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HOUSE RULES: the Jack Gordon Story--an Exclusive Sneak Peek

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I have a special treat for you today.  I'm doing a bit of revision on a free novella that will release in June 2013 and thought I'd post some of it here today. House Rules will be offered FREE on the Tri-Destiny (publisher's) website and for just .99 everywhere else. It's the "Jack Gordon" story. He's the uber hero of my best selling series: Stewart Realty.  I'm currently promoting the 7th book in it, which is a stand alone novel, MUTUAL RELEASE.  I got the idea to tell Jack's story from his perspective ONLY as a gift to my fans. It's about 30,000 words total, and will give a lot of "Team Jack" members reason to look forward to June.

It does have a cover. However, I'm not revealing that for a few more weeks....

This is later in the book, after Jack has been in law school in Chicago a while. For those of you "in the know," it's when he meets "the dreaded Jenna."

Law school had occurred to Jack almost as a whim during his junior year at Michigan State. His roommate and new buddy, Rob, had been headed to medical school; as was Suzanne, whom he had managed to avoid more than he liked for the last year of undergrad. He had no real idea what he wanted to do, but was not about to join the “be a doctor” bandwagon, no way. Way too much blood and guts involved there. He could get his M.B.A., as he would be emerging with a Bachelor’s of Science in Business, but that sounded like more boring theory and stats.
He’d been messing around with a girl then who’d been studying for the LSAT.  One morning while she slept off an epic fuck session, he picked up her study guide and settled down with it. By the time she woke up and booted him out of her place, he was convinced that should be his next step. The act of “practicing law” was not the draw but rather the challenge of taking that damn test. His interest was piqued so he got his own study books and, in typical fashion, devoted hours to the goal.
Now, here he was, at a very expensive, prestigious school of The Law in Chicago, while Rob had tossed his admissions letters and headed to France to be a chef. Suzanne was at med school down south and the last he heard had a serious boyfriend.
It wasn’t that he wanted a woman around or anything. No, he just was not the kind of guy who found isolation enjoyable. He liked waking up and having someone to talk to over coffee, or to share a beer with while he studied. The girl he’d been ignoring made a funny, exasperated sound, somewhere between a snort and a sigh, breaking his reverie. He looked at her again, and did a double take this time. She was curled up on the crappy student lounge couch in a corner of the main law building basement—a place he’d found and scoped out as his own for getting some work done between classes a few weeks ago.
“Yeah,” he said, letting his eyes rake over her near-perfect form. She had big tits which was a bonus, but since he was an ass and legs man he waited her out, as his newly found inner radar started pinging the second her dark blue eyes met his. “I’m Jack.”
“Hi, Jack. Jenna.” She proceeded to ignore him for a solid hour, and he let her. He had already figured something out about Jenna. He knew she’d stick around and chat some more. He smiled when he sensed her nearby, hovering over him. “Um, can you make heads or tails of this?” She pointed to an open passage in her book.
“Maybe. But I think I need coffee first. Join me?” He got to his feet and gathered all his papers. She watched, her eyes widening, then met his smile with one of her own.
“Yeah, sure. Jack.” She said, stuffing her book in her backpack and shouldering it. The look on her face confused him some, but her body was sending clear signals that he intercepted and translated. So he went with it. They walked, chatting about nothing in particular and Jack got his first full look at her. She was about five foot five in flat shoes, with a fit-looking body, packed into nondescript dark denim jeans and red sweater that dipped into her impressive cleavage nicely. Her dark brown hair tumbled around her shoulders and her laugh was low, sexy, raspy even. It rumbled around in his libido in a way that he now recognized.
He’d spent last summer learning something about himself that shocked him at first, then had settled into his new reality as a sexual Dom with an eagerness that made that first girl who’d invited him to club a very happy camper. The owner of the small place in downtown Detroit was an older guy, good looking still, and content to show him the ropes… and the handcuffs… the floggers… the whips and ball gags.  He’d made a project of Jack actually, grooming him, he claimed, for greatness.
He grinned, and took a step closer to the lovely, sexy, Jenna as they stood in line for coffee. He could smell it on her like lingering smoke—her plain-as-day willingness to submit to him. She looked up and met his eyes, and the moment that should have been awkward made his cock slam into the back of his zipper. A corner of her full lips tilted up, in a way he thought he understood. He figured that was the final sign. He was no expert, yet, but well on his way. While  sensing the sexual energy of every female in a room was sometimes tiring, now that he could channel it, figure out which of them would actually provide him the outlet he required, it seemed that it all led him to this precise moment. And to Jenna.
She leaned closer to him, in way entirely inappropriate for having just met. Yet it was perfect. “I don’t want coffee, really. I’ve been watching you all semester, all year. Let’s go to your place.”
He swallowed hard. Something wasn’t right, was off, or just shifted to the left. Far enough for him to sense it and hesitate. He looked down into her deep blue eyes. Saw the way her breathing had ramped up. The pulse in her throat caught his gaze, beating, beating. And those lips… dear god they were tempting. He smiled. “I don’t know Jenna. Maybe I’m not ready.” He raised an eyebrow. This was his scene. She was not about to let her call the shots.
“Oh I think you are.” She turned just enough to shield her hand, the one she put right on the uncomfortable bulge in his jeans.
He didn’t move, or shift away. He did, however, narrow his eyes at her on purpose, making sure she got the gist of his displeasure. “I’m not sure I said you could touch me yet. Jenna.” He kept his voice low, and slow, but his brain was starting to hum with a familiar, comfortable sense of rightness. She lowered her eyes, tucked the offending hand back into her jacket pocket, and started to step back. He gripped her arm, loving the way the heat transferred from her to him, shot down his spine and settled nicely in his cock. “Don’t move.” He said, glancing around, then putting his mouth near her ear, taking in a fresh breath of healthy, horny, female. “I can sense that you know what I like… Jenna…” Her name felt exotic, unique and special on his lips. “But just because you want it does not mean I’m giving it to you. Are we clear?”
Keeping her eyes downcast, she nodded. Then looked up fast, surprising him some. Later, he would realize that was the moment he should have known, should have figured Jenna out. If he had been more mature, more at ease with his powers of perception, or at least in tune with his gut feeling to run away from her as fast as he could, he might have avoided a shit ton of head and heart ache. Instead, he smiled at her boldness, liking it, and wanting to tame it—thinking he could, which was mistake number one.
“You don’t have to… Sir,” she whispered, not tearing her eyes from his. Something about her rubbed him both ways—wrong and right. He could not figure it out. Her neediness—that familiar aura he’d come to know and understand those nights at the club that first summer—was tinged with something else, something a little ominous. He ignored it letting his overwhelming need to control her shove away the worry.
“I know that. Let’s sit. Have coffee.” He grinned at her exasperated look.  Yeah, control this scene, Gordon. Otherwise she would and something told him that would be very bad idea. “After you,” he grabbed their cardboard cups and nodded his head towards an empty table in a sea of students all laughing, sipping, reading, flirting, doing all the normal things. While he zeroed in on Jenna, and the many possibilities she was tossing his way without even realizing it.
“So, Jenna,” he said stretching his legs out under the table and letting his calf make contact with hers. He sensed her flinch ever so slightly at the touch. “Where are you from?”
She sipped her coffee, kept her gaze on his. “Southern Illinois, little town you’ve never heard of.”
“Okay.” Jack stayed apart, trying to remain objective, but something about her fairly screamed “take me now,” so loud he was surprised everyone around them couldn’t hear it. He swallowed hard, willed himself down from the ledge, and made small talk with her. It was not comfortable, and the more they sat and the more he tried to make it “just a chat,” the hornier he got. He knew damn good and well she was throwing it, this essence, her vibe, just to see if he’d catch it. He did not like being tested, but at the same time wanted to prove he could pass with flying fucking colors.
Finally, he stood, slowly, never more unsure and sure of something at the same time in his life. She rose at the same pace, her body drawing his eyes and making him have to bite his tongue not to say something that would tip the scale of power in her favor. Because that is exactly what this was, right now, as they stood and stared at each other across the small, dirty, student coffee shop table—a power play.
Her hair tumbled around her face. High cheekbones were flushed red, dark blue eyes flashed, the hands she put on her hips tempted. It was as if she were dressed the way he preferred, in a short, sexy, easy-access dress and towering high heels, hair done up fancy, all ready for him and she just stood there in jeans, a sweater, and little make up. The minute flowed into two as the world continued to orbit around them. He frowned, pissed at himself for being so weird. Attaching emotion to something that should contain none, trying to focus on ability to show her a good time, nothing more or less. It was not until many years later that he understood that keeping himself emotionally aloof was also a mistake.

As I said, Mutual Release is the latest book in this series, and has been flying off virtual shelves since its release in early April. It is "Evan and Julie's story" two of Jack's friends as an adult.  The reviews have been very good so far, although it is a longer novel, a sort of "coming of age" that allows both protagonists to grow from teens to adults before they meet.
Check the reviews on Goodreads.

And watch for HOUSE RULES coming in June!  If you are a fan of this series, you should join us in the Romance for Real Life group on Facebook---all sorts of free exclusives and deleted scenes from the series there plus over 400 like-minded friends and fans of Liz books.

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Sounds fascinating, Liz - can't wait to see the cover. :)

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I'm glad you didn't use first person...I find that annoying. I like to know what the characters are thinking, but having to imagine myself as the one speaking turns me off. Great excerpt! Thanks for sharing.