Saturday, February 23, 2013

Steampunk Romance - Conquistadors In Outer Space

Hi everyone, I'm at the Sassy Seven's Naughty Sleepover in San Antonio and I'm having a blast. So much fun. While I'm here I wanted to tell you about my new Steampunk/Romance release this month, Conquistadors In Outer Space.  

This steampunk/romance steps out of the usual Victorian boundaries  It’s set in 1610 AD in an alternate history, the King of Spain commissions the creation of giant cannons, originally fashioned from Leonardo da Vinci’s design, for the purpose of blowing the island of England to the bottom of the ocean. Since that country separated from papal authority, Spain has the approval of the church to separate England from the rest of Europe. Then, after an interrogation by priests with the inquisition, Galileo sees a faraway dot in the night sky with his new telescope. He shows the pope planet X, an actual New World Spain can claim and all the inhabitants can be converted to Christianity, also all the gold and riches discovered there will belong to Spain alone. So they find a way to use the cannons to that end instead.
Conquistadors In Outer Space is a nod to Jules Verne’s, From the Earth To The Moon, one of my favorite books. The subtitle is Ana’s Interplanetary Conquest. It’s the story of a forbidden love… so strong… it spans the universe.

Thrown off the Spanish estate she worked at all her life, Ana, a milkmaid, seeks a new life. Disguised as a rich widow, she boards a rocket, to be blasted out of a huge cannon, and targeted for the newly discovered planet, X.  Sparks fly when she finds Ramon, the only man she ever loved, heir of the estate she worked on, is flying to Planet X as well. As the Spanish governor of Plant X searches for gold, the treasure Ramon seeks is Ana. His conquest is challenging, though he swears to protect and love her, as a noble he cannot marry a peasant. Ana cannot deny her desire for Ramon, but she will not be his mistress. Will his conquest of her heart succeed or will Ana make a life for herself alone amid the wonders and dangers of Planet X.

Conquistadors In Outer Space - Excerpt:
Ramon called Juan Ortiz and after speaking to him the conquistador darted off and returned leading two fumbums.

“They are so big.” Ana rubbed her forehead.

“They are not as smart as horses and their necks are thin and weak, you can’t grab on there like you can with a steed and they have two legs not four, the ride is not as smooth or steady.” As Ramon spoke the birds began screeching.

Ana stepped back, staring at the monstrous, angry fowl.

Juan Ortiz laughed.

“Are you sure you want to do this?” Ramon arched one brow.

“Yes. No more walking.” Ana lifted her hands and shook them in the air. Then she knotted her skirts so she could ride easily.

Juan grabbed a fumbum and lifted its wing.

“Climb up.” Ramon laced his fingers together and stooped beside the bird so Ana could step into his hand and boost herself onto the fum- bum’s feathered back.

“Oh, it’s so soft.” Ana wiggled a bit on her mount to get adjusted. “Hook your legs over its knees.” Ramon pointed to her legs which were bare with her skirts raised for riding.

She did so and tucked her feet around its thighs, slipped her hands under the fumbums wings and clinched its wing pits there.

“Lean back.” Ortiz’s grin spread across his whole face.

The fumbum skittered across the ground, Ana yelled and held on tight. “It’s like riding a mad chicken.”

“You haven’t even gone anywhere on it yet. All you did was mount it.” Ramon chuckled.

Pulling tight on the bird, she managed to calm it and bring it to a stop. “Your turn.” She gazed daggers at Ramon.

He grabbed his bird’s wings, raised his bent knee and climbed up onto the fumbum, who then walked backwards as Ramon adjusted himself.

Ortiz mounted his bird as did the other conquistadors and Ana held on tight beneath the fumbum’s wings as her bird ran faster than a horse at hard gallop. The wind streamed through her hair. Her fumbum’s wings flapped faster and faster until it lifted off the ground. She looked over at Ramon flying at her side. The entire army and most of the settlers, everyone who wasn’t walking, took to the air on their mounts, heading to the next alien village.  She leaned her head back, releasing a trill of laughter. It had been a long time since she had this much fun.

Flying at her side, Ramon turned his head toward Ana. “We shall marry as soon as we reach the village.”

“Si.” As she flew on her fumbum over the bare orange sand, she felt Ramon stare at her breasts as they bobbed with her rhyth- mic ride. A fire burned beneath her skin. Only his touch could quench the flames which licked her flesh from inside. She wanted her wedding night now.

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Tina Donahue said...

I love the title - how cool - and the cover is to die for! This looks like an amazing story. :)

jean hart stewart said...

Love the idea and the name fumbums. sounds like a very original story. Lots of luck with it. Jean

Cornelia said...

Thank you so much Tina and Jean for your kind comments. I appreciate it so much.

Kelli Scott said...

What a fun and wild story!!!

Maeve Alpin said...

Thank you so much Kelli. I had a lot of fun writing it. It's meant to be a fun, escapism read. I'm so glad you liked the blurb and excerpt.