Thursday, May 9, 2013


It's that time again! LOL. Tomorrow (Friday the 10th) marks the release of my latest novella from Ellora's Cave. I wrote In His Shirt as sort of a bridge story. All of my previous Ellora's Cave releases have been heterosexual romance, but I was considering trying some male/male stuff for them since I have friends who have done well with that, and my M/M releases with other publishers seem to sell better than my heterosexual stuff. I didn't want to just plunge in and write an M/M for them, though, so I compromised with an MMF menage. Here's the blurb and a short snippet of the story:

Marielle has had a thing for her friend Rory since they met, but has never acted on it. The morning after Rory and his roommate Wayne save Marielle from a jerk at a club and bring her back to their place to sleep it off, Marielle decides it’s time to let Rory know how much she wants him. She doesn’t expect Wayne to walk in and join them—and she definitely doesn’t expect to discover Rory and Wayne have a sexual relationship—and they want to make Marielle a permanent part of it.


Marielle held her breath. She hadn’t been prepared for the reality of having Wayne walk in and ask to join them. Embarrassment at being caught lost out to excitement but she couldn’t bring herself to speak the invitation Wayne was clearly waiting for.
“I don’t mind if you play as long as Marielle doesn’t.” Rory thrust into her again and grinned at her moan. “What do you think? Am I the only one here who you want?”
“No.” She could barely admit it. Only Rory’s obvious interest in a threesome allowed her to confess, “I want both of you.”
“In that case maybe we should move somewhere more comfortable.” Wayne ran his hand over Rory’s ass. “We want plenty of room to play, don’t we?”
“Absolutely,” Rory said.
Marielle blinked. Wayne had touched Rory’s ass. She’d anticipated both of them playing with her. It hadn’t occurred to her that they might be interested in each other as well.
The idea of watching the two of them together was almost as hot as having both of them fuck her. And the thrill that accompanied the thought surprised her.
Wayne laughed. “I think we’ve scandalized Marielle.”
“Not scandalized, just surprised.” She reached her hand toward him. “Don’t explain right now.”
Rory thrust again and Marielle cried out. “Definitely not a time to talk,” Rory said, grinning.
“Bedroom.” Wayne smacked Rory’s ass. “Now.”
Marielle expected Rory to pull out of her. Instead he put his hands under her ass and pulled her off the counter. She struggled, sure she would fall. “Relax,” he said. “I can carry you. No reason to stop just because we’re changing rooms. Wrap your legs around me.”
Bemused, Marielle did as he said. He slid one arm under her and wrapped the other around her back before he stepped away from the counter. He moved slowly and with bent knees but held her easily.
The fact that he was strong enough to carry her this way—with his cock still inside her—added to her excitement. She tensed and he moaned softly. “You do that, you tighten up on my cock,” he said. “Wait ’til we’re in the bedroom or I’m going to forget what I’m doing.”
“Fucking her while you’re walking?” Wayne said from behind Marielle. “Better make sure I get a turn if you’re taking your time with her.”
“Not my fault you walked in after we started.” Rory breathed hard but showed no other sign that carrying Marielle was difficult.
They entered Rory’s bedroom. Wayne knelt on the bed and Rory carefully lowered Marielle. This time he withdrew from her, to her disappointment. “I thought you weren’t going to stop.”
“I don’t want to land on you,” he said. “And I have another plan in mind. Move up and put your head on the pillows.”
Without taking her gaze off the men, Marielle did as Rory said. Rory knelt on the bed and moved between Marielle’s legs. “I’m not finished with you yet,” he said. “There’s something I want to do while I fuck you.”
He lifted her legs to his waist and spread his own legs to lower himself. Marielle wrapped her legs around him as he entered her again. He wasn’t slow this time and the force of his thrust made her cry out in mingled pleasure and pain. The pleasure was the stronger of the two. The break in their fucking had done nothing to diminish her hunger and that one hard thrust brought her close to the brink of orgasm again.
“Nice.” Wayne knelt beside Rory. “I can’t decide which of you should suck my cock while you fuck.”
“I’ve already decided.” Rory motioned for his roommate to move closer.


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Great excerpt Karenna!

Major congratulations on the release. :


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Wow, hot stuff. Gotta read ALL of this one.

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I sooooo love the cover!!!

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Whoa, what a cover - love it! Congrats on your newest release! :)

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That cover is awesome!!!