Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Sorry to Interrupt the Normal Programming...

 I've been working both of my jobs almost daily for weeks now.  I hardly get time to see my husband, let alone get to Curves to exercise.  And writing?  Hah!  I'm working on a book, but can't keep up with promoting the last one, let alone the one due out in May, so which should I ignore in order to write?  ARGH!

Then I got a review this week that was critical of my most recent book, Mayan Prophecy Fulfilled, because the reviewer thought I was too critical of the human race and she took offense at my supposedly "talking down" to her. Really?  I don't think it's possible to talk down enough to beings who can produce someone whose zealotry is so all-encompassing that he (and they're almost always men) thinks placing bombs in public places to kill innocent people, including children, is a good idea.  All of my kids are runners, and one son just ran a half-marathon Sunday, after running the Detroit Marathon 2 years in a row.  All I can think of is the horror of a beautiful day out in Boston, celebrating the wonder of what the human body is capable of, being destroyed by the dark minds of those who think murder is a great way to call attention to whatever cause it is they feel to be more important than the rights of others to continue living.

In my book I attempted to imagine a world where intelligence is valued, and thinking logically was catching on as a good way to live.  People were making peace across races, nationalities and religions, as they recognized our mutual humanity and that we either all survive together, or we'll all perish together.  And this extends to the aliens who return after being away for over 5,000 years.  We don't immediately start shooting at them, or trying to vivisect one of them.  We talk to them and listen to them.  We use our brains and figure out a solution to our mutual problems that involves compromise.  Silly me.  I guess in our world that's almost heresy.  We're so recently crawled out of the primordial ooze from which we evolved that we still have the muck on ourselves...and some of the slime still lives among us.

I'm sorry that this post is so depressing, but after working a 15-hour day at both jobs, the news today was devastating.  I cry to Heaven and ask "why?"  There's never an answer.  I write fiction novels.  I tried to imagine a world in which intelligence could rule for a change.  Forgive me for being such an optimistic idiot.  It may be possible someday, but not today.  No, certainly...not today.



Tina Donahue said...

Sorry you got a crappy review, Fiona. I never read reviews before I read a book. I read them afterwards and I'm always stunned that people choose one little bitty thing from the novel that I barely noticed and blast the entire work for it.

Hope your next reviews are awesome! :)

Fiona McGier said...

For a more optimistic reaction to the Boston bombings, check out Patton Oswalt's statement on his Facebook page. It made me cry.

And thanks, Tina. I never read reviews before I read, but some people do, I guess. That's why we send our "babies" out into the world unprotected, and allow others to dissect them, right? Usually I'm better at not letting it bother me. But when a public event makes me fear for my children by extension, my skin feels thinner, I guess. I'll deal.

James L. Hatch said...

Yes, that is an optimistic view, but hey, it's fiction. Don't let one reviewer get you down. If they can't tell fiction from reality, then that's their problem. I wish you great success with your view -- gosh knows, the world needs a different perspective.

jean hart stewart said...

You're not a writer till you get a bad review to make you angry. I've only had one that devastated me, and have learned since there's always somebody out there who willfully misunderstands your message. Now you've got your crappt review out of the way!

Fiona McGier said...

Thanks for the support, my friends. I'm only working one job today so I had the time to ride my bike to the local Curves and sweat a bit. It helped, as did knowing that "this too, shall pass." With age comes perspective. With friends, comes acceptance and commiseration. I appreciate it.

And I promise to do an excerpt and totally up-beat blog next month.

Kelli Scott said...

I want to believe most people are basically good, but the bad ones are way louder.

And I got a weird review from someone who said the Spanish word I used didn't exist. I'm still trying to find time to refute, defend and blog about it. So, yeah, one word can really affect people.