Monday, March 18, 2013

Irish Hunk

In the spirit of St. Paddy's Day, which was yesterday, but my blog day is today so that makes me a day late :) I'm sharing something green, edible and yummy. Just like the Irish hunk, later on in the post, only he isn't green.

I love to cook and today I thought a recipe might be in order. so here is my asparagus soup.... followed  by a beverage that is also green.
Cream of Asparagus Soup – sooper easy
1 ½ lb asparagus
¼ c chopped onion
Chicken bullion – 2 packages mixed up with water – or your stock = 2-3 cups
2 T flour
s & p
2 c milk
Cook vegetable, drain and set aside.  Sauté onion.  Combine stock, flour s & p stir in milk.  Add to asparagus and boil till thick.  Process in food processor
Now for the drink.

1 nip creme de menthe
1/2 nip creme de cacao
Ice cream – fill your boots because she doesn’t say how much!
Pour all ingredients into a blender and blend. Pour over ice in a cocktail glass.

Now also in honour of St, Paddy's day is a snippet form a story I hope to get edits back soon and then it will be on its way to publication. It's called Midnight Dream Lover and will be part of another Cabal of Hotness, Fondled and Gobbled spoofy tale. I was in the 2nd book along with Sasha Devlin, Amy Ruttan, and A.M. Griffin.

Keep your ears to the track for the next set of spoof coming your way!

Chyna found her perfect lover. Only problem is, he’s not real. Or is he? Her hot, hunk of a man knows how to do everything just perfect. His talents at pleasing a woman are too good to be true. And we know what they say when something is too good to be true. Chyna is desperate to find out who her sexy Irish dreamboat is, but he keeps her in the dark, so to speak. Will she ever find out who this perfect, faceless dream lover is or if he is simply a figment of her imagination?

Her gaze was fixated on the door and she nearly swallowed her tongue when a figure stepped between her the light. Such a magnificent figure. Broad shouldered, slim hipped, his hands were propped on his hips and the silhouette of his thick, muscled arms made her gasp. It was a man! A man worthy of having her fall at his feet.

His face in shadow, all she could make out was the close-cropped hair, the powerful neck and a body she wanted to hang herself on. The sweet ache of lust scurried through her and her pussy dripped. Chyna’s nipples hardened and she felt as though her clothes fell away when the glitter of his blue eyes met hers. Never had such an instant attraction for a man struck her with such force.

Sorry no pic of an Irish hunk, just a mental visual. Which can be just as sweet.

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Tina Donahue said...

Your story and the others in this book sound awesome! I've read so many great reviews about it. :)

jean hart stewart said...

Love hunks of any nationality!

Cristal Ryder said...

A hunk is a hunk is a hunk :)