Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Spring & New Plans

            Hearing the honking of returning geese for the first time is the first sign of spring for me. The city-wide spring cleaning pick up rapidly approaches -- although the scavengers haven't left much for the city! Family time with baseball starting up, figure skating winding down and the landscape changing from white to green. Kids play Frisbee while they dream of water parks. Also a time of hair – with 2 horses and a chow shedding out, every bird within miles has a fiesta getting fluff to line their nests. Glad someone can use it! Abby saw her first squirrel, and her first bunny. Birds are moving into the trees by our house. 

Soon our next door neighbor will be readying her plot for the new garden. We’re still trying to decide if our baby pine tree survived the winter indoors.

            With everything coming out of hibernation and returning from their wintering grounds, it’s like the whole northern landscape comes to life. Still the risk of one last snowstorm, but the air is full of hope and promise. I hate the winter cold, driving on ice, not being able to see my horses. It’s amazing when “spring ahead” kicks in and I can still see the sun when I get out of work at 7 PM. Definite mood elevator.

Springtime for me means horse time – always astounds me they remember me. I’ve always had horses, and they are an integral part of my life and my books. Funny watching two woolly mammoths turn back into horses. I have 2 half-Arab mares and love riding through the woods. It relaxes me, out in the sun, with bird song and a fresh, still-cool breeze rustling through the branches that might still have buds or new pale-green leaves, depending. Hooves squelching through mud, my Sassy snorting and tossing her head when a squirrel cusses us out for coming too close. She still insists on jumping obstacles she could easily step over. Moonlight did not fare so well this past winter--she's thin and looking a bit frail. She's 28, which is little-old-lady in horse years. But we're hoping the sunshine and greener grass picks her up, too.

I have one month until I'm laid off. But somehow I don't feel bad about it. Maybe the sun put things into perspective for me, but I'm looking forward to the next chapter of my life. Taking the summer off to write & volunteer at the Humane Society, do a bit of work on the Chow advocacy front. Finish Moonwitched and start Braeca. Look for a job in the fall when my severance runs out and unemployment officially starts. I want to do it right this time. Do something I WANT to for a change and not just HAVE to. Spend some time with my kids, doing family stuff, which has fallen by the wayside.

Family's important, and doing something you love can really improve your outlook. I have to trust that something will come up. In the meantime, I want to redefine "live in the moment" and get to know myself and my kids again. Channel this newfound energy into my writing...


Mary Hughes said...

Spring, a time of renewal and hope. Love your uplifting post!

jean hart stewart said...

Lovoe your positive attitude, and think that kind of thinking always brings good results... Wishing you lots of luck....Jean

Tina Donahue said...

Sorry about you being laid off, Renee. Hope the door that's being closed leads to a much better one being opened. I envy you for having spring where you live. I'm in Palm Springs and already it's over 100 degrees every day. It goes from 68 to 100 in less than a week. *sigh*

Renee Wildes said...

Wow - dunno that we could handle THAT kinda heat... UGH!

I got all my paperwork good to go for my Displaced Workers status - I almost wish I could go NOW. Am teaching an online writing class around the day job and it's a little crazy!