Thursday, February 21, 2013

Sweet N Sexy Soulful Quotes

February is the month of love and romance, though I can't admit to annually celebrating Valentine's Day with my husband.  With romance novels, who needs Cupid to come out of hiding on the 14th when every day of the year is a day to celebrate, indulge and enjoy the pleasures of love and romance. And what better way to experience the wonders of true love and happily ever after than to be whisked away in time and swathed in the strong arms of a sword-wielding Alpha male warrior or Highlander.

The books I feature are from authors who were not afraid to be soulful, sappy, and/or suggestive when it came to their heroes. So grab a cup of coffee, sit back, and fire up those eReaders so you can add these new releases to your TBR collection. You'll be glad you did.

Happy reading!

Liadain whipped the delicate gown behind her back as her husband stood as still as a statue. She tried to mask her guilty look by offering him a demure smile and did not fool the man for a moment.

“I repeat, what the hell was that?”

She turned away, hastily stuffing the transparent material back into her bag. “It was naught.”

A firm hand touched her arm. “Nay, it was defi­nitely something.” He tugged her away from the sack and then proceeded to pull out the dreaded gown. He held up the wicked cloth, studied it intently, and then turned and held up the delicate material to her frame. His eyes darkened and Liadain could swear that he actually growled.

She pulled the devilish garment out of MacGregor’s hands before the situation had a chance to become worse—not that she thought it could. But when a small voice spoke, she was aware that she should not assume anything.

John’s shuffling feet entered into the chamber. “Do ye come or nae, sir?”

Her husband’s eyes twinkled with liveliness. “Nae yet.”
Victoria Roberts, X Marks the Scot

“We live in a time of uncertainty and walk a fine line between danger and desire. Nothing worth having is without risk.” He hovered over her, his arms supporting the bulk of his weight on either side. His chest muscles bunched, his square jaw tightened, and his neck veins bulged from the strain. The soft glow of moonlight highlighted handsome, rugged features and she caught the tantalizing scent of musk and man.
B.J. Scott, Highland Quest

* * *

Renee Vincent is an award-winning author of historical and contemporary romance.


Tina Donahue said...

I always love your choices, Renee - I grew up on historical romances. These sound great!

Renee Vincent / Gracie Lee Rose said...

Thanks Tina. I've always loved historicals, but last year was the first time I started reading Highlander romances and wow, was I hooked!

jean hart stewart said...

Who can resist a sexy man in kilts? Thanks for the excerpts....

Renee Vincent / Gracie Lee Rose said...

My sentiments exactly, Jean!

Anonymous said...

I adored Victoria Roberts's amazing books "Temptation in a kilt" and "X marks the Scot" . two wonderful Highlander stories. Can't wait to read "your" Emerald Isle trilogy.
I am addicted to heros in a kilt! or fur!!

Anonymous said...
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B J Scott said...

Thanks for posting the quote from my recent release, Renee. I appreciate your support.

Victoria Roberts said...

This is always such a fun post, Renee. Thanks for spotting us.

Victoria Roberts said...

This is always such a fun post, Renee. Thanks for spotting us.

Kelli Scott said...

X Marks the Scot!!! Love that title.