Thursday, May 16, 2013

Now out: For The Love Of His Life by Fiona McGier

 Ah, just looking at this picture soothes my soul.  I know that for some, the excitement of a vacation in a big city gets their heart pumping with joy.  For others heading to Vegas for wining, dining and gambling is what they crave.  But me?  I want to head up so far north that cell phone signals are all but non-existent, and the loons calling are the only sounds at night.  I want to escape from the civilization that usually makes me feel desperately trapped in a maze of having to work harder for longer hours for less pay.

For the past few years, when my husband can get time off, we head up to the BWCA, the Boundary Waters Canoe Area in northern Minnesota.  Ely is on the western edge, and is a quaint town with great restaurants and the Bear Head Lake State Park only 10 miles away.  There's the Vince Shute Black Bear Sanctuary in Orr, where researchers from around the world come to interact with and study the behavior of the native black bears, who need territories of hundreds of miles, but who enjoy "vacationning" at the sanctuary where they can interact with each other while being fed by the researchers instead of having to find their own food.  In return, humans can watch them from the safety of the huge blind, as the bears eat, rest, play with each other, and in general let us see what magnificent animals they are when not in cages.

But for the past couple of years we've gone to Grand Marais, another quaint beautiful town, then up the Gunflint Trail to the federal campgrounds along the way to Trails End, which is where the above picture comes from.  This was the view from our campsite when we stayed at Trails End, which literally is where the Gunflint Trail ends.  Seagull Lake is huge, as are most of the lakes along the trail.  And we had to be careful when in our canoe, because the demarcation between the US waters and Canadian waters is not very clear, and only my husband has a passport.
What can I say to express how much I love the area up there?  The air is clean, the water is gorgeous and full of fish, the beaches of Lake Superior have tiny pebbles instead of sand, and the water is gloriously cold, which feels so good on a hot day!  At night the stars are so bright you feel like you can reach up and touch them.  When I'm there, I feel like God is all around me, letting me see and experience the beauty of abundant life, and I feel like a part of nature, not like a cog in a machine.  Last year when we were driving home, my husband put on the music of Carlos Nakai, a Native American musician.  It was a beautiful coda to our time spent up there, and I tried not to cry as we left.  Instead, I began to wonder just how the area itself might make someone look inside of himself, to discover who he really is as a person, while he falls in love with a local woman who represents the person he'd like to become. 
This book is the result.  Blurb:

Can a sexy Hispanic action movie star find himself in the BWCA of upper Minnesota? Will the local woman he grows to love believe someone who "lies for a living"?  

When a famous action star needs to clean-up for a major role that even he doubts he can deliver, the director sends him up to a resort owned by his grandmother in the Boundary Waters Canoe Area of upper Minnesota, to learn to commune with nature.  His guide is Veronica, the director's cousin, a tall, athletic woman who has the relaxed, sensible nature of someone who knows herself well.  Raul's initial clumsy attempt to seduce her makes her laugh...so he calls her fat.  Is there any hope that their relationship will progress beyond its rocky start? And can Raul overcome his partying nature to discover what is really important in life?   
PG-rated--The famous movie actor tries to seduce the local gal after being given some rules he has to follow while living at her Grandmother's resort in a cabin.

      She stopped and leaned back against the wall to point at the lake.
     "See how pretty the sun looks when it bounces off the...hey!  What are you doing?"
     Raul had caught up to her then done what he always did...tried to kiss the pretty girl.  Only this pretty girl turned her head then moved so that he ended up hitting his face on the wall.  He looked at her, aggrieved.
     "I was trying to kiss you.  What else?"
     He was taken aback.  "Uh, because you're pretty?  And because I figured that's why you invited me out here away from that nagging old bag..."
     Veronica's hand shot out and slapped him across the face.
     "What was that for?"  He rubbed the sore spot that proved it wasn't just her legs that were in good shape.
     She advanced on him, her eyes narrowed, "Don't you ever call my grandmother an old bag again!  Don't you even think it!  You are a conceited pompous jerk with an ego the size of an elephant!  Though I can't for the life of me see what you are so proud of...a string of lousy movies that consisted of you taking off your shirt early and often?  Dialogue that sounded like it was written by a love-struck twelve-year-old?  I have no idea what Jared sees in you, but whatever it is, it must be buried pretty deep!"
     He retaliated, "Until you got all high and mighty I was willing to overlook the fact that you look like you eat more of your own pie than you should, and you people up here obviously have no idea that there might be any benefit to using makeup.  I was willing to lower my standards to throw you a bone...my bone to be exact.  Who knows if you'll ever get another chance to take a famous movie star into your bed?  But if you're going to be all nasty and stuff, then forget it."
     Veronica giggled, which grew to guffawing and continued until there were tears in her eyes.  He stared at her, his anger beginning to fade as her infectious laughter made him smile.
     "What's so funny?"  He demanded when she stopped for a breath.
     "You!  You actually thought I wanted you to kiss me?  You really thought I was so hard up to get laid that I'd even consider a spoiled, out-of-shape, drunken drug-addict like you?"
     He stopped smiling.
     "You've probably got more venereal diseases than I can even name!  You've been linked to every female you've ever made a movie with!  I think you should just be honest about things and make porn, but since the money's better where you are, you're smart to ride the gravy train while you still have your good looks.  Lord only knows that won't be much longer, as hard as you are working on killing yourself."
     He glared at her, "Are you done yet?"
     She nodded, "Uh-huh.  I think that about says it all."
     "Why did you people agree to put me up if I'm such an asshole?"
     Veronica shrugged, "We love Jared and he asked for a favor.  He's making a movie about Gram-Marie's late husband's great-grandfather. Jared used to love the stories Grampa would tell about his family and the early days back when old Hank Maynard was founding the city of Grand Marais."
     She picked up a stone and tossed it into the lake, making it skip three times before it dropped into the water.
     "Besides, we had no idea you'd be so difficult to get along with.  Jared told us to not let you drive and Jake is excited about the big pile of money Jared is going to pay him when he gets here, for driving your ungrateful ass into town so you can get drunk enough every night to pass out."  
     She stared into his face, multiple emotions raging there as he tried to formulate a reply to her accusations.
     "You know," she added conversationally, "We do have beer and wine in the dining room.  You could be a nice guy and give Jake the occasional night off and just take what you need and drink yourself into a stupor in your cabin...or out by the lake.  Unless, of course, you are partial to older women who hang around in the bars in town hoping to get laid.  In which case, have at it."
 Now available at all of the usual sources for romance eBooks.
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Tina Donahue said...

How I envy you being able to go to the BWCA - looks wonderful.

What a great excerpt, Fiona - may you burn up the net with your sales! :)

Harlie Reader said...

I adored this story. I yelled, cried and fell in love not only with Raul but with the area.

I can't wait to try Veronica's pie recipes either. :)

Congratulations again the release and I'm glad that you liked my review earlier.


jean hart stewart said...

Love find out about a story that sounds absolutely different..Congratulations.....

Fiona McGier said...

Just like a bad review can put me into a funk of self-doubt for weeks, a good review makes me feel validated: maybe I really CAN write, and the only problem is no one has heard of me to look for my books. But a GREAT review, like Harlie's of this book? Sigh...

We couldn't get into any of the parks along the Gunflint Trail this summer, so husband booked us into a park just a bit south of there. We'll take day trips into Grand Marais, though, to swim on the Lake Superior beaches and eat the "world-famous" donuts and frozen custard in town.