Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Have You Bid Yet?

Have you seen all the fabulous items offered at the 2013 Brenda Novak Auction for Diabetes Research?

If you're a writer, there are seemingly endless opportunities to connect with other publishing professionals. If you're a reader, there are loads of books and hundreds of beautiful items waiting for your bid; like this gorgeous set of vintage Art Deco oriental inspired costume jewelry, donated by author Adele Downs. Click on the above link, or the photo below, for details. Browse the auction pages, see all the wonderful donated items, and know your winning bid goes to a worthy cause.

Have fun! See you at the auction!

SANTA TO THE RESCUE by Adele Downs, a firefighter contemporary romance, coming this holiday season from Entangled Publishing.

Visit Adele Downs at http://adeledowns.wordpress.com


Tina Donahue said...

What a wonderful cause - kudos to Brenda for organizing it and to you, Adele, for helping out.

My grandfather died from diabetes. A cruel disease. Let's hope the cure is found soon.

Fiona McGier said...

My only sibling, my brother, has had type 1 for almost 30 years. My oldest son has had type 1 since he was very young, and he's in his 20s. And type 2 runs through my husband's family.

What is the link to the auction?

Adele Downs said...

Thanks for your comments, Tina and Fiona.

If you click on the link to my auction item, you can follow the Home link and visit all the other items offered too.