Monday, May 27, 2013

A Book by its Cover: Do you judge them? 50 Shades of Confusion abound....

Fifty Shades of Confusion now abound in the book marketplace!
Many erotica and near erotica covers are now Concept again, thanks to the crazy-mad success of 50 Shades, et al. Now we have more "object" covers. A bed frame, a pillow, a seashell. Oh, for godssakes, let me cry.
Why do I moan?
Because we have been here! Done this! In the mid-90s, major trad houses decided that flowers and ribbons, jewelry and swords were the way to expand the readership marketplace...and romance sales for those authors unfortunate enough to get those covers PLUMMETED.
Well, my dears, those covers may have picked up a few NEW readers for those particular authors, but they also destroyed the readership of THOUSANDS of loyal followers of those authors.
Now we have the New-New Wave of Concepts for those erotica books emulating the plot formula of 50 Shades, i.e. a trilogy about one couple.
And wow, do I hope the trend for these covers does not spread.
These covers look meh to me.
Done in, yes, 50 shades of dull brown, grey, black and white, these babies convey dark emotions. Gothic, almost. Forbidden and quite ugly.
Bottom line?
I am not a fan.
Are you?
Have you bought these books—and if so, did you buy them because they were knocks off of the story concept of 50 Shades of Grey, or did you buy them because the covers in and of themselves appealed to you?
This Curious Mind wants to know!


Tina Donahue said...

I'm with you, Cerise. I think the cover is ugly and boring. If I'm searching a bookstore's shelves (mortar or online), I gravitate toward hot covers (what else would work for an erotic romance?). If I like the cover, I'll read the back blurb. If I like it, I'll read the first couple of pages. If I like those, I'll buy it.

If the cover is boring or ugly, I move on.

I doubt this new trend will last.

Harlie said...

I completely agree Cerise. They bore me to death. They are plain, ugly and there is nothing to make it stand out.

Its almost like that trilogy took us back to the 50's when everything was forbidden and we had to hid our sexuality and what we were reading.

Shame on the publishing houses and the authors themselves for letting it happen. Is that why everyone has reader now?


Harlie said...

And yes, I'm using my author email today. He he!


Liz said...

I know I'm a minority but, if done well, in a classy, well-crafted photo shoot, I think certain objects are very evocative. I enjoyed the covers of the 50 Shades books way more than the books themselves. Just me, of course. Whatever it takes, speaking as a marketing pro first, author second. thanks for the post!

jean hart stewart said...

Don't appreciate the monotony of both the covers and the contents of some of these books. Like hot covers, as most of us do.

Fiona McGier said...

Haven't read the trilogy, don't intend to. Don't like BDSM books. I've read a few that were well-crafted, but the subject matter doesn't appeal to me. Plus I hate virginal heroines...snore.

And yes, I prefer hot covers. For the books I write and the books I want to read.

Kelli Scott said...

Hmmmm...I like black and white sexy classy photos of let's say body parts bound by a necktie or satin ribbon or such. I'm with Fiona in that I don't care for BDSM much (writing or reading - wish I understood it so I could write it responsibly), nor do I run to read about virgins or virgin adjacent.

I read the first chapter of 50 Shades and wasn't hooked. But it does annoy me when everyone jumps on the 50 Shades bandwagon by titling their books similarly or their blog as such and advertising using the 50 Shades comparison etc...unless it is parody(I'm not pointing fingers if someone who reads this has done so). I better shut up now.

I like covers with people. Yep. And color.