Wednesday, May 1, 2013

May 1st and a Fresh Start

It is my birthday month again! Yes, I do need a month. Especially this year. In the last twelve months I have published another ebook and received a contract for the next. I have enjoyed having my children make me extremely proud in school and in their extra-curricular activities.
Unfortunately, I am also in the middle of the biggest battle with burn-out I’ve ever experienced. The hits in my personal life and at the everyday job simply keep coming. It has even begun to infringe on my writing schedule. Yeah, that can’t continue.
So, I’ve decided to whip this craptastic portion of my life into shape. Of course, all change begins with self. I started simply. I acknowledged things had to change. To give me confidence, I changed my hairstyle and had my nails done. Superficial, but it signaled that I was really ready to work on my issues.
This is my new year. When I speak with you next year on May 1, I want to be able to report some positive changes and a happier outlook. Do you need a fresh start? What changes would you like to see in your life?

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Camryn is taken captive after Earth is invaded by hostile aliens. She is sold as an exotic, an expensive sex slave. Camryn is willing to do anything to survive and escape captivity. That includes convincing her master that she enjoys his touch. Then she is purchased by the sexy warrior Venn. Now she must convince herself that she can resist a male whose every caress ignites a passion she has never known.
Venn is an empathic and hyper-sensitive tribal lord from planet Ordan. He has never owned a slave, yet he cannot resist the beautiful Earth woman. She teases his heightened senses and pushes past the control he has over his emotions. Venn struggles to own Camryn’s body with scorching sex and a firm hand. And when his possession of her body is complete, he’ll try to claim her soul.

Niki is captured by hostile aliens after Earth is invaded. Once a soldier, she is now a slave. She is sold to the highest bidder, and then lost in a game of cards to a tall Ordanian spaceship captain, who claims to have been sent to rescue her. They work together to survive the dangers of the United Universe, while Niki battles her desire for the only man to ever enflame her mind, body and soul.
Captain Rhine’s mission is to reunite the Earth woman with her family. Outmaneuvering beast shifters and a crazed stalker are the very least he is willing to do to keep her by his side. Her touch ignites his passion. Her scent drives his lust. Her strength eases his soul even as she challenges him every step of the way. In the end, Rhine understands, the biggest battle is for her heart.


Renee Vincent / Gracie Lee Rose said...

Here's to a great year, Stormie!!! I truly wish you all the best in your personal life and your writing career!

Tina Donahue said...

I hear you, Stormie - sometimes life gets in the way Big Time. I hope everything works out for you and that you continue to write. Your stories are amazing! :)

Stormie Kent said...

I'm wishing you the same Renee and thanks!
Thanks so much Tina. I hope things take a turn for the better or each challenge is served with a lovely fruity alcoholic beverage. ;-}

Mannouchka said...

I am alwa ys to hear from you I always enjoy reading your book I will be waiting for your next book
Have a wonderful and sunny Thursday