of my characters.
In the Fall, it leads to long walks or drives through the countryside taking in the wonderful foliage nature paints in diverse colors. Winter lands them in ski lodges or mountain cabins buried in snow, causing the characters to snuggle in front of a roaring fire, sampling a decent Merlot and eventually each other.
It is the Spring and Summer months that tickle my soul and inspires my muse most. Sunshine brings the writing world a renewed vigor for me. Don’t get me wrong. I still write all year round as most writers do. But Spring is the time for new growth. It brings the flowers to bloom. Gardens flourish. Fresh fruits and vegetables sprout from dormant plants reaching for the sun.

Can you tell? I’m also a gardener. It’s one of my passions. Planting a seed and nurturing it into fruition is like listening to your characters speak and writing their story. My novels are character driven. They lead the direction in which they wish to go and no matter what, they make their own decisions, much like the flowers and vegetables in my garden.
I sow the seed, fertilize, water and weed. But a stubborn plant, much like a stubborn character, will flourish at its own rate. They can’t be pushed. But I find, they can be nudged gently. LOL.
As I write this, I'm wishing for warmer days. Though the days are growing longer, the sunshine has yet to linger for any length of time in northern New Jersey. It’s been a long Winter and I’ll truly be glad to finally see the warmer version of the sun’s rays. Sunshine inspires me. Not only to garden but to write. Its warmth coats the skin and fills the soul with the desire to create.
I am grateful for the invention of the laptop. For in the colder months, I chase the sunshine from window to window and scoot my chair to sit in its presence. To me the sun is a powerful inspiration to write, create and renew the little spark that lives within us all.
If you get stuck in the grip of writer’s block try standing in the sun. Close your eyes and simply breath. Don’t think. Just relax and let inspiration bloom.
Sunshine is a powerful motivator and an inspiration kick for me. What inspires and motivates you?


Tina Donahue said...

Great post, Tara - music inspires me. When I'm driving and have the stereo on, I start thinking of stories, characters, conflict, love. :)

Fiona McGier said...

I agree with both of you! The sunlight and other natural phenomenon really do inspire me to be creative. But driving, especially long distances, with or without music on, lets that part of my mind that creates my characters and stories run free. It's almost like I need to have the physical part of me occupied doing something mindless, so my muse can play.

jean hart stewart said...

Sunlight is very important to me. I'm almost ridiculously responsive to both it and lack of it. A good book makes up for too many rainy days, though....

Kelli Scott said...

I lost that loving feeling for my garden for a couple years....but I have renewed my love this year. In other words, I have many weeds to pull.