Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Dangerous Pursuit -- Coming soon!!!!!

Dangerous Pursuit is almost here! It's to be released April 24th, and of course I'm thrilled. Love those elves!!!
The fourth book in my series about sexy, pointed eared elves will be coming out April 24th. Here’s a short blurb. 

Book four of the Passionate Pursuits series

When a mad doctor endangers the three women chosen as their own by three powerful elves, there’s bound to be a lot of action. Two of the sexy elves, Matt and Vale, are fighting to win their loves as well as protect them. Their father Lars is furious when the villain’s machinations dare to extend to his own wife.

The madman is wily and dangerous, and the women’s lives soon depend on the courage and skill of the elves. But an insane doctor who can obtain poison, and a sex slave willing to administer it, will be hard to stop. 

Inside Scoop:  In this tale of two brothers find the loves of their life and battle a sadistic, sex-obsessed villain in alternate 1930s Britain. 

And here’s an excerpt I haven’t before blogged: 

He kissed her forehead, burying his face in her pale blonde hair for just a moment. As usual, it was fragrant from the lilac soap Sophie used. He’d thought many times that he would always associate that exquisite scent with his love for this special woman.

“How can you still excite me so much after all our years together? I think we’ve been blessed by the lord of all the elves. Either that or you’re a witch.”

She started to answer and he shut off her words with a firm kiss. Not breaking contact with her lips, he still managed to reach under her skirts and peel down her pants.

Placing one hand inside her blouse and rolling her nipple between his fingers, he began the fervent dance of making love to her as they’d done so many times before. And with his usual enthusiasm. Reaching for her mound with his other hand, he stimulated all her senses in the loving manner familiar to them both. His Sophie was still as compelling as when they’d first joined their amorous bodies so many years ago. Actually he thought they were even better lovers than when they first made love. Each knew exactly which erotic spot to stimulate for maximum pleasure.

She gasped and pulled away. “I want to look at you, Lars. I never get enough of gazing at your gorgeous big cock when you’re anxious for me.”

He chuckled. “When I’m near you, I’m always more than anxious. Take a quick look, darling. It’ll be deep in you quite soon.”

She obeyed, gazing at the big cock that grew bigger even as she watched. He groaned and felt between her legs and, reassured at her slick wetness, covered her with his adoring body. Pressing into her slowly at first, he teased her by not inserting his full length until she shoved her hips up and against him so he was fully embedded. Her little nip on his lower lip slid his control even further, and when she arched and grabbed his hips he surrendered gladly.

As always, they both reveled in their amorous tango."
It's such a pleasure when a new book is released. Even though I've now published over thirty books, it's still a thrill I wanted to share..




Kelli Scott said...

Sexy elves. Love it!

Tina Donahue said...

Congratulations, Jean! This sounds sooooo good! :)

jean hart stewart said...

Thanks, Kelli and Tina. This series has been really fun to write about. Love my elves...