Saturday, April 27, 2013

What's the only truth about the writing life???

Out April 15!
Contemporary short story

At the London Book Fair this month, author Nail Gaiman kicked off the event by talking about the Brave New World of publishing. Yes, unlike Scott Turow and his narrower point of view, Gaiman declared, in essence we are about to see an explosion in publishing.
     I agree.
     We already see all of the following:
  • ·      Blogs about Trad vs. E
  • ·      Blogs about Self-pubbers who do very well giving advice on how to for those not selling as well
  • ·      Formatting businesses for self-pubbers
  • ·      Graphic Design businesses for same
  • ·      Copy Editors and Proofers  "      "
  • ·      Previous 3 rolled into One Vendor
  • ·      Interactive books (and that software development)
  • ·      Interactive websites coordinated with books
  • ·      Publicists who do all of the following:
    • blog tours
    • social media events
    • FB and TW rounds
    • Out May 8!
      Historical western prequel
      to my contemporary series at EC!
    • electronic media press kits, interviews, etc      
My mind is awhirl.  And bottom line is that much in this brave new world is very similar to the Traditional Publishing World:
1. A few authors make it very big—big name, huge money.
2. Some of both groups made it by doing lots of PR, social promo, etc.
3. Some made it by luck.

The biggest difference today in digital publishing is that many more can achieve name recognition and a living wage income than ever before.

But the real bottom line is that an author must write—first and ALWAYS—without regard for the income it earns because she/he wouldn’t do anything else in this life and be fulfilled.

And the 2 books you see here of mine prove that I write what I love. And clearly, I love a lot of different types of novels!


Tina Donahue said...

Cuffed to Him looks and sounds intriguing - can you give us a blurb/peek into the story? I'm fascinated!

Fiona McGier said...

While it's easier to get published these days, with the proliferation of small publishers and self-publishing, it's also even harder to get noticed among the thousands of books e-published every day! I wish I knew what the secret was to getting noticed!

As you say, all we can do is write, write, write, and hope for the best for our "babies". Unfortunately for most of us, that also means working long hours for "bread money", in order to squeeze in a few precious minutes whenever we can, indulging our muses who don't understand the need for money!

Sabrina York said...

I agree, Des. You have to write because you love to write. Or none of the rest of it matters.