Sunday, April 21, 2013

Sweet N Sexy Soulful Quotes

Spring is finally here! The flowers are blooming, the grass has thickened up to a lush green carpet, and the weather is near perfect for relaxing in the glorious sunshine with a good book in a hammock, on a porch swing, or at the park. 

Wherever you like to read, I have some hot new releases to spice up your leisurely spring time "ME" time.

The books I feature are from authors who were not afraid to be soulful, sappy, and/or suggestive when it came to their heroes. So grab a cup of coffee, sit back, and fire up those eReaders so you can add these new releases to your TBR collection. 

Happy reading!

She stopped just short of making her presence known. Leaning around a tall tree, she watched him for a moment. What harm could there be in watching? The sight before her was stunning. Alexander was chopping wood and he made it look so easy. His powerful arms lifted the ax into the air, then brought it down, again and again, as if he were swatting flies. He wore only his kilt. His chest was broad and smooth. His skin was tan. Despite the bit of chill that lingered in the air, sweat glistened on his skin. He flooded her senses with overpowering sex appeal, but she acknowledged the strength. She made a mental note to never piss him off.

Sometimes, it doesn’t get any better than this.

“Ye know, it isn’t polite to spy on others.”

She sucked in a gasp and put her hand over her mouth as she stood hidden behind the tree. She could feel heat color her cheeks. Knowing she couldn’t hide there forever, she walked around to face him. She stood with her head down and hands behind her back, like a naughty little school girl standing before the scary head master.

“I only came to see what you were doing, I didn’t mean to spy.”

He laughed. “I’m sorry if I embarrassed ye, then.” He stopped what he was doing for a second to look at her.

As she started to turn away, she noticed a bead of sweat leave his chest and mark its way down his belly to disappear into the waist of his kilt. She licked her lips slowly, wishing her tongue could do the same.

Hearing him laugh, she glanced up.

“Marlana, ye could bring a man to his knees with a look like that.”

Complete embarrassment rushed through her. “Humph,” was all she could say. She spun around and left. Alexander’s laugh followed her the whole way.
Sarah Hoss, Dreams of the Highlander

Seona felt her face burning despite the icy wind, but she forced herself to meet Keegan’s gaze. There was so much she wished to tell him, but fear held her back. He was perfect… or he would be perfect for her, at least. Simply gazing into his enchanting sky-blue eyes made her feel happy. And his grin was naught but charm and seduction. Most impressive of all, he was a strong, heroic man who didn’t fear anything.

“You are…” What should she say?

He moved his head closer to hear her better, and turned slightly so one of his ears was near her mouth.

“You are very brave and heroic. You saved my life,” she said, finding it easier to talk to him when he wasn’t looking directly into her eyes. “Twice.”

He pulled back a few inches, his lips twisting into a lopsided grin. “I thank you, m’lady,” he said. “I could never allow you to be injured.” He shook his head. “Over the past few months, I have wanted to talk to you or… dance with you but… you ken your aunt doesn’t like me.”

“Nonsense,” she said to be polite. Truth was Aunt Patience didn’t want her to go near him because she deemed him unacceptable as husband material for Seona.

“Come now, Lady Seona, you ken I speak the truth,” he said in a light tone. “Her glares are like sharp blades.”

She nodded. “My aunt is much like a guard dog.”

“Well, she has a right to be. You’re a beautiful lady and I’m…” He shrugged. “Just a guard.”

She frowned. “You are much more than that.”

’Twas obvious he was trying to maintain his pleasant expression, but a hint of sadness crept into his blue eyes that near broke her heart.

He shook his head. “Nay, I fear when it comes to you, Lady Seona, I’m naught but a knave and a rogue. I’ve hardly been able to concentrate today because of memories of that amazing kiss.” After shoving his fingers through his windblown, damp mane, he backed away and stared out at the blowing rain. “I must behave myself,” he muttered, as if to himself, but she heard it despite the roaring wind.

She could not take her eyes off him and the stunning passion in his gaze. He was right… completely and unequivocally right. He should never touch her again. She should’ve never allowed him to kiss her the night before, but she could not have stopped him any more than she could’ve stopped breathing. Speaking of which, her own breaths were now short and shallow. Her chest ached with the need to be closer to him. To touch him.

His gaze shifted to her. “Hell. Seona, don’t look at me like that.”
Vonda Sinclair, My Daring Highlander

He sat next to her and tugged off his boots. "The offer's still open. You can shed the wet skirt and crawl under my fur with me." His mouth eased into a dimpled grin. "I can guarantee you'll not be cold anymore."
Paisley Kirkpatrick, Marriage Bargain

Without stopping to shake off the rain, she rapped on the front door.

Before the thunder sounded again, the door opened. Backlit against the bright and inviting living room stood the silhouette of a tall man. He wore a white t-shirt and gray sweat pants. His feet were bare.

Kate stared at him, noting the way his dark, unruly hair drooped over his forehead. She gaped at his face, at the straight nose and strong chin and the day’s growth of beard. Standing stiff and silent, as if she was a department store mannequin, she sucked in a quick breath.

“I see you’ve come home, Kate,” he said in the deep voice she remembered so well.
Jan Scarbrough, Kentucky Rain

* * *

Renee Vincent is an award-winning author of historical and contemporary romance.


Tina Donahue said...

Awesome quotes as always, Renee! Made my Sunday. :)

Renee Vincent said...

Thanks Tina. I so loved this month's features. VERY hot heroes!

Melissa Keir said...

There is always something wonderful about a man in a kilt who will love you forever.

Thanks for sharing!


Ana Morgan said...

Wonderful passages. Romantic, page-turning.

Vonda Sinclair said...

Thanks so much, Renee, for posting my excerpt along with these other awesome ones! I definitely enjoyed reading them!

Jan Scarbrough said...

What is the truth about what is under the kilt?

Kelli Scott said...

Yummy teasers.

Paisley Kirkpatrick said...

Thanks, Renee. It was fun to be on the same page as these other favorite authors of mine.

Jan - the answer to you questions is - absolutely nothing. ;)

Renee Vincent said...

I agree Melissa! Men in kilts are a special rarity that's beyond wonderful when they love you forever.

Thanks Ana! Glad you like them.

You're most welcome, Vonda. I always love to feature your work.

Jan, I can't say totally for sure what's truly under the kilt, but considering the native Scotsman Gerard Butler has (on several occasions) claimed that the only manly way to wear the kilt is with "nothing" underneath, I'm gonna continue to believe the legendary "nuthin under the kilt" story. It's so Alpha to think of it that way whether fact or fiction LOL

Thanks Kelli for visiting with me!

Fiona McGier said...

Me faither was from Glesga and he telt me that unna-below a man's kilt was a "wee set o' bagpipes"!

Which is why I can't EVER think of kilts as sexy...my DAD was a Scotsman! And he was NOT a romantic or sexy man! Sorry, but no kiltie-clad romances for this gal.

And by the way, that's why there is a mirror on the floor of the exit from the dressing room for the Black Watchmen who wear kilts while they guard the queen and the Tower of London. They are not supposed to be "au natural" while on duty, so a commander is supposed to check the mirror as they walk out to duty. Sometimes they don't and there was a picture a few years ago in the Guardian of a guard trying to hold his kilt down in the wind...but his behookie was showing! T'was a scandal!

Sarah Hoss said...

I'm so sorry that I am just now commenting here. I was really sick yesterday and didn't get on the computer.

I want to thank Renee for allowing me to be apart of this with all of these wonderful writers! There are great quotes to read here!

Loved the story about kilts and the Queen's Guard.

Renee Vincent said...

Paisley: Loved your response to Jan. LOL And it was my pleasure to feature you again. Wishing you the best, my dear!

Fiona: LOVE the story about your father, but I do want to kick him in his "wee set o' bagpipes" for ruining the romantic lore of a man in a kilt for you. LOL
Got a kick outta the story of the Queen's Guard. Great stuff!!!

Sarah: So sorry to hear you were sick, lassie. But we're glad you are up and about today. Great to see your smiling face this morning! I can't wait to read this book!