Monday, April 22, 2013

Go Green on Earth Day!

Do you know that a green community can mean lower taxes?

The town in which I live went green many years ago, and our efforts have continued to grow. Over the weekend, hubby and I participated in a recycling event that allowed us to shred sensitive personal documents and turn in e-waste free of charge. We filled the back of our Jeep with boxes of paper, broken down laptops, an old hard drive, videos, CD-ROMs, power cords, keyboards, and other sundry technological obsolescence. Next month, we'll turn in chemical compounds like cleaning solutions, cans of oil based paint, and containers of old motor oil.

We recycle paper, cardboard, glass, and plastic every week, and our township offers a place to bring yard waste that is, in turn, shredded into mulch. The mulch is available to every resident at no cost, which saves us money on gardening expenses.

Is your town dedicated to recycling and a greener environment? If not, urge your representatives to start or improve their programs. The benefits are far-reaching. Our town invests the money earned from the sale of recyclable materials and returns the dividends to our community treasury. The end result is tax relief. We not only have a clean, environmentally friendly town, but one with lower taxes than neighboring communities without similar programs.

Happy Earth Day!

~Best, Adele Downs

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Tina Donahue said...

Great post, Adele - as a Cali girl, I'm very 'green'. This is the only home we have, we better take care of it. Saw Avatar again last night. Kept shaking my head at what those corporate ghouls wanted to do to Pandora.

Fiona McGier said...

I've been recycling since the 70's when we had to rinse, clean and tear the label off bottles and cans, then drive them to the recycle center. Now where I live we've had curbside recycling for many years. Since we have 4 kids and the neighbors only have 1, we were always amused that we'd put out our huge recycling container jammed so full the cover wouldn't shut, but we'd have only a tiny garbage can. The neighbors would have a half-full tiny recycling can and multiple garbage cans...since we pay for stickers for each garbage can, they paid lots more than us! Only takes a short while to train your kids to feel guilty throwing recycles into the garbage.
We also compost in the backyard, which eliminates the need for buying wood chips or fertilizer for our trees.

Green has never been trendy because it takes a moment of thought...but it's so worthwhile!

Melissa Keir said...

I wish more communities offered these type of resources. Some make it very hard to recycle! I know that some pet stores love your shredded papers for their kennels. Check your local stores.

jean hart stewart said...

You should see the mass of personal papers, old income tax docs, etc I'm piling up to take to the shredder. Moving sure motivates one to clear things out

Adele Downs said...

Hi All!

Thanks for your comments on my post.

My family and I have gotten so conscientious about recycling that I'll bring empty containers home to recycle them if we visit a place that doesn't offer the service. Unnecessary trash really bugs me.

Before our community offered free personal document shredding days, we paid $25 per 30 gal. bag at our local copy/shipping store to destroy tax, banking, and other income documents. I like free shredding days so much better! ")

Have a great (Earth) day!


Fiona McGier said...

Hey Adele, I've also brought home recyclables from family parties in other states that don't have easy access to facilities. My family teases me about having to bring home "the garbage", but I'm adamant about it. I HATE when we're camping in areas so remote that they don't recycle anything except aluminum cans. I cringe with actual pain when I have to toss something out, but when we're out for 2 weeks in the wilderness, my husband refuses to load up the car...sigh.

As for shredding paper, we do that...but also lately husband has been using all kinds of discarded things like bank statements, etc, for fire starter in our fireplace or in the backyard barbecue pit we use for campfires out back. It works better than anything else and we don't have to recycle when it's burned up.