Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Meet and Greet

Hi! I’m Kelli and I write dirty words for a living. Hi, Kelli!
I’m new to Sweet ‘N Sexy Divas and I’ve been banging my head against a desk trying to figure out a way to introduce myself—to you and them—without posting my boring writing resume. I’m multi-published…blah blah blah. I’m award winning…snore. I’m a best-selling author…that’s a lie. So I’m just going to list random facts about me and hope something sparks your interest and makes us kindred spirits and BFFs.
  1. My favorite color is green. My car is green. My bedroom carpet is green. Sometimes my lawn is green. I have a pair of green shoes and lots of green clothes. Some of my book covers, like the one above, are green. 

  1. I write erotic romance and erotica for Ellora’s Cave and Decadent Publishing. I also write comedy, so, I write sex and comedy. Sexy humor or humorous sex, depending on your perspective.

  1. Sometimes my fictional characters get spanked, but not always. Sometime they like it, but not always. Sometimes they deserve it, but not always. 

  1. I’m not so great with the spelling, grammar or punctuation, which you might find out from my blogging. Today. Yeah, you might find out today. 

  1. I love my editors. All of them. And not just because they help me with my spelling, grammar and punctuation. They also stop me from writing stupid stuff. They are not available to edit my blogs. I asked. 

  1. I eat popcorn with M&Ms, which goes together about as well as sex and comedy. I like to watch movies while I eat popcorn and M&Ms. I do not like to eat popcorn and M&Ms while I have sex, but that would be funny and messy. 

  1. I’m a pantser, which means I randomly start writing stuff without a plan (like this blog). Sometimes this tact results in brilliance. Mostly it means lots or revisions. 

  1. I like summer, but I like spring better because it’s farther away from autumn than summer. I don’t like winter, but I do like Christmas, mostly for the cookies, tree ornaments and blinking lights. 

  1. Houseplants die under my care. People do not. Yet. 

  1. There is a yellow balloon outside my bedroom window (no, I have not been drinking, but I am running out of facts). 

  1. Most bloggers would list ten or twelve facts. I’m going with eleven because that’s my favorite number. 

I really feel closer to all of you and I hope you feel closer to me. If the other Sweet ‘N Sexy Divas don’t hold a secret meeting and vote me off the blog, I will be back on the 20th of next month. If you miss me and wonder what I’m doing between now and then, I am available on several different social media sites.



Tina Donahue said...

Welcome to SNSD, Kelli!! LOVE the cover of your book. :)

Kelli Scott said...

Thanks, Tina!

Anonymous said...

Well hello and I look forward to reading your posts. I'll keep my houseplants away.


Renee Vincent / Gracie Lee Rose said...

OMGosh, Kelli!!! I absolutely LOVED this random, hilarious post! You rock, woman!

It's so nice to meet you and get a feel for your comedic style.

You and I have lots in common, believe it or not.
I love green too (hence my fetish with Ireland)

My lucky (favorite) number is 11 (simply because that was always my volleyball and softball number on my jersey in high school (and the date I lost my virginity--shhhhhh!!)

My grammar sucks at times too and I'm a pantser through and through!

I've never eaten M&M's with popcorn, but you can bet your bottom dollar I'm gonna try it! LOL

Thanks for making me laugh! Great to have you with us, Kelli!

Kelli Scott said...

Hi, Sophie. Do you mind if I use your name in a story?

Kelli Scott said...

Renee/Gracie! I'm glad you like random posts because I'm a random gal. I really don't know what day I lost my virginity, but I do know I lost it. I love Ireland too. And Hershey's kisses can be used as a substitute for M&Ms. I'm already freaking out that I need to come up with another post next month.

jean hart stewart said...

LOVED your post...you're a sketch. Welcome to the blog, girl.

Kelli Scott said...

Thank you, Jean!

Fiona McGier said...

Kelli--funny stuff! And I don't remember "losing" my virginity as much as giving it away willingly because I was tired of it and wanted to find out what all of the fuss was about.

Welcome to the blog--it's always interesting. Looking forward to your future comments.