Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Ever So Bonnie A Vampire

It's time to dance with the vampires again. The third book in my Dancing Vampire series was just released, Ever So Bonnie A Vampire

There's a secret to my vampires. Which is that they really aren't vampires at all. They are baobhan sith (bah von shee). Vampiric fey, who roam the Scottish highlands. They are all females. Voluptuous and enticing, these beauties wear green gowns. Also, they have talons. No fangs. They come from the fey realm to earth to drain the blood of their victims, men they dance with. They are also called the dancing vampires.

Here is a blurb from Ever So Bonnie A Vampire: 
Calin has had fantasies about the vampiric fey, Ever’s, warm, curvaceous body ever since they danced a year ago. When they meet again he waste no time in claiming and capturing her. Once the sun rises, Ever can’t leave the earthly realm and is bound by fey lore to the human, Calin. Though he has saved her from the sun, things get pretty hot in his arms. Thrust into the mortal realm, his love making excites her like no fey man’s ever has but she’s consumed with the vow she made to her sisters to not leave them for a mortal man. She fights her feelings for Calin and seeks help from goddess Morrigan. 

The goddess has feelings of her own for the tall, muscular mortal so she frees Ever to return Underhill. It isn’t until Ever’s back with her sisters that she realizes her heart is still held captive by Calin. When Calin spurns Morrigan’s attentions, the goddess’s lust turns to vengeance. With Ever out of his reach, Underhill, and a goddess shape shifting into different beasts to hunt and kill him, Calin McDuff must risk his life and fight all odds to be with the woman he loves.

My favorite main character from Ever So Bonnie A Vampire is Ever. She’s torn between her family, her baobhan sith sisters, and the love of a man. If she chooses him she will have to give up her immortality and become human. 

My favorite secondary character is Goddess Morrigan. To me Goddess Morrigan is an – I am woman – goddess. If she wants to sleep with a god, she sleeps with a god, if she wants to sleep with a human man she finds attractive, she sleeps with him. She can be a beautiful woman or a crone and it doesn’t matter she still demands respect and acknowledgment of her femininity in either form. In this story she is actually trying to take Ever’s man but she can’t fight true love. No one can, not even a goddess. 

My favorite quote or line from Ever So Bonnie A Vampire is “Don’t tell my dad, but I got into some trouble with the goddess.”

“This business with Morrigan is serious. You may get away a few times, but eventually she’ll kill you. She is the goddess of death.” Murdina walked toward the door.

“Wonderful,” he said sarcastically. “Can’t I do something?” He followed Murdina.

“The only way is to appease her with a sacrifice.” Sorcha trailed behind them.

“A human sacrifice?” This was going from bad to worse.

“Of course not. Are you crazy? Humans stopped that in what they call the Bronze Age. No, you need to sacrifice an object. Morrigan loves swords. Your ancestors used to throw them into wells and rivers to the war goddess.” Murdina pulled the front door open.

“Where would I get a sword, you mean a replica?” He stepped outside, behind her.

Sorcha came out also and locked the front door. “No, you need an authentic relic, from the Bronze Age at the least. One that has been bloodied, used in war.”

“Where would I get a Bronze Age sword?”

“I know,” Murdina piped up. “Having roamed these hills many years, I remember a horde of weapons from thousands of years ago. I can show you.” She headed toward the truck in the driveway.

“We need to hurry to get this done before Ever rises from the cairn.”

Contest: Please comment below with you email addy so I can contact you if you win. I will select one winner for two PDF eBooks, One Dance With A Vampire and Vampire Highland Fling. The first two books of the Dancing Vampire series.



Tina Donahue said...

Great excerpt and cover, Cornelia - I absolutely love the title. :)

laura troxel said...

Love the excerpt and cover. Cant wait to read the book.

Cornelia said...

Thank you so much Tina. I appreciate your kind words so much.

Cornelia said...

Dear Laura thank you so much. I'm so glad you liked the cover and excerpt. The cover design is by Dar Albert and the cover Photography: Fyle/Fotolia.com and Romancenovelcovers.com- I love the cover also.

wanda f said...

Scottish Vampires I so have to read these books they sound amazing.
Thank you for the chance to win .Have a wonderful week.


Cornelia said...

Dear Wanda,

Thank you so much for you kind words. I appreciate it. I hope you have a wonderful week as well.

Cornelia said...

Winner: The winner of the blog contest is Laura Troxel. Congratulations Laura, you won two pdf eBooks of the first of the Dancing Vampire series. I emailed them to you. If thee is any issue with them please email me at CelticRomanceQueen@gmailcom

I wanted to thank all of you so much for your wonderful comments.